4 Best Ways to Convert M4P to MP3 [Really Works!]

As there are more companies applying DRM protection for encrypting online digital streaming resources, people find their purchased iTunes M4P songs failed to be played flexibly offline, so they prefer to seek ways to convert M4P to MP3 for the following reasons:
  • M4P, reproduced with iTunes by Apple, is only available for the iOS device system.
  • Protected M4P files aren’t compatible with most media players while MP3 files can.
  • M4P to MP3 conversion is required if you need to burn a CD.
If you also want to convert M4P to MP3 for the above reasons, then this article will give you several reliable methods. Let’s have a look.
Convert M4P to MP3

How to Convert Protected M4P to MP3 for Playing on Any Device

The first method to convert iTunes-protected songs should be using a professional M4P to MP3 converter. Being selected as the best software, MuConvert Apple Music Converter provides an out-performing music conversion service for users to easily remove DRM encryption from Apple Music tracks, iTunes M4P-protected songs, and so on, so that you can play the converted MP3 files on any device and any media player.

Main Features of the Best M4P to MP3 Converter

MuConvert Apple Music Converter empowers the following highlighted features for its dear users:

  • Various Formats and Original Quality: To meet users’ demand for playing back iTunes-protected M4P songs on more devices, this tool provides mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to preserve the songs offline. Additionally, the conversion will be maintained with high quality without audio compression, which boosts an enjoyable offline music listening experience.
  • 5X Faster Conversion and Batch Download: With an accelerated mode embedded inside the software, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can process the song’s conversion speed 5 times faster. Also, equipped with the batch conversion feature, it helps users to complete the conversion process with higher efficiency.
  • ID3 Info Preservation: By keeping the ID3 tags info converted together with the iTunes M4P songs, users are able to recognize the converted tracks offline and manage them more conveniently.
  • Customize Output Parameters: This software will enable users to freely customize the output parameters of iTunes M4P songs, like Bitrate and Sample Rate.
  • Intuitive and Clean UI: MuConvert Apple Music Converter offers very easy-to-grasp functionality for users to manage the music conversion on Windows and Mac through simple steps without hassle. Even if you are a green hand, you are available to master the software within a short period.

Detailed Guide to Convert Protected M4P to MP3

As the software is designed with an intuitive interface, it will be pretty simple for its dear users to convert M4P songs to MP3. In this section, a brief tutorial will guide you on how to convert protected M4P songs to MP3 via MuConvert Apple Music Converter without hassle.

STEP 1. Install MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Before converting, you need to install MuConvert Apple Music Converter first.


In the latest version, MuConvert has integrated the Apple Music web player directly inside, enabling users to access the music library and select any Apple songs to download without installing iTunes. So if you are still using the old one, you can either keep using it or update the software to the new version.

STEP 2. Select Protected M4P Songs

After launching MuConvert, you need to sign in with your Apple ID. Then, you just need to select the protected M4P songs you’ve saved in the library for conversion in MuConvert Apple Music Converter.

Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

STEP 3. Select MP3 As the Output Format

Go down to the “Output Settings”. You are able to select MP3 as the output format and also adjust the Bitrate and Sample Rate for converting the protected M4P songs.

Advanced Settings on Converter

STEP 4. Convert M4P Songs to MP3

After the selection and adjustments complete, simply hit the “Convert” icon, then all the selected M4P songs will be converted to MP3 files in batch. Wait for the conversion completed patiently and you are able to enjoy the protected-free MP3 songs offline.

Converting Apple Music

How to Convert M4P to MP3 Free with iTunes

If you have installed iTunes on your computer before, actually, you are able to convert M4P to MP3 with it, thus no extra third-party software is required. The following steps will guide you to get protected M4P songs converted to MP3 via iTunes.

STEP 1. Install iTunes on your Windows or Mac desktop in advanced. Then, launch it and navigate to “Edit” > “Preferences” (on Mac, you should hit the iTunes icon and find “Preferences”).

STEP 2. Turn to your Library inside iTunes. After that, select the M4P song you desire to convert to MP3 format.

STEP 3. Now, go to “File” > “Create New Version” > “Create MP3 Version” for converting the song. After that, you will find it’s been converted and saved in your iTunes Library.


This method only applies to format conversion. The DRM encryption added on the M4P songs can not be removed. To get the protected M4P songs converted to DRM-free MP3 audios, you need to use MuConvert Apple Music Converter instead.

Convert to MP3 Setting in iTunes

How to Convert M4P to MP3 via A Burned CD

Another way to convert M4P songs to MP3 is to burn those songs from iTunes to an Audio CD. But this way is somehow complicated, and you need to prepare a black Audio CD and a CD reader if your computer doesn’t have an optical drive. Then you can follow the guide to begin converting DRM-ed M4P to MP3 with a burned CD.
STEP 1. If your PC has an optical drive, you can put your CD into it. If not, you need to put the CD into a CD reader.
STEP 2. By clicking File >> New >> Playlist, you can create a new playlist, then you can drag and drop the M4P songs to this playlist.
STEP 3. In iTunes, go to Preference >> Import Settings to select MP3 Encoder, then you can right-click the playlist to choose Burn Playlist to Disc.
STEP 4. After the above operation, a Burn Settings window will appear, then you can configure your burner, like Speed and Disc Format. Once finished, Click Burn to proceed.
STEP 5. After finishing, you can open your CD and choose the songs on the CD. Then go to File >> Convert to choose Create MP3 Version. Once done, you can eject the CD from iTunes and find the MP3 files in your iTunes library.
Burn iTunes Music to CD

How to Convert M4P Songs to MP3 Online

As you also consider converting M4P to MP3 online so that no software installation is required, MP3Cutter is an ideal pick for you. This online service supports converting both online and offline M4P songs to MP3 format, and it is 100% free to use.

Features of MP3Cutter

  • Web-based service accessible on all devices and systems;
  • Easy-to-grasp functionality;
  • Editing toolkit such as cutting, fade in/fade out edition, etc. provided;
  • A variety of formats supported for importing.


  • Annoying ads on its interface;
  • Protected M4P songs conversion unavailable.

How It Works

STEP 1. After navigating to MP3Cutter in browser, directly import the M4P song from you desktop or using an URL.

STEP 2. Trim the audio before conversion based on your requirements. Also, you are available to select the fade in/fade out effect for applying to the song.

STEP 3. Convert M4P song to MP3 with one click.

STEP 4. As the conversion completes, download the converted MP3 audio to your desktop for preservation.

Use MP3Cutter to Convert M4P to MP3

FAQs about Converting M4P to MP3

After checking all the available methods to convert M4P to MP3, let’s also see these collected FAQs about converting M4P to MP3 as the extended reading. If you also have the same confusion, these answers may help you out.

What is M4P file?

M4P is an audio format developed by Apple for encoding the media resources in iTunes Store. It would apply MPEG-4 and AAC-protected encoders to preserve the M4P songs locally. Hence, M4P songs are protected, which are unable to be downloaded for offline listening outside iTunes.

Compared with M4P, what are the benefits of MP3?

Compared with M4P, MP3 is universally supported on all devices and media players, enabling more flexible playback. However, M4P songs are only playable on iOS devices or using iTunes as the media player. Popular media players like Windows Media Player still fail to be compatible with the playback of the M4P song.

Does converting M4P to MP3 lose quality?

The conversion process would cause little compression on the audio tracks because of the different compatibility of different formats. But there are still many converters that employ advanced tech for keeping the output MP3 quality as high as the original source. Like MuConvert Apple Music Converter. Actually, the quality loss during the M4P to MP3 conversion would be quite a little and very few users can hardly sense the difference.


All in all, thanks to the high compatibility of MP3 format, converting protected M4P songs to MP3 enables more flexible playback. Through this blog, you are able to grasp the ideal way in your preference for easily converting M4P to MP3 on all devices. When get the protection-free MP3 songs, you are able to enjoy them freely offline at anytime and anywhere.