How to Convert iTunes to MP3 Simply [2 Ways Recommended]

iTunes is an app developed by Apple to purchase, download, and manage music/video resources for entertainment. iTunes is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems to provide users the advanced music syncing and streaming services.

However, a disappointing fact is that most music resources originated from iTunes is protected, thus, it is unavailable for users to download and convert them to the local MP3 files for playing back on other devices or media players. Hence, this blog is made here to bring two easy ways for you to convert both protected and protection-free iTunes music to MP3 on desktops. Now, you can take a look.

How to Convert iTunes to MP3

Best Way to Convert iTunes to MP3 Completely

For converting both protected and free iTunes music to MP3, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter is absolutely the best option. With out-performing functionality to remove DRM, the software is able to unlock the protection applied on iTunes music and convert the whole library to MP3 and other universal formats within easy clicks. Additionally, for Apple Music and Audible books, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter also enables to convert them to DRM-free audio files for offline listening, bringing great convenience to users.

Highlighted Features of TuneFab iTunes Music Converter

1. Various Mainstream Output Formats

TuneFab iTunes Music Converter enables the universally supported audio formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and AU to convert the protected Apple Music, iTunes songs, and Audible books to. During the conversion, the DRM encryption will be unlocked, and the downloaded songs are absolutely free to enjoy offline.

2. 100% Original Quality and ID3 Info

With advanced tech, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter will preserve the 100% original quality to encode the converted music, along with ID3 tags and metadata info. You are able to check the song info after getting the converted music offline and enjoy the same quality music playback.

3. 10X Faster Speed and Batch Convert Feature

Through the embedded acceleration mode, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter is able to manage the iTunes music conversion to 10X faster. Accompanied with the batch convert feature, a list of iTunes songs is able to be converted within a minute, boosting the efficiency to a higher extent.

Brief Guide to Convert iTunes to MP3 with MuConvert

TuneFab iTunes Music Converte provides an intuitive interface, and it is able to sync with iTunes to load the library automatically. Now, this brief guide will show you the way on converting iTunes to MP3 without hassle.

STEP 1. Install and Launch TuneFab iTunes Music Converter

After installing TuneFab iTunes Music Converter to your Windows or Mac device, launch the software, meanwhile, iTunes will also be awakened. Through the auto-syncing feature, all songs kept in your iTunes library will be loaded in TuneFab iTunes Music Converter for selection.

Choose M4P Songs to Convert

STEP 2. Preset Output Parameters

When you have selected the iTunes music, move down to the “Output Settings” section and choose MP3 as the output format for converting the iTunes music to. It is available for you to adjust other parameters such as the audio codec, bitrate, sample rate, and channels for the converted songs.

Select M4A As Output Format

(Optional) STEP 3. Edit Metadata Info

Switch to “Metadata”, and users are available to edit the title, artist, album, or genre of the song. The info will be grasped from the original iTunes music by default, so you are also able to skip this step and process the conversion directly.

Edit Metadata

STEP 4. Start Converting iTunes Music to MP3

Finally, when all is ready, you just need to hit the “Convert” icon, and the iTunes music will directly be converted to MP3 for preserving on your device.

Convert M4P to M4A Format

How to Convert iTunes Library to MP3 in iTunes

Replacing of using an extra software, iTunes also provides the built-in MP3 conversion feature for users to create a copy of the songs to MP3 version. Although the protected iTunes music cannot be transferred or streamed outside the platform, converting them to MP3 files will occupy less storage space for MP3 always takes smaller size. The operations will be separated to Windows and Mac respectively. Check the one you need here.

On Windows

STEP 1. Launch iTunes on Windows desktop and go to “Edit” > “Preferences”.

STEP 2. In the pop-up window, navigate to “General” tab and drop down the “Import Settings” menu to select “MP3 Encoder”.

STEP 3. Now, return back to your iTunes library and select the iTunes music for converting to MP3.

STEP 4. Then, go to “File > “Convert” and choose the “Create MP3 Version” option. Then an MP3 copy of the iTunes music will be created.

Convert to MP3 Setting in iTunes

On Mac

STEP 1. Save the iTunes music to library at first, then also launch the app on your Mac device.

STEP 2. Hit “Music” > “Preferences” for navigating to “Files” tab to access “Import Settings”.

STEP 3. Choose “MP3” and submit “OK” to save the change.

STEP 4. Likewise, go to iTunes library and select the iTunes music you desire to convert to MP3.

STEP 5. Now, go to “File” > “Convert”, then select “Create MP3 Version” for converting the music to MP3 format.

Convert iTunes to MP3 on Mac Using iTunes

FAQs About Converting iTunes to MP3

Some people may come up with some questions about converting iTunes to MP3. If you also get such problems desiring to figure out, check these FAQs for seeing if they can help.

Q: Why Do We Need to Convert iTunes Playlists to MP3?

A: As we know, iTunes music is mostly supported by DRM, which is an encryption tech applied to stopping people from downloading the songs for playback flexibly. Hence, by converting iTunes playlists to MP3, users are able to get the DRM-free iTunes songs for enjoying the free playback on any device as they wish without limitations.

Q: Can you add MP3 to iTunes library for playing?

A: Absolutely. It is possible for you to import the local MP3 files to iTunes library just by easy clicks. You just need to go to “File” > “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library” for adding the MP3 audio files to the library for preservation and playback.


No matter for protected or free iTunes music, you get both ways to convert them to MP3 for accessing more flexible offline music playback. But as for the DRM-ed iTunes songs, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter is absolutely the best pick. It deserves a try!