How to Fix Spotify Not Downloading Songs [Full Guide]

To provide a better music streaming experience, Spotify launched Spotify Premium, with the download function equipped to give people the chance to download Spotify songs for playback offline. However, some users have reported that Spotify fails to process the Spotify songs download, which leads to the failure in listening to Spotify songs offline. So to solve the problem, this article has brought several workable methods you can try to overcome Spotify by not downloading songs error. Now just start reading to find the right method for getting the problem solved if you are also facing the same difficulty.


Part 1. Why Are My Songs Not Downloading on Spotify?

Even if you have paid and now become Spotify Premium users, you still find Spotify fails to download songs for you to enjoy offline. Actually, this error may happen when you are in these conditions:

  • You have reached the limitation set by Spotify so it won’t let you continue downloading songs.
  • The network condition your device connects to is too bad to process the music download on Spotify.
  • Your device doesn’t have enough storage to save the downloaded songs.
  • Bugs occur on Spotify, so the download function can’t work normally.
  • The antivirus software or installed firewall on your devices stops Spotify from downloading songs.
  • Your Spotify Premium subscription turns out to be invalid, so Spotify won’t let you continue using the download function.

Now, based on these possible causes leading to Spotify songs not downloading error, the following part provides suitable methods to fix all of them and help Spotify download function workable again. Now, just keep reading.

Part 2. Corresponding Solutions to Fix Songs Not Downloading on Spotify

Method 1: Check Spotify Download Limitation

Although Spotify allows users to access its full music library to enjoy the music playback online, it only supports downloading up to 10000 songs for Spotify Premium users on 5 different devices. As a result, when you find Spotify not downloading songs for you, you should check whether you have exceeded the limitations set by Spotify.

Spotify Download Limitations

If you find that you have downloaded 10000 songs offline now, you can only delete some from your offline library to continue adding new songs. Spotify doesn’t provide an extra plan letting you to improve this limitation at present. You can just open a playlist you want to remove and turn off the “Downloaded” option, then all the songs included in the playlist can be removed from your offline library at once, which saves a lot of time for you to process them one by one.

Method 2: Check Network Connection

Another most possible reason causing Spotify not to download songs should be the poor network condition. So when you find Spotify just keeps loading but never starts downloading songs for you, you should test whether the mobile network or the Wifi connection on your device is too weak to let Spotify process the music download. To solve this problem, you need to switch to another faster Wifi, or turn on Airplane mode and then reconnect to your mobile data. Then, try downloading songs on Spotify again and you may find that it works to download Spotify songs for you now.

Method 3: Clean up Storage Space

We know that when we download Spotify songs offline, they will take up certain storage space on our devices. So storage is an important thing we should consider when we are going to download Spotify songs for keeping offline for playback. When your device doesn’t have enough storage to save the downloaded songs, Spotify will just stop downloading them for you, because no more room available to save them. As a result, you can check whether your device is running out of storage so that Spotify doesn’t process the music download for you in “Settings” in Spotify app. If yes, clean up your device to free up more space, and try downloading songs on Spotify again. I believe that this time the download will work.

Spotify Check Storage

Method 4: Reinstall or Update Spotify

Sometimes bugs would occur while we are using Spotify software or app. This happens because Spotify is getting corrupted so some of its functions fail to work normally. As a result, this leads to the Spotify songs not downloading problem. To solve the sudden bugs occurring affecting Spotify download function, you can uninstall Spotify and reinstall it from the official website or app stores again. If there is a newer version, updating Spotify to it can also help to fix sudden errors too.

Method 5: Close Antivirus or Firewall

When your devices have installed any antivirus software or firewall to protect the safety, they may also stop Spotify from downloading songs offline because such action may be considered as a way to bring some hidden dangers to your devices. As a result, turning off the antivirus software or firewall temporarily, then you can process the Spotify Music download during this time to get the songs for offline playback.

Windows users can also directly turn off the firewall for Spotify so that the Spotify songs downloaded on your Windows computers will not be stopped by a firewall from then on. People just need to open “Control Panel” and go to “System and Security”. Then select “Windows Defender Firewall” and open the “Allow an app or feature” window, find Spotify from the list and uncheck it, then your firewall will not limit its actions such as downloading Spotify songs on the computers.

Windows Close Firewall Spotify

Method 6: Check Spotify Premium

After trying the above methods but you still fail to make Spotify download songs for you, as usual, you should consider whether your Spotify Premium status turns to be invalid, so that Spotify doesn’t provide the download function for you anymore. You can go to Spotify’s official website and check your account status. Or just go to “Settings” in the Spotify app and open “Account”, the subscription status will show up there. If your Spotify Premium is expired, you will need to pay for it again to get it valid for downloading songs. If your Spotify Premium is still valid but Spotify is just not downloading songs for you, try logging out and signing in to see if the problem can be fixed. If not, you may need to contact Spotify support team to check the issue and solve it for you.

Part 3. Available Workaround to Download Spotify Music

Actually, to download Spotify songs for listening offline, you not only have to subscribe to Spotify Premium to process the download within Spotify platform. If you want to enjoy Spotify songs offline without Spotify Premium at all, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is just the only tool you will need.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter provides the in-built Spotify Web Player to let people access the official Spotify Music Library without installing Spotify app at all. Just by signing in the Spotify Free account, people can enjoy the download function to get all the Spotify songs they like offline. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter provides common formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to save the downloaded songs, and they will be kept in DRM-free condition, so that people don’t need the Spotify app to play them at all! Instead, people are free to save these music files to any device for playback without limitations flexibly!

Key Features:

  • Offers common formats and the best 320 Kbps quality to download Ogg Vorbis Spotify songs in DRM-free condition
  • Supports the fastest 5X speed to download Spotify Music in batch to save a lot of time
  • Doesn’t need Spotify Premium account to sign in the Spotify Web Player and supports dragging the latest songs to download conveniently
  • Allows to adjust the parameters such as SampleRate and Bitrate before downloading Spotify songs
  • Saves the ID3 tags and metadata information with the downloaded Spotify songs so that the music management offline can be much easier to process

How to Download Spotify Songs Without Premium Outside Spotify

Step 1. Sign in Spotify Web Player in MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

When you have installed MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on your computer, open the software and then enter the in-built Spotify Web Player. You need to click the “LOG IN” button on the top-right corner and use your Spotify Free account to sign in. Or you will not be able to use the Spotify download function.

Log in Soptify Player

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to Download Offline

After signing in the Spotify account, you can directly search for any latest or your favorite Spotify songs in the official Spotify Web Player. When you find any of them you want to download offline, just drag to the “+” button and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will convert them for you.

Drag Spotify Songs Spotify Music Converter

Step 3. Choose Output Settings to Download Spotify Songs

Now you will need to go to “Preferences” and adjust the settings to download Spotify songs. You can select the “Format” to download them here, and also edit the “SampleRate” and “Bitrate” to keep the Spotify songs in the quality you like.

Advanced Settings Spotify Music Converter

Step 4. Download Spotify Songs Offline Without Premium

Finally, when the settings are finished, just click the “Convert All” button and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will begin to download the added Spotify songs for you. When the download finishes, you can find them on your computer folder and directly play offline without Spotify app at all!

Converting Spotify Music MuConvert

In Conclusion

The Spotify download function provided inside MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is not affected by Spotify officials. So when you find Spotify not downloading songs for you and you just can’t solve it after trying all the recommended 6 methods provided here, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is just the best choice to download Spotify songs without limitations. Try it and you will find it quite simple to enjoy Spotify songs offline!