How to Convert M4P to WAV Lossless - Apple Music/iTunes M4P to WAV

Unlocking DRM encryption from M4P songs and converting M4P to MP3 audio files are both easy jobs. What about WAV?

Compared with MP3, WAV encoder carries uncompressed audio content in lossless condition, enabling people to enjoy music playback with better sound quality. It is a well-known fact that the purchased iTunes M4P songs may be encrypted by DRM, so is there a way to unlock such encrypted M4P songs and export them to uncompressed WAV format? Well, this post brings 3 solutions to you. Please continue reading.


Reasons We Need to Convert M4P to WAV

Before proceeding the manipulation to convert M4P to WAV, do you clear about why we should do it?

Convert iTunes M4P to WAV

When Apple Inc. has utilized the DRM encryption to lock the M4P songs sold from iTunes Store, even for the purchased music content, people can only enjoy the streaming within iTunes player. It limits people from downloading the songs or play on the unauthorized non-Apple devices, bringing great inconvenience to audiences.

However, in the previous post when we introduced the solution to convert M4P to MP3, some would feel unsatisfied, cause MP3 would be less appropriate to encode the high-quality music content. By comparison, WAV, also known as waveform audio file format, performs better. WAV delivers people with lossless CD quality, and its highest bitrate figure could reach 1411kbps. For people who own the HiFi speakers and consider the best suitable encoder for encoding the music for being compatible, WAV is one of the most rational options.

Convert DRM-Protected M4P Songs to WAV via Best M4P to WAV Converter

iTunes provides the hidden encoder converting function to assist people to convert the unprotected iTunes songs to WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC versions. Nevertheless, the protected M4P songs are not supported to convert directly. Therefore, you ought to seek a third-party tool to help.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is specialized in removing DRM encryption from iTunes M4P music, Apple Music, and Audible books. Meanwhile, the program can function to export the DRM-free music and audiobooks to lossless files encoded with the popular formats, including WAV, MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and AU. In a word, only with MuConvert Apple Music Converter, people can easily realize their target to remove DRM from M4P songs and convert M4P to WAV songs at once.

Apple Music Higher Quality

Before turning down to the manipulation of MuConvert Apple Music Converter, we also walk through a quick review towards the sparkling features of the program:

  • Power the 10X faster performance plus the batch conversion feature to convert a batch of songs/audiobooks at once.
  • It can retain the original sound quality at lossless condition to ensure 100% original music streaming experience.
  • The ID3 tags and metadata information will be stored with the files attribution for check back conveniently.
  • The audio parameters like Bitrate, Codec, Sample Rate and Channels can be adjusted for exporting audio files in personal settings.
  • Songs saved in iTunes Library will automatically be detected without doing any click.


After having an overview on MuConvert Apple Music Converter, let's also see the following the steps for learning the process to manipulate the program and convert M4P to WAV. Get started now!

Step 1. Pre-save Protected M4P Songs to iTunes Library

First, to ensure the successful connection between MuConvert Apple Music Converter and iTunes, you ought to well install iTunes and pre-save the protected M4P songs you wish to convert to WAV encoder before proceeding the conversion.

Step 2. Select M4P Songs in MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Subsequently, open MuConvert Apple Music Converter on your computer after the installation. When enter the main feed, the program will directly synchronize with iTunes and load the iTunes Library directly. You can select the playlist and the M4P songs to convert in MuConvert Apple Music Converter without making extra clicks.

Choose M4P Songs to Convert

Step 3. Customize Audio Parameters Before Conversion

When the M4P songs are selected, move down to Output Settings for customizing the Output Format, Output Quality, and Advanced options such as Codec, Bitrate, SampleRate, and Channels in preferences. The Output Folder is also be altered in this module if you wish to.

Select M4A As Output Format

Step 4. Convert Protected M4P Songs to WAV Format

Eventually, when the parameters are customized, directly tap the Convert button to initiate converting the protected M4P songs to DRM-free WAV music files for streaming offline. The conversion history can be checked in Finished module when it is completed.

How to Convert Unprotected M4P to WAV with iTunes

As stated, iTunes also provides the free hidden function enabling people to convert the unprotected M4P music to WAV format. The only procedures you need to walk through are described in the following guide. Please check and follow to manipulate.


  1. Run iTunes program on your computer.
  2. Go to Edit >> Preferences >> General.
  3. Tap theImport Settings option.
  4. In the pop-up dialogue, select WAV Encoder as the Import Usingformat.
  5. Return back to iTunes Library and select the M4P songs you wish to convert.
  6. Turn to File >> Convertand select the Create WAV Version.
Convert Unprotected M4P to WAV iTunes

After going through all these procedures, the unprotected M4P songs will all be converted to WAV format and stored in iTunes Library for streaming in great sound quality.

What About Converting M4P Files to WAV Free Online

For the unprotected M4P files, another effortless solution to convert them to WAV encoder is to utilize the online free platform. Here we will recommend MP3Cutter as an example. With such online platform, people are not required to install third-party software for proceeding the M4P to WAV conversion, and it can even be manipulated utilizing mobile devices! In the following, you will be guided to see how the online tool functions to convert M4P to WAV directly.


  1. Open the web browser and turn to MP3Cutter's M4P to WAV converter.
  2. Click on the Choose Filebutton in the middle for importing the unprotected M4P files to the converter.
  3. When the files are uploaded, select WAVas the encoder to export the converted files. You can also adjust theQuality here in your preference.
  4. Proceed to convert M4P to WAV now. When it completes, directly tap theDownload button for getting the converted WAV files offline.
Convert M4P to WAV MP3Cutter

Final Words

Converting M4P to WAV is not a tough job as there are both solutions work to manage the conversion of both protected and unprotected M4P files. To sum up, the mentioned solutions above contain their own advantages and downsides. See the comparison chart below to select the best method for yourself:




MuConvert Apple Music Converter

  • Batch convert protected and unprotected M4P songs saved in iTunes.
  • Automatically import iTunes Library for selecting the songs conveniently.
  • Allow customizing multiple parameters at once.
  • Up to 10X faster speed helps to highly speed up the conversion.
  • This is a pay-for-service. Under the free trial, restrictions will exist.


  • No third-party program or extensions installation is required.
  • The function is entirely free for usage.
  • It only supports converting unprotected M4P songs to WAV format.
  • The conversion speed is much slower.

Online Tool

  • The tool can be accessed on all devices, including both desktops and portable devices.
  • Most online tools are free for use.
  • The conversion speed is stable and fast.
  • Sometimes you would be required to sign up an account for utilizing the services.
  • It may be unable to upload large files for proceeding the conversion for free.
  • It is unavailable to convert protected M4P files as well.

As you have compared the above methods and sort out the best option, start the M4P to WAV conversion for getting high-quality WAV music for streaming locally on any device now!

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