Although Spotify is widely accessible today, there are still many restrictions on using its service. For instance, you keep its downloads by renewing Spotify Premium constantly. Even when you get Spotify downloads, you can only stream them within Spotify. For devices without being supported by Spotify, you can’t access the service and enjoy the music playback at all.

Therefore, many of you begin to wonder, if you can download Spotify songs to USB so you can enjoy the streaming freely everywhere? Fortunately, we got the best Spotify to USB converter to help! Now, let’s move down and learn how to download and transfer music from Spotify to USB stick effortlessly.

Can You Download Spotify Music to USB Stick for Free?

Although Spotify has delivered offline playback mode for premium subscribers, you wonder if it also allows you to download Spotify for free to USB. Get answers from below.

Can You Change Spotify Offline Storage Location to USB?

For sure! While proceeding with Spotify Music download, the official will generate a folder to keep the downloaded cached files by default. If you need to alter the storage path to your inserted USB stick, you only need to follow the procedures below to manipulate the change manually:

Step 1. Open the Spotify program and click on your Profile image.

Step 2. Select Settings >> Storage >> Offline Storage Location.

Step 3. Click on Change location to select the output folder as your USB stick.

Change Spotify Download Location

Why Can’t You Play Music from Spotify Through USB Stick?

Although you can change the download path and keep Spotify downloads on USB directly, unfortunately, you still can’t play these files through your USB stick at all. The fundamental reason for this failure refers to the fact that Spotify has applied DRM to the songs in order to prevent any misuse, so that you can only stream the downloads within Spotify only. If you open the downloaded files on your devices, these downloads are scattered unknown data files in OGG format, making them unable to be detected by non-Spotify media players.

Alternatively speaking, to get over this obstacle, you will need to bypass DRM and get Spotify files saved in an entirely encryption-free status. Now, scroll down to the following part and master how.

How to Download Spotify Music to USB Compatible MP3 Format

Therefore, although you can transfer music from Spotify to an external drive like a USB stick by changing the download location directly, you need to rip music from Spotify to get rid of DRM protection, in order to let it streamable through USB stick after the transfer. For such a purpose, a reliable app, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter can be the software you can try.

Best Spotify to USB Converter: Download Spotify Music for Free

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is designed for Windows and Mac users to bypass DRM protection and download Spotify tracks without a premium subscription, simply by accessing the Spotify web player in the software directly. You can browse the library to download any Spotify Music such as singles, playlists, and podcasts and transfer them to USB in one shot.

The downloaded Spotify songs will be saved as DRM-free local files on your computer. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter also delivers speedy performance, which equips a default acceleration mode to speed up the batch playlist download to 35X faster, making it possible to download a whole Spotify library in minutes, and later put Spotify songs on USB for streaming everywhere without restrictions.

Free Download
shield 100% Secure
Free Download
shield 100% Secure
MuConvert Spotify Music Converter: Play Spotify Music Anywhere
  • Decrypt DRM from Spotify music with one click.
  • Offer an embedded Spotify player to download any content without Premium subscription.
  • Work at 35X faster speed to download music from Spotify.
  • 6 optimal USB-compatible formats to help export Spotify downloads.
  • Retain lossless music quality to keep downloaded Spotify music files.

Convert Spotify to MP3 for USB

Now, you can follow this simple tutorial and use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify Music to USB freely within just a few clicks.

Step 1. Install MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and Sign in

Firstly, install MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on your computer, then open the software and enter its embedded Spotify Web Player. You need to log in with your Spotify account before downloading.

Free Download
shield 100% Secure
Free Download
shield 100% Secure

MuConvert supports both Spotify Free and Premium accounts to log in and use the download function. So don’t worry even if you are not a Spotify Premium subscriber.

Log in MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Playlists to Download

Directly search for your favorite Spotify playlists you wish to transfer to USB. Simply drag and drop them to the “+” button. You can add as many as you like to download at once.

Add Spotify Playlists to Download

Step 3. Download Spotify Songs to MP3 for USB

Subsequently, you can further personalize downloading settings to save Spotify playlists offline in quality you like. Please turn to “Menu” >> “Preferences” >> “Advanced”, here you can customize Format as MP3, and also configure SampleRate as well as Bitrate to determine music quality in preferences.


All output formats provided by MuConvert Spotify Music Converter are well compatible with a majority of USB hard drives. To guarantee uncompressed audio effects, WAV is a better option recommended to select.

Customize Audio Parameters

Step 4. Download Spotify Playlists As Local Files

Click on the “Convert All” button to download Spotify playlists offline. It will download songs at 35X speed. Once the download completes, turn to “Finished” and click on the “View Output File” button, the output folder will pop up and you can access all DRM-free Spotify downloads and transfer them to your USB stick.

Download Spotify Playlists As MP3

How to Move Spotify to USB to Play in Car

Once MuConvert Spotify Music Converter completes the playlist download and has converted Spotify to MP3, you can access the local MP3 files under its Finished module, and then click on the View Output File button. Once the output location folder is launched, you can access all the music downloads here and get ready to transfer Spotify to USB stick.

Copy MP3 Spotify to USB on Windows/Mac

In the following, walk through the detailed manipulation guide and master how to move Spotify to USB on Windows and Mac respectively.

On Windows

Step 1. Import the USB stick to the USB port on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Open the USB stick folder in File Explorer >> This PC.

Step 3. Directly copy and paste the downloaded Spotify MP3 files from MuConvert Spotify Music Converter’s output folder to the USB stick folder.

Step 4. Once the transfer completes, they will be stored on your USB for carrying to play everywhere as you wish.

Copy MP3 Spotify to USB Windows

On Mac

Step 1. Likewise, please insert the USB stick to the Mac first.

Step 2. Go to Finder >> Devices to find the detected USB drive.

Step 3. Now, also open the output folder that saves the Spotify MP3 downloads for moving the files from it to the USB stick.

Step 4. Wait for the transfer to complete and you will get all downloaded Spotify songs saved on USB now.

Play Spotify in Car USB

Once all Spotify downloads are moved to the USB stick, now you can bring it to insert to your car stereo and stream on on your road trip or when you drive to work. Here’s how to play Spotify in car through USB without the Spotify application installation required:

Step 1. Take the USB with the downloaded Spotify songs in the car.

Step 2. Insert the USB stick into the USB port equipped on your car stereo.

Step 3. Simply select the music files to play directly!

Play Spotify in Car Through USB

Fixed: Why is Spotify Music not Playing in Car USB?

When you plug your USB into the car and try to stream the songs, but find the downloaded Spotify music is not playing, try the following quick solutions to check and fix it in no time:

  • Unmute car stereo volume: Check if you have muted your car stereo so the sound doesn’t come out. Simply unmute it and increase the volume to play Spotify music.
  • Check USB connection: After plugging in the USB stick, check if the connection is built up successfully. You can remove it and insert again to let your car stereo detect the stick again.
  • Update music player: If you use outdated media player software to play songs, the hidden bugs may be the reason stop Spotify music playing. Simply updating it to the latest version can fix the error.
  • Change to another USB stick: Consider whether your USB stick is damaged, so it leads to Spotify music not playing at all. By changing to another properly-functioning one can definitely fix the error.


Because the Spotify app is not supported on all devices, it means that you will need to download the songs and move them there for playing. Using MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music as DRM-free and USB-compatible local files. Then, you can transfer them to USB and enjoy music streaming offline everywhere. Now, freely install the software and get started with its free trial to download music from Spotify for free!

Free Download
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Free Download
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