How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Files [M4P DRM Removal]

If you are a loyal iTunes Music audience, you must have stored some purchased iTunes songs in M4P format. To safeguard the music copyright, Apple Inc. has added the Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect the iTunes M4P songs for preventing people from playing them outside iTunes or using the devices that are not authorized by the related Apple ID. Therefore, people begin to wonder if there are solutions to remove the iTunes M4P songs out of the DRM encryption and get them free again. To figure out this problem, please scroll down and continue to read.


Is M4P DRM Removal Possible?

When M4P songs are protected by the DRM encryption, obviously, the essential solution to bring free to the iTunes M4P songs is to remove the protection. You may also wonder, is M4P DRM removal possible to proceed?

Fortunately, the development of certain DRM removal tools is specially targeted at resolving the DRM unlocking process. With such tools, it would be simple for everyone to remove the DRM protection added on the media content and regain the free music files for streaming without restrictions again.

Remove DRM Protection from M4P Songs via MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Well, as talking about the launched DRM removal tool, you may wish to dig out one or two reliable options for proceeding the iTunes M4P DRM removal. From the aspect of program security, performance, and reliability, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a high-ranking program you shall not miss.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is developed as an excellent DRM removal program for iTunes M4P songs, Apple Music, and even Audible books with multiple sparkling features. Since its launch, MuConvert Apple Music Converter has attracted a large number of loyal users for processing the DRM removal manipulation and exporting the DRM-protected music as well as audiobooks to popular audio encoders such as MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and AU.

DRM Removal

Now that MuConvert Apple Music Converter is able to help remove DRM from the protected iTunes M4P songs, let's go further to preview the outstanding qualifications it processes to benefit the experience.

  • Lossless conversion:the program can highly maintain the conversion to enable 100% original sound quality to export the converted songs and audiobooks, in that people can enjoy the same streaming experience offline.
  • Forever keep the downloaded content:unlike the official membership, the downloaded songs and audiobooks will be kept forever without expiring.
  • Retain ID3 tags for the songs: during the converting process, the original ID3 tags and audiobook chapters information will be retained accompanied the downloaded items for check back conveniently.
  • Customized parameters: the advanced parameter settings assist people to adjust the Bitrate, Codec, Sample Rate, and Channels casually for exporting the music in personal preferences.
  • Speedy conversion performance: the high-speed performance enables the program to support up to 10X faster conversion for getting the items converted in an effortless way.


In the following, we also walk through the manipulation of MuConvert Apple Music Converter for pre-checking how we can utilize the program to remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs in batch.

Step 1. Install iTunes and Save iTunes M4P Songs to iTunes Library

First, you ought to install iTunes on the computer, and also pre-save the protected iTunes M4P songs to iTunes Library as preparation. Otherwise, the content is unable to be synchronized to MuConvert Apple Music Converter for proceeding the conversion.

Step 2. Install and Launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Subsequently, also install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and launch the program. When you enter the main feed of the converter, the program will scan your computer for detecting iTunes to build the connection. As it completes, the iTunes Library will automatically be imported to MuConvert Apple Music Converter. You can directly access the playlists on the left panel and select the protected iTunes M4P songs on the right workplace for processing the DRM removal.

Choose M4P Songs to Convert

Step 3. Configure Output Parameters and Edit Metadata

Please move down to Output Settings after configuring to select the iTunes M4P songs. Here you ought to preset the Output Format, Output Quality, and also the advanced settings such as Codec, Bitrate, SampleRate, and Channels for exporting the songs.

Select M4A As Output Format

Switching to the Metadata tab next to Output Settings, you can further edit the Title, Artist, Album, and Genre before converting the M4P songs as the output information for them.

Edit Metadata

Step 4. Proceed Removing DRM from iTunes M4P Songs

When all the settings are completed, it is time for the final process! Simply tap on the Convert button to proceed to remove DRM from the protected iTunes M4P songs and save them in popular audio encoders now! The conversion will be completed within a short moment, please wait patiently.

As the conversion is completed, you can check the history by turning to the Finished module. For accessing the output location, directly click on the View Output File beside the converted songs.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter Finish Convert Files

Remove DRM by Converting M4P Files to MP3 on iTunes

For people who are unwilling to install a third-party program to process the iTunes M4P DRM removal, utilizing iTunes would be an ideal option. However, for proceeding such method, you ought to prepare the following materials ahead of all:

  • iTunes;
  • A blank CD disc;
  • Enternal CD hard drive (for computers without an interface hard drive to read the CD disc).


When such things are well prepared, please scroll down to proceed the DRM removal for getting unprotected iTunes M4P songs now.

  1. Please insert the blank CD to your computer for iTunes to detect it.
  2. In iTunes, create a new playlist for storing all the iTunes M4P songs you wish to unlock the DRM encryption.
  3. Subsequently, right-click on the playlist and select to Burn Playlists to Disc.
  4. After burning the M4P songs to the CD disc, put it back to the drive for importing to the computer again.
  5. Return back to iTunes and go to Edit >> Preferences >> General >> Import select MP3 Encoder as the Import Using option.
  6. Confirm OK and the M4P songs in the CD disc will be ripped to DRM-free MP3 files for storing on your computer again. 
Burn iTunes Music to CD

Although this is a free solution that takes no charge to process the DRM removal, it doesn't work for Apple Music, and will take a long time for processing more songs at once. Therefore, for unlocking DRM from a batch of iTunes M4P songs in a quick way, MuConvert Apple Music Converter would be a better option.

FAQs About Removing DRM from M4P

Still exist some questions surrounding the iTunes M4P DRM removal manipulation? See the answers to these FAQs to have a clearer understanding now here.

Is It Legal to Remove M4P DRM?

As DRM is utilized for protecting the copyright of the media content, it would be illegal to remove the encryption when you consider using the songs or audiobooks for second-selling or other commercial purposes. However, if you just remove the DRM encryption for having a more enjoyable playback by yourself after purchasing the songs, it would be legal because you are not causing any loss to the original authors.

Is It Able to Remove DRM from M4P Online?

Currently, most DRM removal tools are developed in the form of the desktop program. It is harder to discover the online tools to remove DRM from M4P songs without third-party programs installed. But we could look forward to the development in the future.

Final Words

It won't be tough to manipulate the DRM removal with the effortless and professional program, MuConvert Apple Music Converter. In addition, you can also select the free solution, which is to use iTunes for proceeding to remove DRM from the protected iTunes M4P songs. Both options allow people to get rid of the DRM encryption for enjoying iTunes songs in a freeway. Try them and bring free to your music journey now!

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