Top 6 Spotify to MP3 Converter (Software & Online) [2022]

Nowadays, there are lots of out-performing Spotify to MP3 converters on the market to provide users the advanced services to convert Spotify songs to MP3, enabling more convenient offline listening. Many people may encounter with the hard time picking one among so many choices. Hence, this blog is here to help!

The blog has collected the top 6 Spotify to MP3 converters of 2022, which are able to provide you with the best Spotify to MP3 converting services. They include both online and software versions. Now, follow the blog to take a look!


Though this article will introduce both desktop software and online tools to help you convert Spotify music to MP3, we highly recommend you to use desktop software, like MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, for their high quality and compatibility, also unstable network and spam popovers when converting online. Download and have a try!

6 Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Overview

Before going to the detailed introduction of the 5 best Spotify to MP3 converters, you are able to preview their comparisons through the chart below:

ProductQualityOutput FormatConversion SpeedRating
MuConvert Spotify Music Converter320kbpsMP3, M4A, FLAV, WAV5X faster★★★★★
Aimersoft Music Recorder256kbpsMP3, M4ABased on song duration★★★★
AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter256kbpsMP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B and more5X faster★★★★
Online Converter320kbpsMP3, M4A, FLAC, and moregood★★★
Soundloaders Spotify Converter320kbpsMP3good★★★

1. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

SpecificationsWindows, Mac
Software & OnlineSoftware
PriceFree trial (registered version starts from $13.95)
Reasons to buy
  • Built-in Spotify web player
  • Auto playlist conversion
  • Various mainstream output formats
  • 5X faster speed
  • Lossless audio quality
  • ID3 info preservation
Reasons to avoid3-minute limitation for converting Spotify songs under free trial

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is designed with an intuitive and clean UI, for providing users with easy-to-grasp functionality to convert Spotify songs and playlists. With the built-in Spotify Web Player, users are not required to install Spotify app to apply the traditional copy-and-paste method to add Spotify songs. Simply log into your Spotify account and open a playlist, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will read the list and provide for you to select the Spotify songs to convert.

Apart from this, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is able to process multiple tasks simultaneously and accelerate the conversion to 5X faster speed, greatly boosting the efficiency. Additionally, with mainstream output formats and original quality, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter becomes a popular choice this year to convert Spotify to MP3.

Login Spotify Web Player

2. Aimersoft Music Recorder

SpecificationsWindows, Mac
Software & OnlineSoftware
PriceFree trial (registered version starts from $19.95)
Reasons to buy
  • Simple clicks to record online music
  • Ads-free interface
  • Original quality
  • ID3 tags identification
Reasons to avoid
  • More complicated process than converting Spotify to MP3
  • Free trial limitations

Unlike the common Spotify to MP3 converter, Aimersoft Music Recorder focuses on music recording. Hence, this software is available for recording music from different platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, VEVO, and so on. It is able to output music recordings in M4A and MP3 formats with high quality. After the recording, the audio files can be used for creating ringtones immediately via its provided built-in ringtone maker.

Even though recording Spotify songs is also a way to convert Spotify to MP3, the process would be time-consuming. Hence, Aimersoft Music Recorder provides users with the scheduled recording feature to enbale them to preset the recording, thus users no longer need to keep eyes on it. Still, Aimersoft Music Recorder is a reliable tool to convert Spotify to MP3.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

3. AllToMP3

SpecificationsWindows, Mac, GUN, Linux
Software & OnlineSoftware
PriceFree (donation available)
Reasons to buy
  • Easy interfaceFull compatible with more systems
  • Various sources supported
  • Simple-to-grasp functionality
Reasons to avoidOnly MP3 format provided

AllToMP3 is an open-source desktop application, which is highly compatible with Windows, Mac, GUN, and Linux systems to convert Spotify to MP3. As an intuitive tool, AllToMP3 only requires very easy steps to convert songs from Spotify to MP3 audio files. Additionally, it is available to download music from other various sources, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and so forth.

A small drawback of AllToMP3 should be its output format. As its name goes, the software is only available for converting Spotify songs to MP3, without other supported output formats like M4A or FLAC. Also, the highest output quality only reaches 256kbps, which can be less competitive than MuConvert's 320kbps. But still, AllToMP3 is a helpful tool and is pretty easy to use for converting Spotify to MP3 on different desktops.

AllToMP3 Music Converter

4. AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter

SpecificationsWindows, Mac
Software & OnlineSoftware
PriceFree trial (registered version starts from $29.95)
Reasons to buy
  • Fast speed to convert Spotify songs
  • High-quality outputs
  • Mainstream formats supported
  • Customizable parameters
Reasons to avoid
  • Recording duration limitation under free trial
  • Less efficient than downloading Spotify songs

AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter is a music recording software provided for users to convert music from Spotify with 256kbps audio quality. With provided MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and more formats, users are able to get Spotify songs saved in mainstream audio files for boosting convenient offline playback.

During the conversion, AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter will preserve the ID3 tags info of the Spotify music to enable people to manage converted offline Spotify songs easily. Additionally, by providing the customizable parameter settings, users can also adjust the quality to their own preferences without hassle. AudFree is a nice option for you to convert Spotify to MP3 on desktops.

AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter

5. Online Converter

SpecificationsAll systems
Software & OnlineOnline
PriceFree trial (registered version starts from $7)
Reasons to buy
  • Online platform accessible on all devices
  • Easy to grasp functionality
  • More useful format conversion tools
  • Available to trim converted audio files
Reasons to avoid
  • File size limitation even subscribe to the registered plans
  • Account signup requirement

Online Converter provides all-in-one converters to help users convert files between more commonly used formats for enabling flexible media files playback. By registering an account, users are able to freely use the provided tools in the platform as they need.

It also offers quite simple process to convert Spotify to MP3. You just need to get the Spotify song's link and paste it to the converter. Then Online Converter will proceed the conversion and bring you original quality for keeping the song in MP3 format offline. It even allows users to trim the song after the conversion to remove the unnecessary parts, which can be used for creating ringtone in one-stop

Online Convert Spotify to MP3

6.Soundloaders Spotify Downloader

SpecificationsAll systems
Software & OnlineOnline
Reasons to buy
  • Free and easy to operate
  • Support ID3 tag information
  • An online tool without downloading other software
Reasons to avoid
  • The downloading process maybe unstable due to the network situation
  • Cannot support batch conversion
Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is one of the prominent online Spotify music converters. As a free online tool, it provides you with the latest technology to help you convert Spotify music to MP3 in high quality. Besides, it doesn't require you to register or provide any personal information during the conversion process. For Windows, macOS, and Android users, you can download audio files online through the Spotify web player or Spotify desktop application. For iOS users, you can use Safari to visit the Spotify website and download Spotify songs from your iOS device.
However, the drawback of it is that it doesn't allow you to batch convert, so if you're a user who needs to convert multiple songs at once, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter maybe a better choice for you.
Soundloaders Spotify Downloader Online

Spotify Converter Online That Cannot Convert Spotify to MP3

Though there are many online tools claiming the possibility to download songs from Spotify to MP3, not all of them work. These 3 online Spotify converters would fail to convert songs properly. Let's have a look.

Playlist Converter

Playlist Converter provides online service to convert music playlists from various sources such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and more. You are able to choose Spotify tab after opening the platform and search for the Spotify playlist for converting. You would be required to login your Spotify account as well. However, Playlist Converter doesn't provide the MP3 output option, and this is the core reason for its failure to convert Spotify to MP3.

Playlist Converter Convert Spotify


MP3FY is an online platform providing the service to convert online videos from 1,000+ video streaming sites to MP3 format for offline listening the soundtracks. However, its supported list doesn't include Spotify source. As a result, you are not allowed to convert Spotify to MP3 with MP3FY online.

MP3FY Download Videos


Spotiload is a Chrome extension developed for converting Spotify playlists to MP3 online without using software. Users are required to use for searching the music playlist matching the name of the Spotify playlists. Then, you are available to download the playlists from Chrome. But pay attention that if VK is blocked in your country, you are not allowed to download Spotify songs to MP3 through this extension online.

Spotiload Download Spotify Playlists

FAQs about Spotify to MP3 Converter

As for converting Spotify to MP3 with the Spotify to MP3 converter, you may come out with some questions about the tool. These FAQs can help you manage certain confusions you may consider while using Spotify to MP3 converter. See if any of them help.

Is it legal to convert Spotify to MP3?

Generally, if you haven't gained permission to download Spotify songs from the original authors, you are actually breaking the copyright law. Hence, you'd better ask for permission before considering converting Spotify to MP3. But if you just want to download Spotify songs to offline audio files as personal collections or for self-listening, then it is absolutely legal to convert Spotify to MP3 audio files.

Is there any Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android?

If you want to convert Spotify to MP3 on Android, SpotiFlyer can be a nice choice for you. After installing the app on Android and logging into your Spotify account, you can get the whole Spotify library to this software, and just easily download songs as if you are a Spotify Premium user.

Is there any Spotify to MP3 Converter for iPhone?

For iPhone, Spotifydl is able to help convert Spotify to MP3. You will be required to install this extension to Shortcuts on iPhone. Then by pasting the URL of the Spotify playlist to this extension in Shortcuts, you are available to download Spotify playlist on iPhone for enjoying offline music streaming.

Should I use a desktop or online Spotify to MP3 converter?

There is no doubt that both desktop software and online tools have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to converting Spotify music to MP3.
For online tools, indeed, most people would appreciate the convenience of not having to download extra software. However, most online tools have a lot of pop-ups when you convert Spotify songs, which can affect your mood a lot. In addition, in the process of downloading, you may face the disclosure of personal information and the impact of network stability.
For desktop software, although you need to convert songs with software installed, you don't need to worry about ads interference, Internet situations and even personal privacy leaking, which will bring you a safer experience.
For users who prefer to use desktop software, all you need to do is to choose a relatively functional Spotify to MP3 converter, like MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, which can help you convert Spotify to MP3 without quality loss and at 5X faster conversion speed.



Converting Spotify to MP3 is not a difficult task as there are various reliable Spotify to MP3 converters provided. If you also desire get free MP3 songs from Spotify for creating your own offline playlist, don't forget the 5 best Spotify to MP3 converters we introduce in this blog. Pick your ideal choice and start the first convert right away!

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