Download/Install/Uninstall MuConvert Apple Music Converter

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter offers a simple setup process for users to quickly get started. Here is a brief guide for you.


You are able to access the download link of MuConvert Apple Music Converter and download the installation package from its product page or simply by hitting the corresponding download button provided here. MuConvert Apple Music Converter is supported on Windows and Mac devices currently.

When the installation package is downloaded, open it and the installation process will begin. Simply follow the instruction to well install MuConvert Apple Music Converter to your Windows/Mac computer.

Install MuConvert Apple Music Converter


To uninstall MuConvert Apple Music Converter, you only need to access the software icon. On Windows, right-click it and there will be the “Uninstall” option provided to remove the software. On Mac, log-press the icon, then hit “X” for deleting the app directly from your device.

Purchase and Register MuConvert Apple Music Converter

To purchase MuConvert Apple Music Converter registered license, you just need to navigate to the Online Store of MuConvert. There offers three plans for users to purchase MuConvert Apple Music Converter license code, including monthly subscription, yearly subscription, and lifetime license. Pick the option you need and complete the purchase online.

Purchase MuConvert Apple Music Converter

When the payment is done successfully, you will receive an email sent from MuConvert, including an invoice and the license code for activating the software. Hence, you need to make sure you have entered the correct email address when purchase the license. Otherwise you would fail to receive your code.

After receiving the code, launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter and wait for the registration window to pop up. Here you are required to enter the email address as well as the license code you received after purchase. Then hit the “Activate” icon and you are upgraded to registered MuConvert Apple Music Converter for enjoying the full features without limitations.

If the registration window fails to pop up after launching the software, directly hit the “Unactivated” icon showed on the top right and you are able to enter your purchased license code for activating MuConvert Apple Music Converter.

Convert Apple Music to MP3

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is designed with simple interface, making sure every user is able to grasp the functionality in a short period. To convert Apple Music to MP3 , only several easy steps required to be followed.

STEP 1. Launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter. On the main interface, enter the Apple Music web player and log in using your Apple ID (or you won’t be able to access the streaming library and download songs from it).

Log in to Apple Music

STEP 2. Once login, you can browse the Apple Music web player and select the songs you want to download and convert to MP3 with the best 320kbps quality. When you discover any song, playlist, or album you like, drag them to the “+” button to process the conversion.

Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

STEP 3. Now, you can move up to “Convert all files to” and select “MP3” as the output format. You can also select other provided formats such as M4A, WAV, and FLAC.

Select Output Format

STEP 4. Finally, directly hit the “Convert All” icon, and all the selected Apple Music songs will be converted to MP3 and other select output format immediately.

Converting Apple Music

Customize Output Settings

MuConvert Apple Music Converter provides flexible parameter settings options so that users are able to customize the Apple Music songs before the conversion begins.

To make changes to the output parameters of the Apple Music songs, after selecting those you need to convert, go to “Menu” > “Preferences” to customize the “Advanced” settings based on your needs.

Here, you are available to adjust the format, sample rate, and bitrate accordingly.

Advanced Setting AMC

Change Output Folder

MuConvert Apple Music Converter will create a default folder for preserving the converted Apple Music songs offline. However, you are allowed to customize another folder for saving the outputs.

After selecting the Apple Music songs you are going to convert, move up to “Menu” and you are able to find the “Preferences” section. Under the “General” tab, users are available to browse the computer for finding another folder for outputting the Apple Music songs.

Flexible Output Option

Change Program Language

MuConvert Apple Music Converter provides English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese for global users to better understanding the software interface and also its functionality.

Simply by turning to “Menu” > “Language”, and users are available to pick the language they need for applying to the software while using.

Select Language of MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Manage Conversion History

MuConvert Apple Music Converter enables users to preview the downloading tasks and manage the conversion history for making the converted Apple Music songs easier to accessed.

By turning to the “Converting” tab, all the Apple Music songs in the converting progress will be listed here. You are able to check their condition here. Additionally, pausing and cancelling the conversion are both supported.

Navgite to “Finished” and all the converted Apple Music tracks will be listed here. Users are able to quickly access the downloaded Apple Music song by hitting the “View Output File” icon. To manage the converted history, simply hit the “X” icon next to the “View Output File” button and you can easily remove the record.

Finish Conversion AMC

Update Apple Music Converter

MuConvert Apple Music Converter will be maintained and enhanced for providing better user experience. To update the software to the latest version, you get 3 ways.

Way 1. Auto-update

MuConvert Apple Music Converter has the auto-update feature. When there has a new version released, users will receive a notification when they open the software. Simply submit update and MuConvert Apple Music Converter will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.

Way 2. Manually Check for Update

In MuConvert Apple Music Converter, you can manually check for software update by going to “Menu” > “Check Update”. If there has a new version you can update to, MuConvert Apple Music Converter will notify you and you just need to submit the update directly.

Update MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Way 3. Re-install the Software

MuConvert Apple Music Converter product page will always prepare the latest version for users to download and install. Thus, you are also available to re-install the software for getting it installed at the latest version from the official web page.

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