When the M4P music format is encrypted by DRM (Digital Rights Management), it is only supported on Apple-authorized devices, leading to inconvenience when you desire to play M4P songs on more devices or other common media players.

To increase the M4P music compatibility and enable a more enjoyable music streaming experience, you probably desire to convert M4P to WAV, a lossless audio format with higher support across devices as well as media players. Hence, this blog has made its way here for you! You will get MuConvert Apple Music Converter for help, which can batch convert M4P to WAV. And two other methods will be explained in detail as well. Now, grasp a look at them!

Method 1. How to Convert M4P to WAV on Mac and Windows

On Windows and Mac, the best M4P to WAV converter performing with powerful functionality to get rid of DRM for you can be the MuConvert Apple Music Converter. The software has embedded the official Apple Music streaming web player, enabling you to directly search and download all music resources from the official by one click. And it can decrypt the DRM and convert the tracks to DRM-free WAV audio files for you to preserve.

To boost higher efficiency,MuConvert Apple Music Converter also enhances the music download efficiency with hardware acceleration tech applied. While processing the Apple Music playlists batch download, its performance speed is able to reach 10X or even faster to download multiple items simultaneously for you, greatly saving you time in waiting.

All Highlights of MuConvert Apple Music Converter
  • Power the 10X faster performance plus the batch conversion feature to convert a batch of songs at once.
  • Lossless and widely-supported audio formats such as WAV, MP3, M4A, and FLAC are available to select output Apple Music downloads.
  • It can retain the original sound quality at lossless conditions to ensure a 100% original music streaming experience.
  • The ID3 tags will be stored with the file attribution for checking back conveniently.
  • Audio parameters like Bitrate and Sample Rate can be adjusted for exporting audio files in personal settings, which are up to 320kbps and 48kHz respectively.
  • Songs can be directly listened to in the built-in Apple Web Player.
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Free Download
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After having an overview of MuConvert Apple Music Converter, let’s also see the following steps for learning the process to manipulate the program and convert M4P to WAV. Get started now!

Step 1. Install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and Launch

First, you ought to install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and run it. After launching, you can click “Open the Apple Web Player” to sign in to your Apple Account.

Log in Apple Music Web Player via Your Apple ID

Step 2. Drag and Drop M4P Songs to Convert

After entering the Apple Web Player, you can choose the songs you want to convert from the library or playlist. Then, move your mouse over the music and you will see a floating download button. Click “Add to the conversion list“. Or you can also drag and drop them to the conversion list at the right side.

Add M4P Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Customize Audio Parameters Before Conversion

The conversion list will appear at the right side with the selected songs. On this page, you can customize the Output Format as WAV. Additionally, you are also available to adjust both Bitrate and SampleRate to define the output quality as you desire. The Output Folder can also be altered at the bottom left corner.

Adjust Output Settings Before Converting M4P to WAV

Step 4. Convert Protected M4P Songs to WAV Format

Eventually, when the parameters are customized, directly tap the “Convert all” button to initiate converting the protected M4P songs to DRM-free WAV music files for streaming offline. You can control the process by clicking “Stop all” and check the conversion process anytime at the upper side. When the conversion is completed, the conversion history can be checked in the Finished module.

Convert M4P to WAV in Batches

Method 2. How to Convert M4P to WAV with iTunes

Despite being a media player and data-syncing software server for iOS devices, iTunes is also equipped with a hidden function, working to help convert media formats without paying a penny. By using this format converting feature provided by iTunes, you are available to easily convert M4P to WAV without turning to other third-party software to help.


However, the conversion feature built-in iTunes only supports converting unprotected M4P to WAV for you. If you desire to remove DRM and convert M4P to WAV, this method is not workable and you’d better turn to MuConvert Apple Music Converter to help.

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Free Download
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Now, simply go through the brief guide below and grasp how to convert M4P to WAV via iTunes on desktops:

STEP 1. Run the iTunes program on your computer. Before getting started, you are required to ensure all M4P songs you desire to convert to WAV format have been imported to iTunes Library.

STEP 2. Go to Edit >> Preferences >> General.

STEP 3. Click the Import Settings option. Then in the pop-up dialogue, select WAV Encoder as the Import Using format.

STEP 4. Now, navigate to iTunes Library and select the M4P songs you wish to convert to WAV.

STEP 5. Once highlighted all M4P songs you desire to convert at once, then you are required to turn to File >> Convert and select the Create WAV Version to convert M4P to WAV in iTunes directly.

Convert M4P to WAV in iTunes

After going through all these procedures, the unprotected M4P songs will all be converted to WAV format and stored in iTunes Library for streaming with iTunes right away.


  • No requirement to install extra third-party software to convert M4P to WAV;
  • Easy-to-grasp operation for everyone to process without hassle;
  • Free service without needing to pay a penny.


  • Only work to convert unprotected M4P to WAV;
  • The converting speed is slow;
  • No quality settings are available to customize streaming quality.

Method 3. How to Convert M4P to WAV Free Online

If you wish for a software-free way to convert M4P to WAV, there are a variety of online M4P to WAV converters performing to help you convert M4P to WAV online without installing extra software.

MP3Cutter is such an online service providing a hassle-free way to help you upload local M4P audio files online, and convert them to WAV lossless format with only one tap. Despite WAV, there are more format options such as FLAC, OGG, MP2, and AMR available for you to select. It also provides some basic customizing options enabling you to adjust the output quality such as bitrate, sample rate, and channels to output the converted WAV files.


However, these online free tools, including MP3Cutter, are mostly workable for unprotected M4P file conversion. If you get some iTunes-purchased M4P songs released before 2009, they are encrypted with DRM and you are only available to convert them to WAV with the help of MuConvert Apple Music Converter.

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Free Download
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Next, learn the proper steps to convert M4P to WAV online with MP3Cutter without installing extra software to help:

STEP 1. Open the web browser and turn to MP3Cutter’s M4P to WAV converter.

STEP 2. Click on the Choose File button in the middle to import iTunes-purchasedM4P files to the converter.

STEP 3. When the files are uploaded, select WAV as the encoder to export the converted files. You can also adjust the Quality here to your preference.

STEP 4. Proceed to convert M4P to WAV now. When it completes, directly tap the Download button for getting the converted WAV files offline.

Convert M4P to WAV Online Via MP3Cutter


  • No software installation is required;
  • Available to batch convert M4P files to WAV for you;
  • Quality customization supported;
  • Basic editing tools provided;
  • More output formats to select.


  • Unavailable to convert protected M4P files;
  • No ID3 adjust feature provided;
  • The music conversion performance is not stable and sometimes conversion failure occurs.

Final Words

It is not a tough job to convert M4P to WAV, no matter whether you are going to convert protected or unprotected M4P files – as all workable ways are provided here for you! To conclude, it would be better for you to select MuConvert Apple Music Converter if you get encrypted M4P files to convert, while iTunes and online solutions are better working for those who need to convert unprotected items. Now, based on your requirement and select the right M4P to WAV converter to help!

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