Best 5 Ways to Convert Spotify to MP3 Online [Up to Date]

When Spotify develops to be one of the largest music streaming platforms in the global, people still feel unsatisfied with the restrictions it rolls out to enjoy Spotify songs freely:

Only Spotify Premium users can download Spotify songs for offline streaming.

No Spotify songs can be converted to MP3 for playback outside Spotify platforms.


Even these are cruel facts, there always have solutions to help out. Here, the 5 best ways to convert Spotify to MP3 online will be introduced to all Spotify users. Do you want to enjoy Spotify songs freely without limitations? Scroll down and read now!


Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Online Recommended

Before getting to the converters, you can know about the criteria we consider for sorting the 5 “best” Spotify to MP3 converters. Basically, here are several aspects we have taken into consideration:

  • Output quality:whether the converter can retain original quality to output Spotify songs determines if people can enjoy the same music streaming experience after the conversion.
  • Output format: for ensuring the Spotify songs can be played on more devices and media players, it would be better for the converter to support all mainstream formats to output the converted songs.
  • Conversion speed:faster conversion speed or batch convert features prevent people from wasting time in waiting for the conversion completed, especially when there are a batch of songs needed to be converted.
  • Program security: a reliable and professional program should always be ads-free and no bundled software installation required, otherwise, it may probably invite virus or hackers, causing potential security dangers.

Referring to such qualifications a Spotify to MP3 converter should process, we sort out the following top options you can consider utilizing. Who are them? Let’s see.

Convert Spotify to MP3

MuConvert Spotify to MP3 Converter

The first Spotify to MP3 converter you should not neglect is MuConvert Spotify Music Converter. Provided with the user-friendly main feed, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter allows people to easily manipulate the program for converting Spotify OGG songs to MP3. With the embedded Spotify web player, the program can automatically detect Spotify playlists for immediate conversion, replacing the tradition copy-and-paste method. Moreover, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter also includes the following sparkling features:

  • It is able to detect the Spotify playlists with hundreds of songs included within seconds.
  • The output quality will be retained as the original source during the Spotify songs conversion.
  • The popular formats are provided for encoding the output Spotify songs for making them playable on more devices.
  • It will preserve the ID3 tags for more convenient music management offline.
  • The conversion speed of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will be sped up to 5X faster, and it also enables the batch convert feature.

In the following, you will also master the manipulation of MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to easily convert Spotify songs to MP3 online.

Step 1. Login Spotify Web Player

First, when you open MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, enter the main feed of the Spotify web player and log into your Spotify account. Otherwise, the program cannot detect any playlist or album to function the conversion properly.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Open A Spotify Playlist to Convert

After logging in the account, simply open a Spotify playlist and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will smartly detect all the songs concluded for you to select. Please choose those you wish to convert to MP3.

Choose Spotify Songs from Playlist to Rip

Step 3. Select MP3 to Output

Subsequently, move up to the Convert all files to section for selecting MP3 as the output format for converting all Spotify songs to MP3 at once.

Convert All Files

Step 4. Convert Spotify to MP3

Eventually, only by tapping the Convert All button, all the selected Spotify songs will be converted to MP3 format in no time. When the conversion completes, navigate to the Finished module and you can access the converted songs quickly by clicking on the View Output File button.

Convert Track to MP3


  • No requirement for the Spotify premium subscription.
  • MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV are supported as the output formats.
  • 5X faster speed for users to process the Spotify conversion.
  • Lossless quality is guaranteed for outputting the Spotify songs.



  • Only 3 minutes of each song can be converted under the free trial period.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

The second recommended tool is DRmare Spotify Music Converter. With the concise UI, the program can help people to convert Spotify to MP3 and also other popular formats such as M4A, AAC, and so forth. Don’t consider it a simple tool, DRmare Spotify Music Converter can process the conversion with powerful performance, and it also guarantees the original quality for letting people to enjoy Spotify songs offline with amazing experience.


Tutorials on Using DRmare Spotify Music Converter:

Step 1. Install DRmare Spotify Music Converter and launch the program.

Step 2. As Spotify app will also be activated, you can access the song you wish to convert and copy its link.

Step 3. Return back to DRmare Spotify Music Converter for pasting the link to the top search bar. Also hit the plus button then.

Step 4. Go to Preferences >> Convert for selecting MP3 as the output format.

Step 5. Tap the Convert button to get Spotify songs conveyed to MP3 format locally.

DRmare Music Converter


  • Clean interface with easy-using functions equipped.
  • Popular output formats supported.
  • Lossless quality control to convert Spotify songs to.
  • ID3 tags will be saved for facilitating music management offline.



  • Registered version costs for at least $14.95/month.

Deezify Spotify to MP3 Online Plug-in

Deezify Spotify to MP3 is an online plugin developed for Chrome browser. Once people install this extension to the Chrome browser, it works to be a powerful Spotify to MP3 converter for downloading the streaming music from Spotify to local MP3 digital files for playing back. Now, Deezify also makes the converter to be compatible with Android. Therefore, the Android users get an easy-using Spotify to MP3 converter app for getting Spotify playlists converted to MP3 on Android devices.


Tutorials on Using Deezify Spotify to MP3 Online Plugin

Step 1. Pre-install Deezify Spotify to MP3 plugin to Chrome.

Step 2. Go to Spotify web player for streaming the music you’d like to convert to MP3.

Step 3. Simply wait for Deezify to convert the streaming Spotify song to MP3 file for you.

Deezify Plugin


  • The whole Spotify to MP3 conversion can be completed in browser.
  • This is a free tool without payment required.



  • The service is not stable enough.

Convert Spotify to MP3 Online via Siri Shortcuts on iOS

For iOS, instead of seeking a Spotify to MP3 converter app to function the conversion, using the Siri shortcuts will be a more effortless way, as iOS has pre-installed the app for you.

Tutorials on Using Siri Shortcuts

Step 1. Launch Safari on iPhone and go to shortcut link:

for adding this shortcut to the app.

Step 2. Head to Spotify for getting the link of the playlist you need to convert to MP3.

Step 3. Run the shortcut for pasting the link to the search bar, then the Spotify playlist will be converted to MP3 files directly.


  • Free service without paying a penny.
  • No extra app required to be installed.


  • Only 30 Spotify songs can be downloaded.

KeepVid Music: Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android

KeepVid Music also provides the effortless way to manipulate the Spotify to MP3 conversion on Android devices. With a simple-designed UI, the app performs in the simplest way to help convert Spotify songs to MP3 files and other audio formats.


Tutorials on Using KeepVid Music

Step 1. After installing KeepVid Music app, run it and select Spotify option in the main feed.

Step 2. Search for the Spotify music with the built-in search engine, or pasting the Spotify playlist link here is available.

Step 3. Tap OK to proceed the Spotify to MP3 conversion.

KeepVid Music


  • Embedded search engine provided for Spotify song searching.
  • Quick process to convert Spotify songs.
  • Free service to utilize.



  • The app would flash back while converting a batch of Spotify songs at once.

FAQs about Converting Spotify to MP3 Online

Confusion accumulated while considering converting Spotify to MP3 online? Preview these FAQs to resolve your questions in advance.

Why do we need a Spotify to MP3 Converter?

As mentioned in the beginning, Spotify places the restrictions in downloading Spotify songs and listening to them flexibly on more devices. A Spotify to MP3 converter is able to help get rid of the restrictions and save the OGG Spotify songs in widely supported format – MP3. Then it can realize more flexible Spotify music streaming offline.

Is it legal to download Spotify to MP3 online?

Generally speaking, downloading Spotify songs to MP3 files is not legal, unless you subscribe to a Spotify premium plan. That means you have to be granted the permission to download songs from Spotify. Still, if you just want to download Spotify songs for personal playback offline, it will be a legal act.

How is the conversion speed and output music quality of these Spotify to MP3 converter?

As the technology developed today, most Spotify to MP3 converters is enhanced to be equipped with the powerful conversion function, which is able to batch convert Spotify songs to MP3 with the least quality loss. This highly ensures the high-quality offline music streaming experience for people.


Utilizing a professional Spotify to MP3 converter guarantees amazing Spotify music streaming experience offline. Now you get several options to save your favorite Spotify tracks for enjoying at anytime and anywhere. Feel free to try them for converting Spotify songs right away!