How to Download Amazon Music to SD Card in 2 Ways

People always download songs for offline playback in case of poor network connection. However, this tends to be one of the most memory-intensive activities due to the limited storage on our smartphones. In this case, one of the best options is to download the music to an external SD card. Then, what you need is just to plug the SD card into devices like mobile phones, switches, or cars to listen to music as you like.
Amazon Music is one of the most popular music streaming platforms for music lovers as it owns millions of music resources. So is it possible to move Amazon Premium Music to an SD card for offline playback? From this article, you will learn two effective methods to save Amazon Music onto an SD card easily and quickly. Please keep reading and find the method that is suitable for you.

Move Downloads to SD Card on Amazon Music App

As we all know, the Amazon Music download feature is only available for users who have a premium subscription. If you’re a free Amazon Music user, you won’t be able to download its music to your device, let alone to your SD card. If you’ve subscribed to Amazon Prime or Unlimited, things will be easier. What you need to do is to change the download location in the Settings section from “Device storage” to “SD card”. Now, follow the steps below to change the storage path.
Step 1. Open the Amazon Music app on your smartphone and tap “My Music” from the menu bar.
Go to Settings Section in Amazon Music
Step 2. Then go into the app’s settings and tap “Download Location” under “Download Settings” to change the storage path from device to SD card.
Change Download Location to SD Card
Step 3. When the settings are done, songs will be saved to your SD card by default.

Download Amazon Songs to SD Card with Amazon Music Converter

If you don’t have an Amazon Music membership, you won’t be able to transfer songs to your external SD card using the above method. Amazon Music also imposes other limitations on its download feature. For example, users can’t access those downloaded tracks once the membership expires.
Alternatively, using a third-party music converter to freely grasp Amazon Music songs without any restrictions on your computer is a better option. Afterward, you can move the downloads to the SD card simply via a card reader. MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, developed by MuConvert, is one of the most reliable apps that allows you to safely and quickly get Amazon Music to an SD card without premium. With this app, you’re able to download Amazon songs in a flexible MP3 format and then transfer them to anywhere you want, including the SD card, and keep them permanently even when the subscription ends.
It can not only retain the original sound quality but also support batch converting multiple encrypted Amazon Music with a speed of up to 10X. This program comes with an embedded Amazon Music web player, so you don’t even need the Amazon Music app installed. To provide better song management, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter is able to preserve songs’ ID3 Tags for users. Here’s how to download Amazon Premium Music to an SD card with the MuConAmazon Music converter.

Step 1. Download and launch the app

Free download MuConvert Amazon Music Converter on your computer. Launch the app and click “Open the Amazon web player” on the welcome page and log into your Amazon Music account on the main page.
Log in to Amazon Music

Step 2. Browse and search songs for downloading

Then, you can start to browse the page or search for songs you want to download. When you get the song or playlist you desire, drag it to the floating “+” icon on the middle right side of the screen to add it to the conversion list.
Select Amazon Playlist to Convert

Step 3. Customize output settings

Then, hit “Convert all files to” to select an output format in the pop-up window. If you want to have more advanced settings, click the “Three lines” icon on the upper right side of the main page, where you can customize the sample rate and bitrate.
Set Up Amazon Music Advanced Settings

Step 4. Start to download amazon music songs

Once you’ve finished the above settings, you can simply click the “Convert All” icon to process the download. The downloads can be easily checked in the “Finished” section.
Finish Converting Amazon Music to MP3

Step 5. Move downloaded songs to your SD card

When you’ve downloaded all songs to your local disk, just plug the SD card into a card reader. Then copy and paste the downloaded files to the SD card. When finished, eject your SD card.


In this post, we’ve shared with you two effective ways to deal with the problem of moving Amazon Music songs to an SD card. For the first method, you’re required to subscribe to Amazon Prime or Unlimited to activate the download feature while the second way comes easier without downloading the Amazon Music app and paying for the subscription. With the help of the MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, all songs from Amazon can be saved to the computer as MP3 and transferred to the SD card effortlessly. So, try it now and it will truly help you overcome the problem.