How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 [2023 Latest Update]

Although Apple Music has been one of the most widely-used music streaming platforms in the world, there are still many users reporting its inconvenience in streaming songs – we can only listen to Apple Music songs within the Music app on authorized devices because of Apple’s FairPlay DRM encryption.
Therefore, to get rid of the shackles of Apple Music, the best solution is to convert Apple Music to MP3, which is not only more widely used than the AAC and ALAC format promoted by Apple, but is also free of DRM protected so that it can be saved locally for you to listen without the Apple Music app anytime and anywhere. In today’s blog, we have collected several reliable options for you. Now, go through them and pick the best one to try.

Convert All Apple Music to MP3 with MuConvert

To strip DRM encryption from Apple Music tracks and convert them to MP3 format without quality loss, MuConvert Apple Music Converter should be the best option you should not miss.

Introduction of the Best Apple Music to MP3 Converter

Through integrating with the official Apple Music web player, users are able to directly log in it within MuConvert Apple Music Converter to process the Apple Music to MP3 conversion without syncing with iTunes app at all. You are able to select any track, album, playlist, or artist to strip DRM and convert it as MP3 files right away.
To maintain lossless music quality as the sources, MuConvert Apple Music Converter has applied advanced teches to process the music conversion for you. You are able to select the best MP3 320kbps and 48kHz parameter settings to define the Apple Music outputs at the best condition, ensuring a nice and flexible music streaming experience offline. Also equipped with hardware acceleration, the software will ensure the least 10X faster speed to batch convert Apple Music playlists for you. You won’t waste much time getting a batch of Apple Music songs to download!

Overall Review on MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Supported OS

Windows and macOS

Supported Language

English, Japanese, German, French, and Traditional Chinese

Output Formats

MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC

Free Trial Version


Main Features

• 10X faster conversion speed
• Auto Analyze Apple songs with the embedded Apple Web Player
• Keep original ID3 tags
• Retain original format for outputting
• Bulk music conversion

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 4 Steps

With an intuitive interface, you will also find MuConvert Apple Music Converter quite simple to grasp. Now, simply go through the brief guide here and learn about the way to convert Apple Music to MP3 via software:

Step 1. Pre-install the Converter

First, you should install MuConvert Apple Music Converter based on your computer system. The program supports running on Windows and Mac in this state. Also, it is recommended that you try its free version before purchasing the subscription.

Step 2. Select Apple Music to Convert

Now, please launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter and sign in with your Apple ID to access the full music library of the Apple Music web player. Then, you are able to browse and select the songs or albums you would like to convert.

Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Select MP3 Output Format

When you have added all Apple Music tracks to the conversion queue, you are able to turn to the upper-right “Convert all files to” drop-down menu to select MP3 as the output format. Subsequently, if you desire to adjust other quality settings like Bitrate and SampleRate, just navigate to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” to make the changes.

Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Now you turn to the final step. When completing all the selections and settings before, you can finally click on the “Convert All” button to process converting all Apple Music to MP3 right away. MuConvert Apple Music Converter will complete the conversion for you within a short period!

Converting Apple Music
When the conversion is done, you can view the whole converted list in Finished module. You can also manage the conversion history here.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 with iTunes / Apple Music App (For iTunes Purchases)

If you still have any purchased iTunes songs, for these iTunes purchases, you are actually available to convert them to MP3 with the official iTunes or Apple Music app directly without extra software installed. Why?

Are iTunes Purchases Protected?

Actually, since 2009, Apple has applied the DRM-free M4P format to encode the songs provided on iTunes Store. Once users purchase them, the songs will be saved to the iTunes library in DRM-free condition, then you are able to download them for offline streaming or burn them to CD as you desire to make them as personal collections freely. Hence, for these DRM-free iTunes purchases, you are able to convert them to MP3 within iTunes or Apple Music app directly instead of seeking another DRM removal software to help.


  • However, as most iTunes songs provided in iTunes Store before 2009 are under DRM protection, you still need to process Apple Music DRM removal first.
  • All streaming Apple Music tracks are DRM-encrypted. You must process DRM removal using software like MuConvert Apple Music Converter if you desire to grasp them offline and preserve them as regular MP3 music files.

Now, let’s also go through the guide on converting iTunes M4P purchases to MP3 using iTunes or Apple Music app respectively:

Convert Apple Music to MP3 via iTunes

Step 1. Please run iTunes and go to “Edit” >> “Preferences” from the menu.

Step 2. Tab “General”. Then click on “Import Settings”.

Step 3. Select “MP3 format” as the output format in the “Import Using” menu.

Step 4. Select the iTunes-purchased songs you wish to convert to MP3, and click on “File” >> “Convert” >> “Create MP3 Version”. Then the song will appear in the library as an MP3 file.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 iTunes

Convert Apple Music to MP3 with Apple Music App

For Mac users, utilizing the Apple Music app is also able to convert iTunes purchases to MP3 with easy procedures. Now show you how:

Step 1. After opening the Apple Music app on Mac, go to “Edit” >> “Preferences” >> “Files” >> “Import Using” to select “MP3 format”.

Step 2. Please press the “Shift” or “Option” key on the keyboard to select “File” >> “Convert” >> “Convert to MP3”.

Step 3. Select the songs you have purchased from iTunes Store and desire to convert to MP3.
Step 4. Go to “File” >> “Convert” >> “Create MP3 version”. Eventually, Apple Music songs will be converted and saved as MP3s in the Apple Music app library.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 Music App

Convert Songs from Apple Music to MP3 via Free Online Soundloaders

If you desire to convert Apple Music to MP3 across devices on both computers and mobile phones, using an online Apple Music to MP3 converter is also an ideal pick. Soundloaders Apple Music Converter is such a tool offering easy-to-grasp functionality, enabling users to directly process Apple Music conversion online without extra software installed.

Simply by pasting the URLs of the Apple Music tracks to the platform, you are able to convert them and download them as MP3 files offline right away. As an online platform, no matter what device, you are able to access it using a web browser and convert Apple Music to MP3 directly.
NOTE: It should be noted that Soundloaders Apple Music Converter doesn’t support converting Apple Music albums or processing batch downloads for you. In other words, you are required to process music conversions one by one, which could be a bit time-consuming.

Now, see how to use Soundloaders Apple Music Converter to convert music from Apple Music to MP3 right away:

Step 1. Use a web browser and navigate to Soundloaders Apple Music Converter.

Step 2. Once you get the URL of the Apple Music track you desire to convert to MP3, paste it to the frame bar on the downloader and then hit the “Search” icon to process the conversion.

Step 3. After the “Download” button is offered, simply hit it and you can get the converted Apple Music song downloaded at MP3 offline.

Soundloaders Apple Music Downloader

Convert Apple Music to MP3 Through Audio Recorder

If you just need to get one or a few songs on Apple Music or even part of them as MP3 files, recording the songs rather than converting them is also a feasible way. FonePaw Screen Recorder is a handy tool assisting people to record audio with original quality, including Apple Music. Also, with great compatibility, no matter for any Apple Music track or the radio, or podcast content, you are able to capture them using FonePaw Screen Recorder. It even offers a built-in trimming feature, enabling you to adjust the Apple Music recording duration as you desire!

NOTE: Unexpectedly, FonePaw Screen Recorder is not equipped with the batch recording feature, and you are only allowed to process Apple Music to MP3 conversion by manually recording the tracks one-by-one. Hence, if you get more songs to convert, MuConvert Apple Music Converter would be a better option for you.

Use FonePaw Screen Recorder to Record Apple Music to MP3

The simple main feed and easy-to-grasp functionality both attribute to the easy manipulation of the FonePaw Screen Recorder. You are only required to process several procedures to convert Apple Music to MP3! Now, grasp how it works:

Step 1. After installing FonePaw Screen Recorder, run the program and enter Audio Recorder.

Step 2. Set the volume of the system sound. As you don’t need to record the microphone, you can turn it off to avoid noise.

Step 3. Click the gear icon above the microphone setting. You can adjust the output audio format as MP3 in the Output module.

Step 4. Start playing an Apple Music song. Meanwhile, initiate the recording by pressing the REC button.

Step 5. Press the record button again when the song ends playing.

Step 6. You can trim the audio before saving it.

Step 7. Keep the MP3 audio recording locally.

FonePaw Audio Recorder

FAQs About Converting Songs on Apple Music to MP3

You probably come up with some questions while processing to convert Apple Music songs to MP3. These FAQs may be able to help you out.

1. What formats does Apple Music support?

Apple Music songs are encoded in M4P file format, which is DRM-protected, and the audio encoder of Apple Music is AAC and ALAC (for lossless quality).

2. Why can't you convert songs on Apple Music directly to MP3?

As Apple has employed FairPlay DRM to encrypt all streaming music, you are not allowed to convert Apple Music songs to MP3 directly. Also, for Apple Music free users, you are not allowed to download Apple Music to enjoy offline unless subscribing to its premium plans.

3. What is the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Music?

The core difference between Apple Music and iTunes Music refers to the fact that iTunes Music can be synced among more Apple devices after purchase. However, Apple Music songs can only be played within Apple Music app. They are not available to be transferred outside the application for streaming.

Therefore, if you want to get Apple music out of the Apple Music app and listen to them on other portable devices, converting the songs to MP3 is the best solution.

4. Can you put songs from Apple Music on a USB?

Unless you utilize a DRM removal tool like MuConvert Apple Music Converter to remove DRM from the songs and convert them to common audio files without encryption, otherwise, you are not allowed to put songs from Apple Music to flash drives in that the songs are encrypted.


When the streaming content provided by Apple Music is restricted for downloading, we still get ways to convert Apple Music to MP3. But compare among all these solutions, don’t miss MuConvert Apple Music Converter as it can provide the most professional and high-quality functionality to convert music from Apple Music to MP3 by stripping DRM encryption from the songs. Now, freely install the software and process the music conversion right away!