How to Download Apple Music Songs on PC/Mobile Devices

Even though Apple Music is an online music streaming service, it still offers the function to let people download music for offline playback more flexibly without a network connection. To do it, the official method is to subscribe to the Apple Music membership, then the subscribers can access the download function to save the music offline and listen without a network.
However, a limitation of this download function offered by the official is that the downloaded songs can only be listened to within the Apple Music app. This happens because the Apple Music songs are all protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), which has limited how people can use downloaded music without copyright. This means that when you need to listen to Apple Music offline without using the Apple Music app, you need to remove the DRM protection and download the songs to common media file types.

Today, this article will show you how to download Apple Music songs using the official way as well as the best solution to download songs from Apple Music to MP3 or other DRM-free formats.

How to Download Music on Apple Music Offcially

For people who have subscribed to Apple Music membership and want to learn the way to download songs on a computer or mobile device, simply by following this simple guide and you can process the download easily.


You need to add songs you wish to download to your library first. Long touch the song you wish to download, hit “Add to Library” on your mobile device, or hit the “+” button on your PC to add them.

Download Songs from Apple Music on PC

Step 1. Open iTunes on Windows or the Apple Music app on a Mac computer.
Step 2. In the app, you need to browse and find the songs you want to add to your library for offline playback.
Step 3. Simply choose the song and then click the download button, then the Apple Music song will directly be downloaded offline.
Apple Music Download Songs
For people who want to save the whole Apple Music library offline in order to have a long trip, it is recommended to create a smart playlist to include all the songs in it, then only one tap and you can save all of them offline at once.
Step 1. Open iTunes or Apple Music app, then select “File” on the menu and choose “New” to find the “Smart Playlist” option.
Step 2. Now you can set the rules to include all the songs that can meet these rules to the playlist without selecting and adding them one by one. For example, you can set “Time” as greater than 0:00 to include all the Apple Music songs you have saved to the library before at once.
Step 3. Finally, just go to your library and find the newly-created smart playlist, then click the download icon and all the songs included in the playlist can be downloaded at once quickly.
Apple Music Create Smart Playlist

Download Apple Music Songs on Mobile Devices

If you are trying to download Apple music on your iPhone or Android or other iDevices installing Apple Music, you can try the following guide to finishing the download. But before you get it started, you need to make sure you have signed in with your Apple ID that has subscribed to Apple Music.

Step 1. Simple launch Apple Music on your device.
Step 2. Long press on the song or album you wish to download and hit “Download” from the pop-up list. After a while, the song(s) will be downloaded to your phone.

Download Apple Music for Listening Offline on Mobile

How to Download Apple Music Songs to MP3 for Flexible Use?

It’s easy to download Apple Music songs on the app, but if you want to play them outside the Apple Music app, such as on iPod Shuffle or an MP3 player, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can better help.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter also builds the Apple Music Web Player inside the software, so that you can sign in using their Apple ID, and then directly download the songs from the official web player without installing iTunes or Apple Music app anymore. The downloaded songs will be saved to MP3, WAV, M4A, and FLAC audio files offline, so that you can save them to any device and play with all players then using iTunes or Apple Music app only.
Key Features:
  • Supports downloading Apple Music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV in high quality;
  • Keeps the original ID3 and metadata information for easier music management offline;
  • Supports 5X faster speed to batch download music from Apple Music at once;
  • Provides the in-built Apple Music Web Player to make the music download function easy to use;
  • Allows you to adjust the sample rate (up to 48khz) and bitrate (up to 320kbps).

Here’s how to download Apple Music songs with this powerful tool:

Step 1. Open the Converter and Sign in

Finish installing MuConvert Apple Music Converter on your computer first. Then open the software and you can click the “Open the Apple web player” button to enter the home screen of the in-built Apple Music Web Player. Now you need to sign in it using your Apple ID.
Log in to Apple Music

Step 2. Select Apple Music Songs to Download Offline

When you sign in the web player, you can search for the Apple Music songs or albums you like and add them to the conversion list now. Just drag the songs or albums to the “+” button and they will be added immediately.
Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Select Output Format and Adjust SampleRate or Bitrate

After selecting the songs, you can go to the “Convert all files to” menu and select an output format to download the songs now. You have 4 options to choose, which are MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
Select Output Format
MuConvert Apple Music Converter also allows people to adjust the “SampleRate” and “Bitrate” to change the audio quality before downloading the songs. Just go to “Preferences” and you can change the settings under the “Advanced” tab.
Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Start Downloading Apple Music Songs Offline

Finally, just download the Apple Music songs by clicking the “Convert All” button now. The software will process the batch download and finish the downloading quickly for you.
Finished Converting Apple Music

FAQs About Downloading Apple Music

Q1. Can You Still Download Apple Music After Canceling the Subscription?

Unfortunately, if you have canceled the Apple Music membership, you won’t be able to access the downloaded Apple Music songs saved to your library again unless you renew the subscription. But if you have bought the songs from iTunes Store, you can still keep them offline without paying again.

Q2. How to Download Apple Music from iCloud?

To download Apple Music songs from iCloud on other devices, you need to upload the downloaded songs to it in advance. Here are the steps you should follow to process.
Step 1. Open iCloud Drive on your computer and create a new folder named “Music”.
Step 2. Go to the output folder where saves the Apple Music songs downloaded by MuConvert Apple Music Converter, and drag the songs to iCloud Drive’s “Music” folder for saving.
ICloud Drive Add Apple Music Songs
If you have saved the downloaded Apple Music music collections to iCloud Drive, you then can sign in to the same iCloud account and download the songs on your iPhone for offline playback easily.
Step 1. On your iPhone, open the “Files” app and select the “iCloud Drive” option.
Step 2. Click to open the “Music” folder, and you will find the Apple Music songs you have saved here on your computer.
Step 3. Tap the download icon provided there, and you can directly download the uploaded Apple Music songs offline on your iPhone.
ICloud Drive Download Apple Music Songs

Q3. How to Remove Downloaded Apple Music?

To delete the downloaded Apple Music songs, you just need to open Apple Music app and go to your library. Once you decide to remove any songs, click it and select the “Delete from Library” option. Then the downloaded Apple Music can be removed.

In Conclusion

Although Apple Music is an online music streaming service, it still offers the official way to download Apple Music for offline playback (but with limitations). If you want to enjoy the Apple Music playback offline in a more flexible way, try MuConvert Apple Music Converter to process the download and get DRM-free music.