8 Best Spotify Playlist Downloaders for Windows and Mac

Spotify offers an official offline mode for premium subscribers to download Spotify playlists for offline streaming directly. Nevertheless, you can’t play elsewhere outside the Spotify app, making Spotify playback unavailable on devices that are not compatible with Spotify such as the majority of MP3 players.

Therefore, replacing subscribing to Spotify Premium, using a third-party Spotify playlist downloader to download Spotify playlist to MP3 or other protection-free formats is an ideal option for more flexible offline music playback. In the following post, the best 8 options will be recommended. Please scroll down and read in-depth.

Download Spotify Songs

By selecting a Spotify playlist downloader that can suit your needs in downloading Spotify playlists on computers, you can enjoy the following things:

  • Download the playlists from Spotify for offline listening without premium.
  • Convert and download Spotify music to the format you like, such as MP3, to make music more compatible
  • Play the downloaded Spotify playlists on other media players while not just within the Spotify app.

Therefore, in this part, you can preview the comparison among the 8 best Spotify playlist downloaders and then choose the one you may like. For a more detailed description of the product, you can read on.

Output Format Speed Easy to use Output Quality Batch Download ID3 Saving Price Score
MuConvert MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV fast Easy (Web Player) Original Start from $14.95 9
Tunelf  MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, and M4B fast Middle (copy and paste link) Original Start from $14.95 8
Allavsoft WAV, M4A, AC3, WMA, OGG, OPUS, AIFF, RA etc. middle Middle (copy and paste link) Medium × Start from $19.99 7
YT Saver MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A fast Middle (copy and paste link) High Start from $9.95 8
Audials MP3, AAC or WMA middle Middle (recording) Original Start from $29.90 8
SpotifySongDownloader MP3 middle Middle (copy and paste link) Medium Free 7
Leawo MP3, WAV middle Middle (Record) Medium × × Start from $19.99 7
KeepVid Music MP3 middle Middle (search songs and download) Medium × Start from $39.95 7

Top 1. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

Verdict: With multiple mainstream formats and original output quality, this program is suitable for most people who want to download Spotify playlists to MP3 or more popular formats for offline listening without restricted by Spotify.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter empowers a built-in Spotify Web Player, enabling its dear users to have a more convenient playlist-downloading experience. In the web player, you only need to drag the Spotify playlist you like to the conversion button, then MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will automatically detect the songs and provides options for you to select and download.

Compared with the passed URL copy-and-paste method, this Spotify playlist download process can bring you higher efficiency, and the program will also help you download Spotify playlists five times faster with lossless quality (320kbps). In addition, it supports multiple conversion formats, and you can also customize the output parameters before you export the music.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter Select Format
?Supported OS:
Windows & Mac
  • Spotify singles, playlists, and albums download all available;
  • The highest 320kbps audio quality supported;
  • Batch convert to download multiple Spotify songs simultaneously;
  • Mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV supported
  • Metadata info and ID3 tags preservation.
?Why Avoid?
  • only provides a 3-minute conversion of each song under the free trial period.

Now, you can follow the simple steps to download the Spotify playlist with this professional Spotify playlist downloader by several easy procedures.

Step 1. Download MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and launch it.
Step 2. Log in to your Spotify music account.
Step 3. Select the output format.
Step 4. Begin downloading Spotify music.

Note: If you want to know more about Muconvert Spotify Music Converter, you can read this article: MuConvert Spotify Music Converter: Almost Everything You Need.

Top 2. Tunelf Spotify Music Converter

Verdict: Synchronize with Spotify app to download Spotify playlists by URLs within one-shot and quick speed.

Another high-ranking Spotify playlist downloader you shall not miss refers to Tunelf Spotify Music Converter. The program can synchronize with the Spotify app, and then realize the Spotify playlist download by pasting URLs or dragging them to analyze. As it claims, Tunelf Spotify Music Converter will retain lossless quality in exporting all music downloads from the playlists. Its 5X faster speed is also a highlight, which can enhance your productivity greatly.

Note: To use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter, you will need to install the Spotify app to ensure a successful Spotify playlist download. By comparison, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter omits this procedure and needs no Spotify app installation by embedding the Spotify web player directly, providing a more convenient way for you to download Spotify playlists.

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter
?Supported OS:
Windows & Mac
  • More output formats are supported, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, and M4B;
  • Also compatible with radios and podcasts download;
  • Retain ID3 tags and meditate information for every download;
  • 5X faster speed to batch download Spotify playlists.
    ?Why Avoid?
    • Spotify app installation needed;
    • The program offers free trial without conversion limitations.

      Top 3. Allavsoft

      Verdict: This Spotify playlist downloader is popular for its batch conversion feature. Furthermore, it can download audio and video files from over 1000 content streaming sites online, bringing you the all-in-one service to download any online resource.

      Being one of the best Spotify playlist downloaders, Allavsoft can function with the smooth process to help you download Spotify playlists just by clicks. More surprisingly, the program is highly compatible with 1,000+ websites for users to easily download video, music, and subtitles to offline files for enjoying without the Internet.

      No matter for Spotify playlist download or other online resources keeping, Allavsoft provides speedy service to keep the content to MP3, FLAC, and more formats without quality loss. This Spotify playlist downloader will also be easy to operate with its simply designed interface. Even for first-time users, you can quickly master it and proceed with Spotify playlists download in no time.

      Allavsoft Downloader
      ?Supported OS:
      Windows & Mac
      • Easy-to-grasp functionality;
      • Highly compatible with 1,000+ sites;
      • Various output formats supported;
      • Batch download feature;
      • HD, 3D, SD downloads are available.
      ?Why Avoid?
      • A bit expensive to get the monthly license.
      • The output quality is a little low.
      • It takes a little time to download Spotify music.

      Top 4. YT Saver Spotify Music Converter

      Verdict: Download Spotify playlists to MP3 at lossless quality without a premium account needed. Its music download speed can be accelerated to even 10X faster!

      Here also want to introduce a speedy Spotify playlist downloader to you, whose name is YT Saver Spotify Music Converter. An attractive feature of the program should be its fast playlist downloading speed. Even for processing the batch download, YT Saver Spotify Music Converter offers at least 10X faster speed to you. If you get bulky playlists and wish to complete the download without spending much time and effort, the program is definitely the one you need. Many users would prefer YT Saver Spotify Music Converter to be their selected Spotify playlist download because of its speedy performance.

      Note: To avoid troublesome apps switching in order to process Spotify playlist download, using a Spotify playlist downloader like MuConvert Spotify Music Converter with embedded Spotify web player would be more rational. You can save a lot of time and effort in copying and pasting the URLs all day!

      YT Saver Spotify Music Converter Interface
      Supported OS: Windows & Mac
      • 10X faster speed to batch download Spotify playlists;
      • Built-in format converter provides more popular formats to export Spotify downloads;
      • Full ID3 information retained;
      • Provide the best 320Kbps MP3 encoder to store Spotify playlists offline.
      Why Avoid?
      • The bulky app will get stuck sometimes;
      • You need to frequently switch between Spotify and the program to process music download in a troublesome way.

      Top 5. Audials Music

      Verdict: An all-in-one Spotify playlist downloader for recording Spotify playlists in top quality. It is also compatible with more music streaming providers.

      Unlike some professional Spotify playlist downloader oriented for Spotify platform only, Audials Music is targeted at the whole music streaming market, which provides the music recording function to download all online music resources and export them to regular music files.

      Nevertheless, a highlight of Audials Music to distinguish it from those traditional audio recorders should be its speed-up recording ability. Its enhanced lighting recording speed will accelerate the music capturing much faster, instead of keeping you waiting for a long time. Therefore, even for Spotify playlist download, you won’t spend much time waiting for the download to be completed.

      Note: If you worry about getting your Spotify account suspended, try a 100% safety-guaranteed program like MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is important. The program won’t get your account suspended at all.

      Audials Music Interface
      Supported OS: Windows
      • Provide accelerated speed to record Spotify playlists in a time-saving way;
      • Top Ultra HD, HiFi, or Master quality can be retained;
      • A handy audio editor embeds in the program to customize music outputs;
      • Support more music streaming platforms to record songs without premium accounts needed.
      Why Avoid?
      • You need to log in accounts to proceed with the recording, which would cause account suspend easily;
      • No support for macOS systems.

      Top 6. SpotifySongDownloader

      Verdict: If you want an online Spotify playlist download to complete the playlist download without installing a third-party program, this tool can satisfy your needs.

      Replacing installing a third-party program on your Windows or Mac computers, the online Spotify playlist downloader, SpotifySongDownloader can bring you more effortless download service, even without any charge! This web-based Spotify playlist downloader can work in the most browsers, allowing you to download Spotify playlists just by pasting URLs.

      You will get no limits in downloading all songs contained in a Spotify playlist since SpotifySongDownloader has removed such a restriction. It will also provide the best 320Kbps to select, ensuring you a nice music streaming experience after downloading Spotify playlists offline.

      SpotiSongDownloader HomePage
      Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more
      • No need to install third-party programs;
      • Work on most devices systems;
      • Provide the best 320Kbps sound quality to select;
      • No download limits exist.
      Why Avoid?
      • Ads inserted on the pages to affect your Spotify download experience;
      • The downloading speed can be slow;
      • Unavailable to process batch playlists download at a time.

      Top 7. Leawo Music Recorder

      Verdict: If you don’t want to use a converter to download playlists from Spotify, then you can use this recorder to have a try. After recording the audio, you can also have some editing.

      Unlike a traditional Spotify playlist downloader, Leawo Music Recorder uses recording tech to enable users to record both music and audio tracks from Spotify and other music streaming platforms. With the “Task Scheduler”, you are able to preset recording start time and duration, hence, you don’t need to keep eyes on controlling the music recording all the time but just get the Spotify playlist recorded automatically.

      Leawo Music Recorder
      Supported OS:
      Windows & Mac
      • Advanced recording Task Scheduler to help manage the music recording;
      • Less noise can be captured;
      • Customized recording control;
      • Manual editing functionality is provided.
      Why Avoid?
      • Less efficient to record Spotify playlists.
      • Only support two recording formats.
      • Doesn’t support an audio converter.

      Top 8. KeepVid Music

      Verdict: KeepVid Music sets recording and downloading as one from more than 10,000 sites. If you cannot download some songs, you can use its recording function. As a powerful Spotify playlist downloader, you will find its convenience in downloading Spotify playlists.
      With optional functionality, KeepVid Music combines both music recording and downloading features inside one software, which not only allows you to download Spotify playlists by simple manipulation but also saves videos and music from more than 10,000 sites, including YouTube and other popular ones. For incompatible sites, the recording feature is on standby to help. Simply by playing the song and clicking the “Record” icon, the content can be captured immediately.
      KeepVid Music
      Supported OS:
      Windows & Mac
      • Both music downloading and recording are supported;
      • Compatible with over 10,000 platforms;
      • Preservation of fixed ID3 tags;
      • iOS device transfer directly.
      Why Avoid?
      • Only MP3 is supported as the output format;
      • A bit expensive.
      • Need a premium Spotify account.


      It is undeniable that Spotify is the most popular music platform for enjoying all sorts of music from all over the world. When Spotify doesn’t provide the direct option for people to keep Spotify playlists offline for playback outside the platform, it would be better for you to try a reliable Spotify playlist downloader to help. Hope you can pick an ideal option from these 10 best recommendations.