How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 [2022 Latest Update]

As more and more people choose Apple Music over other music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and so forth, they also face a restriction set by Apple - only by subscribing for Apple Music service can users enjoy the music playback without restrictions on authorized devices. Yes, and even download them offline.

Nevertheless, people would wish to get rid of the shackles of Apple Music and convert Apple Music to MP3 for facilitating the songs to have higher compatibility, in that they can play them outside Apple Music app and keep the songs permanently offline even without subscribing for the service. Therefore, this post will walk you through how to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Apple Music Higher Quality

Main Features of Apple Music to MP3 Converter

The most effortless method to convert Apple Music to MP3 is utilizing a professional and secure Apple Music to MP3 Converter, for the reason that you have to process the DRM removal during the conversion. DRM refers to the Digital Rights Management, a technique used for encrypting digital content provided for streaming online.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a brilliant tool we can rely on: 

Supported OS

Windows and macOS

Supported Language

English, Japanese, German, French, and Traditional Chinese

Output Formats

MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC

Free Trial Version



  • 1-Month: $13.95/1 device
  • 1-Year: $49.95/1 device
  • Single License: $79.95/2 devices

Main Features

  • 10X faster conversion speed
  • Auto Analyze Apple songs with the embedded Apple Web Player
  • Keep original ID3 tags 
  • Retain original format for outputting
  • Bulk music conversion

Let's go through the details of MuConvert Apple Music Converter features in-depth.

Mainstream Output Formats

With a couple of mainstream output formats supported, people can remove DRM encryption from Apple Music and convert the songs to facilitate their compatibility for more devices and players for streaming back.

Retain ID3 Tags and Original Quality

MuConvert can handle the Apple Music conversion by retaining the songs in its original condition. Therefore, from the ID3 tags to the quality, nothing will be changed as the conversion completes. People can enjoy the same streaming experience with the converted Apple Music songs.

Bulk Conversion and 10X Faster Performance

In order to bring up the performance of Apple Music conversion, MuConvert sets the 10X faster conversion for Windows program by default, while Mac users can select from 1X to 5X for speeding up the process flexibly. Both versions supports the bulk conversion feature, which can resolve a list of songs conversion at once.

Despite such surprising features, MuConvert Apple Music Converter also provides the intuitive main feed for bringing people with easy-grasping operations to convert Apple Music to MP3. Let's scroll down to the tutorial part.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 with MuConvert Apple Music Converter

To convert Apple Music to MP3, MuConvert Apple Music Converter only requires several easy procedures to manipulate:

Step 1. Pre-install the Converter

First, you should install MuConvert Apple Music Converter based on your computer system. The program supports running on Windows and Mac at this state. Also, it is recommended for you to try its free version before purchasing the subscription. 


The latest version of MuConvert Apple Music Converter has upgraded the built-in Apple Music web player to deliver a more convenient music download service. You won't be required to have iTunes installed on your computer when removing the DRM anymore. If you are still using the old one, you can either keep using it or update the software to the new version.

Step 2. Select Apple Music to Convert

Now, please launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter and sign in your Apple ID to enter. Then select the songs you like to convert. 

Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Select MP3 Output Format

Turn down to the Output Settings column. You can select output format as MP3 in the first option. Subsequently, other settings like Bitrate and SamepleRate, can also be altered here if you need.

Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Now you turn to final step. When complete all the selections and settings before, you can finally click on the Convert button for starting the conversion to convert all Apple Music to MP3.

Converting Apple Music

When the conversion is done, you can view the whole converted list in Finished module. You can also manage the conversion history here.

Convert Unprotected Apple Music to MP3

Officially, Apple still developed the solution for people to convert unprotected Apple Music to MP3 for listening with iTunes or Apple Music app on iOS devices. Now, get ready to go through the operations to convert Apple Music to MP3 with iTunes (better for Windows) or Apple Music app (better for Mac).

1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 via iTunes

iTunes provides the hidden feature to help convert Apple Music to MP3 inside the program without utilizing extra apps or extensions. You only need to follow these simple procedures:

Step 1. Please run iTunes and go to Edit >> Preferences from the menu.

Step 2. Tab General. Then click on Import Settings.

Step 3. Select MP3 format as the output format in Import Using menu.

Step 4. Select the song you wish to convert to MP3, and click on File >> Convert >> Create MP3 Version. Then the song will be appeared in the library as MP3 file.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 iTunes

2. Convert Apple Music to MP3 with Apple Music App

For Mac users, utilizing the Apple Music app is also able to convert Apple Music to MP3 within easy procedures. Now show you how:

Step 1. After opening Apple Music app on Mac, go to Edit >> Preferences >> Files >> Import Using for selecting MP3 format.

Step 2. Please press the Shift or Option key on keyboard for selecting File >> Convert >> Convert to MP3.

Step 3. Select the songs.

Step 4. Go to File >> Convert >> Create MP3 version. Eventually, the Apple Music songs will be converted and saved as MP3 in the Apple Music app library.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 Music App

How to Record Apple Music to MP3

FonePaw Screen Recorder is also a handy tool assisting people to record audios with original quality, including Apple Music. Being compatible with MP3 output format, the program is also selected as a popular way to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Steps to Record Apple Music to MP3

Its simple main feed attributes to the easy manipulation. Only several procedures required to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Step 1. After installing FonePaw Screen Recorder, run the program and enter Audio Recorder.

Step 2. Set the volume of the system sound. As you don't need to record microphone, you can turn it off to avoid noise.

Step 3. Click the gear icon above the microphone setting. You can adjust the output audio format as MP3 in Output module.

Step 4. Start playing an Apple Music song. Meanwhile, initiate the recording by pressing the REC button.

Step 5. Press the record button again when the song ends playing.

Step 6. You can trim the audio before saving it.

Step 7. Keep the MP3 audio recording locally.

FonePaw Audio Recorder

FAQs about Downloading songs on Apple Music

You probably come out with some questions while processing to download Apple Music songs. These FAQs may be able to help you out.

What Format is Apple Music?

Apple Music songs are encoded as M4P file format, which is DRM-protected. Meanwhile, the audio encoder of Apple Music is AAC.

Difference between Apple Music and iTunes Music?

The core difference between Apple Music and iTunes Music refers to the fact that iTunes Music can be synced among more Apple devices after purchase. However, Apple Music songs can only be played within Apple Music app. They are not available to be transferred outside the application for streaming.

Can you put songs from Apple Music on a flash drive?

Unless you utilize a tool to remove DRM from Apple Music and convert the songs to common audio files without encryption, otherwise, you are not allowed to put songs from Apple Music to flash drives in that the songs are encrypted.

Bonus Tips to Use Apple Music

Instead of programs like MuConvert Apple Music Converter , there exists more ways for people to utilize Apple Music more flexibly. So, before the end of the post, these tips are introduced as a bonus to help Apple Music users facilitate more enjoyable music streaming experience.

Tip 1. Get Recommendations from Friends

During the social networking era, Apple Music also embeds the playlist sharing function to people. You can get music recommendations by turning to For You >> User Profile >> See What Friends are Listening To >> Get Started >> Continue to Find Contacts, then you can check your contacts if they also use Apple Music. After connecting with them, you can view the songs they are enjoying.

Find Apple Music Friends

Tip 2. Auto-add Songs to Library

Apple Music allows people to automatically add songs from Apple Music playlists to the Library for collections. Simply go to Settings >> Music and toggle on Add Playlist Songs option, you will be able to add the songs to your Music Library the moment you add to a playlist.

Auto Add Playlist Songs

Tip 3. Set Apple Music as Wake-up Alarm

After downloading the Apple Music song in the app, you can set it as your wake-up alarm in the morning. Directly turn to Clock app and create an alarm. Go to Sound >> Pick a Song for selecting the downloaded Apple Music to wake you up specially in the mornings.

Set Apple Music as Alarm

More Apple Music streaming tips will be updated continuously...


When the streaming content provided by Apple Music is restricted for downloading, we still get ways to convert Apple Music to MP3. Through this solution, the Apple Music songs can be enjoyed under any occasions on any device without a limit. Therefore, don't miss MuConvert Apple Music Converter when you are considering the simplest way to convert Apple Music to MP3. Enjoy!

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