Streaming digital music has become a popular way for more and more people to enjoy their favorite tunes conveniently. However, compared to traditional CDs, digital music often provides lower sound quality, especially on mobile devices. Additionally, due to copyright restrictions, downloaded digital music can only be played in authorized software within a limited period. Therefore, how to download MP3 songs at 320kbps has become a concern for many users.

No worries. This article will explore two popular music streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify, and provide tips on how to download 320kbps MP3 songs from these platforms. Moreover, we will also discuss some free music download sites. Let’s get started!

Part 1. How to Download 320kbps MP3 Songs from Spotify

While Spotify allows premium users to download songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts for offline listening, the default format (Ogg Vorbis at 160kbps) is limited to Spotify playback. For better sound quality and higher compatibility, using a third-party Spotify to MP3 converter, like MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, to download 320kbps files from Spotify is recommended.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is a desktop tool that easily downloads songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts from Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC formats without any hassle. Its key feature is that it can download music from Spotify Free and Spotify Premium accounts, allowing you to keep up to 320kbps of Spotify music offline even when your subscription expires. Unlike other tools, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter does not require a copy-and-paste process to complete the 320kbps MP3 download task. Instead, you can download the music directly from the built-in Spotify web player.

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Free Download
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✍ Key Features of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC for offline playback on various devices.
  • Download Spotify songs at up to 320kbps of high quality for both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.
  • Support batch downloads for multiple Spotify songs at up to 35X faster speed.
  • Keep the original ID3 tag for easier music collection management.
  • Integrate the official Spotify web player with no need for copying and pasting music links.

Step 1. Log into Spotify Web Player

When you first run MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, you can see its built-in Spotify Web Player. To access its download and conversion functions, please provide your account password to log in first.

Log into Spotify Web Player

Step 2. Preset Output Format and Output Quality

To get higher output quality, you can go to “Settings” > “Preferences” to select the “Advanced” section. Then, adjust “Bitrate” to “320kbps”. “SampleRate” is also available to be changed.

Preset Output Format and Output Quality

Step 3. Add Spotify Songs, Playlist, or Album to Convert

Browse the Spotify web player to find your favorite song, playlist, or album. Access it, drag and drop it to the “+” symbol to fetch the music information.

Add Spotify Songs to Convert

Step 4. Convert Spotify to 320kbps MP3 File

When the “Converting” window pops up, scroll down to check if all the songs from Spotify listed are ready to convert. Next, simply click the “Convert All” in the lower right corner to activate Spotify to MP3 conversion. After that, you can turn to the “Finished” tab to access all converted 320kbps MP3 Spotify songs by hitting “View Output Files”.

Convert Spotify to 320kbps MP3 File

Part 2. How to Download MP3 at 320kbps High Quality from Apple Music

Apple Music offers a wide range of songs, including the latest hits, classic old songs, and independent music. However, by default, it only provides 256kbps of AAC format music, which may not be enough for users who are looking for the best sound quality. To download 320kbps MP3 music files from Apple Music, you need to use a third-party Apple Music converter, such as MuConvert Apple Music Converter.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a music converter that works on both Windows and Mac. This software is specifically designed to convert Apple Music songs to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC without any DRM restrictions. Additionally, it retains up to 320kbps sound quality of the music, ensuring the best playback experience. Moreover, it preserves the original ID3 tag and metadata information of the song, such as title, artist, album, genre, album art, etc. This feature makes it easier to organize your music collection in the future. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that can download Apple Music music to 320kbps MP3 files, then MuConvert Apple Music Converter is an excellent choice that you should not miss.

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Free Download
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📚 Key Features of MuConvert Apple Music Converter
  • Effortlessly convert Apple Music to widely supported formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
  • Come with a built-in Apple Music web player for convenient access.
  • Preserve the original sound quality up to 320kbps for the ultimate listening experience.
  • Retain ID3 tag and metadata info for seamless music library management.
  • Enable batch download to effectively convert multiple songs at up to 10X faster speed.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation.

Step 1. Log into the Built-in Apple Music Web Player

Unlike many Apple Music Converters, MuConvert Apple Music Converter comes with a built-in Apple Music web player so that you don’t need to open Apple Music or iTunes for assistance. Simply enter your Apple ID and password to access the streaming library from Apple Music.

Log into Apple Music Web Player

Step 2. Add Apple Music to Convert

You can access your created playlists from Apple Music on the left panel. Or you can browse the Apple Music web player to find the single, playlist, or album you want to convert from Apple Music to MP3. Then, you can directly drag and drop your favorite Apple Music song to the right panel to add it to the converting list.

Add Song from Apple Music to Convert

Step 3. Select 320kbps MP3 File to Output

In this step, you can expand the conversion list to adjust output parameters. then, you can click on the bitrate list of the song and select 320kbps as the output quality. Or, you can preset 320kbps MP3 songs as the output settings beforehand in the “Preferences”.

Select 320kbps MP3 File to Output

Step 4. Start Converting Apple Music to 320kbps MP3 File

After that, simply click on the “Convert All” button, then it will convert multiple songs from Apple Music to MP3 at 320kbps high quality in batches. Once the conversion is completed, you can move the “Finished” tab to check all your converted 320kbps MP3 files.

Convert Apple Music to 320kbps MP3 File

Part 3. Which is the Best Website for Downloading MP3 Songs at 320kbps?

Beyond the two powerful desktop software options mentioned earlier, you can also use free music download websites that can solve how to download MP3 songs. Here are three popular tools that can help you download 320kbps MP3 songs online as follows.


Please keep in mind that although online tools are very convenient to use for downloading MP3 files, the sound quality of the downloaded files is usually limited to 128kbps by default. This is lower than the 320kbps sound quality that can be achieved using a desktop MP3 Downloader. Additionally, they may have some issues such as unstable performance, low success rates, and security risks. Therefore, we highly recommend using MuConvert Apple Music Converter and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter for downloading music to MP3 instead.

1. MP3Juice

It is one of the most popular free MP3 downloaders on the market today, enabling you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 online for free with up to 320kbps sound quality. Moreover, it not only can complete the 320kbps MP3 song download process by copying and pasting music links but also supports directly entering keywords on the website to search for your favorite songs and obtain download links.


2. CloudMP3

This online MP3 downloader can help you easily convert SoundCloud songs and playlists to MP3 format for free. Moreover, it focuses on providing high-quality MP3 files, capable of delivering music files up to 320kbps. Just simply enter the name or link of the song, and you can then download it to your device for offline playback.


3. is an easy-to-use online music download website that supports converting YouTube videos to MP3 format for free. It provides a clear and concise interface, making even inexperienced users quickly get started. All you have to do is enter the name or link of the song, and it will download 320kbps MP3 songs to your device.

FAQs on 320kbps MP3 Songs Download

Is 320kbps the best quality?

For most people, 320kbps is the best audio quality. While lossless formats like FLAC and WAV preserve all the original audio data, in most cases, it is difficult for the majority of listeners to distinguish the difference between 320kbps and lossless music. Unless you’re very picky about sound quality and have high-quality headphones or speakers, you’ll probably be able to hear the difference between them. Therefore, for most people, 320kbps is the best choice to meet their sound quality needs.

Which is better, 320kbps or FLAC?

  • 320kbps MP3 files use lossy compression, which means it uses compression to reduce file size. This can lead to a loss of sound quality, but the difference is often difficult to detect for most listeners in casual listening situations. Additionally, 320kbps MP3s are supported by most players and devices, making them a more versatile choice than FLAC files.
  • FLAC is a lossless format, which means it does not have any compression. This lossless compression preserves all the details, resulting in the highest possible sound quality. While FLAC files are much larger than 320kbps MP3 files, but they provide better sound quality.

If you are very picky about sound quality, then FLAC may be a better choice as it provides clearer and more detailed sound quality, especially in the treble and bass frequency ranges. If you want good sound quality but also want a smaller file size, then 320kbps MP3 may be a better choice as it provides similar sound quality to FLAC in most cases, but at about half the file size.


This article explores three ways to download mp3 songs at 320kbps. For simple MP3 downloads, online tools offer a convenient option. However, you need to make sure they are safe to use. If you have high requirements for sound quality, it is highly recommended to use MuConvert Apple Music Converter or MuConvert Spotify Music Converter. Both are user-friendly and can empower you to high-quality 320kbps MP3 download services and are very easy to use. So why not give them a try? 

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