MuConvert Spotify Music Converter: Almost Everything You Need

As a way to bring convenience to our digital life, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter has provided a convenient service for us to download Spotify songs to music files of mainstream formats, meanwhile, maintaining the best quality to have the free music playback journey offline. Before getting started with the software, you may wonder if MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is exactly the tool you’ll need to get rid of the DRM encryption and enjoy Spotify music freely.

Hence, through careful testing, I have concluded some unbiased reviews with details about MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to help you grasp the software from comprehensive aspects.

What I Like: The built-in Spotify web player of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter delivers high efficiency in browsing and downloading Spotify songs, playlists, and podcasts in a hassle-free way.

What I Don’t Like: The free trial only enables us to convert the first 3-minute of each song, which means that I have to register the premium version to download full music from Spotify.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

For more details about MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, let’s continue to the main parts below.


Reasons Behind My Ratings

I have used MuConvert Spotify Music Converter for over one month on a daily basis. According to my own usage experience, I gave an overall high score of 4.9 out of 5 to the software. Why? Here are some of my reasons for giving MuConvert Spotify Music Converter the high value. You can check them below.

Music Quality (5/5)

Of course, the most important factor I would consider to select a Spotify Music converter should be its ability to maintain the lossless quality to help me save all of my favorite songs offline, and this can help me enjoy the original streaming experience as in Spotify before processing the music download. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is able to meet this requirement perfectly. By default, the software will preserve the lossless quality while converting and downloading Spotify songs offline.

In addition, the software provides free customization on other parameters such as the sample rate (best at 48000hz) and bitrate (best at 320kbps), which enables you to freely adjust the music quality to save Spotify songs offline as they desire.

Conversion Speed & Effectiveness (4.5/5)

Even for downloading a batch of Spotify playlists at once, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is able to provide the fastest speed to help. It has embedded the advanced acceleration tech inside the software, which enables the software to automatically speed up the conversion process to 5X or even faster and process the Spotify Music download in batches. In this way, users won’t waste much time waiting for the music to download when they have a lot of items needed to be downloaded at a time.

5X Faster Speed to Download Spotify Songs in Batches

Music Information Preservation (5/5)

To enable convenient music management offline, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will also preserve the full music information (such as the artist, album, cover, etc.) of each Spotify song, in order to make it available for users to check back the file details after downloading them offline. So when you have a batch of Spotify songs required to download simultaneously, you are still able to distinguish each of them with the preserved ID3 info.

Save ID3 Tags While Downloading Spotify Songs

Output Format (4.5/5)

To increase the compatibility of the downloaded Spotify songs, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter has provided the most mainstream formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to output Spotify songs without DRM encryption. When users grasp the downloaded Spotify songs in mainstream audio formats, they are able to transfer the downloaded songs to any device and stream them later using all media players as they desire freely.

Ease of Use (5/5)

The most important highlight of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter should be its built-in Spotify web player. The software has integrated the official Spotify web player inside, so that users are only required to log into the web player via their own Spotify account (the free one is available), then they are able to browse any music, album, playlist, and podcast to download them offline within the web player directly.

Compared with the traditional method which requires installing Spotify app and processing the music download through copying and pasting the URLs, now users are only required to open MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and select any content within the Spotify web player to download without installing the Spotify app extra, which has greatly boosted the download efficiency.

Detailed Review of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

Now, you have grasped a more comprehensive understanding of how MuConvert Spotify Music Converter works and what are its attractive features. Then, let’s also go through the detailed guide to learn about how we are able to download Spotify songs conveniently via MuConvert in high efficiency. You are also available to freely install the software now and use its free trial to follow the guide. Now, let’s get started.

Launch It and Sign in with Spotify

Once you have installed MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on your dekstop, launch the software and you will see the welcome page. You are required to hit the “Open the Spotify web player” to enter the main interface of the embedded Spotify web player. It is absolutely the official one released and maintained by Spotify official. Now you would be required to log into the web player using your Spotify account. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter supports both the free and premium accounts.

Log in Soptify Player

Search for Songs

When you have logged into the embedded Spotify web player in MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, you can search for any music, playlists, artists, or access your own music library to select the singles, playlists, and audio podcasts to download offline. Simply drag them to the floating “+” icon beside, the Spotify songs or podcast episodes will all be added to the conversion queue and waiting for the conversion to start.

Note: Don’t worry about adding the same songs twice because MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will automatically filter the duplicates for you.

Select and Add Spotify Music to Convert

Set Up for Output

When all the Spotify songs and podcast episodes are added now, you are able to select an output format to output them offline. Move to the upper-right “Convert all files to” format menu, then you are available to select the format to download all the songs at once. Also, you are able to customize the output format for each of them separately if you need to.

Convert All Files Mu SMC

To customize advanced audio parameters to output Spotify songs, you are able to navigate to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” to customize the sample and bitrate to adjust the audio quality for the downloaded Spotify songs. The highest sample rate provided by MuConvert Spotify Music Converter i 48000hz at max, while the best 320kbps is also available to download music as well.

Advanced Settings Spotify Music Converter

The Conversion

Finally, after the parameter settings are completed, you are able to process the Spotify Music download by tapping the “Convert All” icon provided in the lower-right corner. Within a moment, MuConvert will process the music conversion in batches with the 5X or even faster speed, and you only need to wait for the conversion completed patiently!

After the conversion completes, you are able to access the downloaded Spotify songs under the “Finished” section. Simply by hitting the “View Output File” button and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will open the output folder where it saves the music files for you.

Download Songs from Spotify to MP3

Is MuConvert Spotify Music Converter Safe?

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is designed with the ads-free in-app environment, and also has no requirement to install bundled software to process the music download functionality. Hence, the security of MuConvert can be highly guaranteed. In addition, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is also equipped with the skillful technical team to help resolve any problem users encounter while processing the Spotify music download within the software.

For the data security, you are also able to trust on MuConvert as it strictly follows the privacy policy rules to protect users rights with their data encrypted. All of the user data the software would access such as cookies, third-party links, emails, IP addresses, billing info, etc. will not be disclosed as MuConvert Spotify Music Converter highly values user privacy and it will protect them strictly.

Is This Software Free?

As mentioned in the very beginning, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is the software that would require users to pay to access its full functionality to download the music for the full duration (if it exceeds 3 minutes). But for the songs shorter than 3 minutes, you are able to download them even without registering MuConvert’s subscription plans within the first 30 days after starting the free trial.

To upgrade to the registered version, you are able to go to MuConvert’s online store to select a plan to subscribe to MuConvert Spotify Music Converter. Here are its available options:

  • 1-Month Subscription:US$14.95
  • 1-Year Subscription:US$49.95
  • Single Lifetime: US$79.95
Upgrade to Registered Version in MuConvert Online Store

When you have purchased the registered plan, you are able to receive an email via the license key attached. Simply register to activate the software with your email and license key, then you are able to access the full features of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter without any limitation.


From all aspects, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is able to fulfill your demands towards a music downloader – the one with high stability, great efficiency, fast speed, and nice output quality to help me save any Spotify music downloaded offline. Through this review, hope you have a more comprehensive understanding of the software and also help you make up your mind on whether to choose it.