How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 [Complete Guide]

Different from downloading songs, playlists, or albums on Spotify, downloading podcasts on Spotify is totally free. That means even if you are a Spotify Free user, you also have the download option to download Spotify podcasts. But the downloaded podcast files you get are protected by DRM so that you can only play them within the Spotify app, while not on other media players. Worse, you may be interrupted by the ads or you can’t skip the podcasts when you are playing them on Spotify unless you are a Spotify Premium user.
Therefore, in this post, there is a tutorial for you to download Spotify podcasts in an official way, and also solutions to help you download podcasts from Spotify to MP3 so that you can play them on other platforms or even burn them to a CD with lossless quality. Now, let’s begin!

Download Podcast on Spotify Using the Official Way

As mentioned above, Spotify free users are available for the download function to download podcasts on both mobile and computer apps without premium, which brings great convenience and flexibility for podcast lovers to enjoy Spotify podcasts streaming offline. Follow the tutorials below to grasp the download feature on the Spotify app.


You can only download Spotify podcasts one by one on the Spotify app, and the downloaded audio is only available for streaming within it. So, if you want to download a relatively large number of Spotify podcasts in batches or get an MP3 podcast file for playing more flexibly, you can go to the next part.

On Mobiles

There are two options for you to download Spotify podcasts on your Android or iOS devices. One is downloading podcast audio only, the other is downloading the podcast audio with a video. You can choose either of them as your preference. If you just want to download the audio from a video podcast, then go to “Settings >> Video Podcasts” to turn the “Download audio only” button on.
STEP 1. Install Spotify software and launch it to log in to your Spotify account. You also need to check the stability of Internet status in advance.
STEP 2. Directly navigate to and open the podcast you desire to download offline.
STEP 3. On Android, you need to toggle the “Download” switch on. While on iOS, simply tap the download arrow icon and the podcast can be downloaded. Then, the downloaded podcasts can be found in “Your Library”.
Download Spotify Songs with Premium

On Computers

The steps to downloading Spotify podcasts on computer are quite similar to those on mobile phones. But the difference is that you can only download the audio of Spotify podcasts on your desktop Spotify app, because video downloading is not available.
STEP 1. Simply open the Spotify app on your computer and then sign in with your Spotify account.
STEP 2. Access to the podcast you desire to download for listening offline.
STEP 3. There will be a download arrow icon provided beside the episode’s title. Directly hit it and the podcast is able to be downloaded offline.
Turn on Offline Mode to Access Downloaded Spotify Songs

Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 Easily in Batches🔥

If you want to put the podcasts you like to other media players to playback flexibly, or you would like to burn the Spotify podcasts you like to a CD for a better listening experience, you can use a third-party tool to help you rip the encrypted DRM from the podcasts on Spotify and then download them to MP3 in batches. Here, we highly recommend MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to you.
MuConvert Spotify Music Converter empowers a powerful built-in Spotify web player for accessing full Spotify content and provides you a direct process to download the songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and even radios for offline streaming. You are only required to log in to the web player (even with Spotify free account) to process the conversion. It preserves the best audio quality at 320kbps from converting Spotify OGG media to mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
Highlighted Features of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter
  • Mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC supported;
  • Be available to process auto-podcast conversion with the built-in Spotify web player;
  • Download podcasts from Spotify at 5X faster speed with the batch download function provided;
  • Preservation of original ID3 tags and metadata info of downloaded podcasts;
  • Intuitive interface with easy-to-grasp functionality;
  • 100% secure and stable in-app performance to boost conversion efficiency.
Now, you can grasp the brief tutorial here to learn how to download podcasts on Spotify via MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on Windows/Mac.
STEP 1. Launch MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and hit the “Open the Spotify Web Player” to navigate to the built-in Spotify player to login via your Spotify account.
NOTE: Both Spotify free and premium accounts are available.
MuConvert Spotify Converter Welcome Page
STEP 2. After the account is login, now, you are able to open the Spotify podcast you’d like to download directly. Then tap the “+” icon to analyze it. It only takes a short while to process the conversion.
MuConvert Spotify Music Converter Select Format
STEP 3. Navigate to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” to adjust the output parameters. It is available for you to customize the output format, sample rate, and bitrate for outputting the Spotify podcast. Under the “General” tab, you are also allowed to change the default output folder to an exact location to preserve the downloaded Spotify podcast.
Choose Output Format Spotify Music Converter

STEP 4. Hit the “Convert All” icon and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will start downloading podcast on Spotify to your desktop. Just wait patiently till the conversion completes.

Converting Spotify Music MuConvert
TIPS:Normal audio podcasts can be converted with MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, but podcasts with video identification classes cannot be converted. You can see the pictures shown below:
Podcast Video Identification MuConvert SMC
You can click the download button below to download your Spotify podcasts to MP3 in batches. Hope you have an enjoyable podcast time!

Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 by Recording

If Spotify podcasts have a long duration, sometimes you may only desire to capture a part of the audio tracks from the full content. Based on such a requirement, it would be better for you to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 by recording, which offers more flexible control for you to record any part of the podcasts as you need.
VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a lightweight recording software empowering such help. Its audio recording mode delivers high quality and customized control to help you grasp Spotify podcasts and export to MP3 files for streaming offline conveniently.


Compared with using a converter to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 in batches, using a recorder may take you a long period to wait. If you want to save time, then you’d better use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, which also provides you a batch download feature to download the podcasts you like with only one click.

Now, go through this easy guide to try recording Spotify podcast to MP3 via VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your desktop.

STEP 1. Launch VideoSolo Screen Recorder. On its main interface, select “Audio Recorder” and you are able to preset the volume of the system sound in advance.

VideoSolo Screen Recoder Homepage

(Optional) STEP 2. By navigating to “Preferences”, you are available to customize more recording settings and output parameters based on your requirements.

Preferences Parameter Settings

STEP 3. When the Spotify podcast starts playing, hit the “REC” icon or use the hotkeys to awake the recording. On the floating control bar, you are able to preset the ending time to stop the recording.

Recording Spotify Song
STEP 4. After that, as the recording ends, you can navigate to the previewing window to check the status of the recorded Spotify podcast. Hit the “Save” icon and the Spotify podcast audio file can be preserved locally in MP3 format.

Download Podcast from Spotify to MP3 with Free Tool

Now in the final section, a free alternative will be introduced to help you process the Spotify podcast download without any charge. AllToMP3 provides an open-source functionality enabling users to convert and download music, podcasts from Spotify in the most mainstream MP3 format. More powerfully, it also enables you to download music to MP3 from other music streaming platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud. Now, master it and try downloading podcasts on Spotify via AllToMP3.


The conversion is sometimes unstable when you use AllToMP3 to download podcasts from Spotify, because not all Spotify links can be recognized. If you find it fails to download, then you can turn to use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, which provides a more stable download process.
STEP 1. After installing AllToMP3 on your computer, launch the software.
STEP 2. Then, you are required to turn to Spotify to copy the link of the Spotift podcast you desire to download.
STEP 3. Paste the link to AllToMP3’s search frame bar and hit the “Enter” icon, the software will directly download Spotify podcast for you freely.
AllToMP3 Music Converter

A Comparison of the Four Methods

After going through these four solutions to download Spotify podcasts, if you still don’t know which method to pick, you can also have a reference from the comparison chart below.
No Spotify App Needed
Batch Download Supported
Download Podcast in Original Quality
Download Podcast to MP3
Official way
With VideoSolo Screen Recorder
Using AllToMP3
Based on the introduction and the comparison among the 4 methods, select the most appropriate option to download Spotify podcasts for enjoying offline right away. Just as you can see from the table above, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter may be a relatively outstanding tool for you to choose from.
Using it, you can download podcasts on Spotify to the original 320kbps MP3 without installing the Spotify app, so that you can play the downloaded podcasts on almost every media player you like. What’s more, it offers a batch download feature for you to download Spotify podcasts with only one click, which can save you a lot of time. So don’t hesitate to have a try.

FAQs About Downloading Spotify Podcasts

Q1 What Is the Format of Podcasts Downloaded on the Spotify App?

After you download the podcasts from Spotify on the Spotify app, you may find the format changed from “.ogg” to “.file“. But the downloaded Spotify podcasts with “.file” format are still encrypted using DRM, so that you can only play these downloaded files within the Spotify app.

Q2 How to Download Spotify Podcast Videos?

Actually, downloading podcast videos is quite simple. When you download a podcast with a video, Spotify will ask if you want to download video or download audio only. Then, you just need to choose “download video” and Spotify will begin to download the podcast video for you. However, you should remember that you can only download Spotify podcast videos on your mobile devices, while not on your computer.