How to Download All Apple Music at Once? [2023]

Apple Music, delivering great convenience, lets us access its large music library for online streaming on different devices effortlessly. However, once the Internet connectivity is unstable, the music playback experience would be greatly affected. In terms of this, today’s post would like to introduce you to the ways to download all Apple Music at once for offline streaming smoothly. Please read in-depth to see how.

Download All Apple Music at Once to Play on All Devices

By default, Apple Music is not equipped with a download function for every user. Instead, it has oriented it as a premium service for subscribers. However, even though you have been an Apple Music member and downloaded all Apple Music songs in the library, you won’t be able to stream them across platforms.
For this reason, the most recommended option to download all Apple Music at once should be utilizing MuConvert Apple Music Converter if you wish to play them back across platforms without re-operating the music download again and again. The program can function to convert Apple Music albums from the official Apple Music web player to regular music files off the platform, in that you are allowed to freely transfer them on all devices and stream freely as you wish.
MuConvert Apple Music Converter
Furthermore, to enhance the user experience and provide the advanced music downloading as well as streaming experience, MuConvert Apple Music Converter has been developed with the following sparking features. Now, let me introduce them explicitly to you:
  • Download all Apple Music albums in one shot – when the program has embedded in the Apple Music web player, you only need to log in to select any album for downloading at once without synchronizing with iTunes or Music apps at all.
  • Speedy performance at 10X faster speed – it is equipped with the speed-up feature, which allows you to complete the batch Apple Music download at 10X faster speed, greatly facilitating efficiency.
  • Original sound quality retained – to ensure a nice music streaming experience, the program will retain the original quality without compressing, keeping the playback lossless as the source.
  • Save ID3 tags and metadata information – the program can smartly detect and keep the ID3 tags as well as full metadata information for all Apple Music songs, giving you a favor to recognize and manage a bulk of downloaded songs conveniently.
  • Forever save Apple Music songs without expiration – unlike the official download function, all downloaded Apple Music albums can be saved permanently even without subscription cancellation!
Now, please take one more minute to how MuConvert Apple Music Converter works to download all Apple Music from the web player for you at once.

Step 1. Log in to Apple Music Web Player in MuConvert

First, complete the installation of MuConvert Apple Music Converter. Then enter the built-in Apple Music web player and log in utilizing your Apple ID.
Log in to Apple Music

Step 2. Select Apple Music Albums to Download

Once login, you can directly browse the music database and select the Apple Music songs or albums to download at once. Please drag them to the Add button aside to proceed with the analysis in no time.
Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Configure Format and Quality Settings

Subsequently, when the Apple Music songs are added, please turn to Menu >> Preferences to personalize the output settings like the Format, SampleRate, and Bitrate in preferences.
Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Download All Apple Music at Once

After the settings, now you are ready to the final step! Please tap the Convert All button to initiate the music download in no time! Instantly, MuConvert Apple Music Converter will download all added Apple Music songs offline for you at once.
Converting Apple Music
When the downloads are completed, please turn to Finished module and check the downloaded tracklist. Simply by tapping the View Output File button, MuConvert Apple Music Converter will open the output folder to lead you to all downloaded songs locally.

How to Download All Apple Music at Once with Membership

For Apple Music subscribers, Apple Music delivers the most effortless one-click benefit to download all Apple Music from an album at once. Please see the manipulation guide to see how to do it properly.

On iPhone

1. Open Music app on iPhone.
2. After logging in the subscription account, switch to Library tab and select the playlist or album you wish to download.
3. Long press on the album or playlist thumbnail and select Download to download all Apple Music songs in the library at once.
Download All Apple Music iPhone

On Mac

1. Run Music app and complete the account login (please utilize the account with membership subscription).
2. Turn to Songs module from the left panel.
3. Hold Shift key and highlight all Apple Music songs you wish to download.
4. Right-click on them and confirm Download.
Download All Apple Music Mac


1. Open iTunes and log in utilizing your Apple ID. In the program, please turn to the Music tab.
2. Tap File >> Smart Playlist to adjust some download settings for downloading all songs from Apple Music at once.
3. Tick the Match music for the following rules option. Subsequently, set the rule for Time as is greater than 00:00. When complete, tap OK to create the smart playlist.
4. When the rule is activated, the playlist will be synchronized on iPhone’s Music app. Simply find it and tap Download to save all songs locally at once.
Create Smart Playlist to Download All Apple Music

Final Words

Downloading Apple Music songs offline delivers even smoother playback as you don’t have to worry about the Internet connectivity or music expiration in a regular basis. But to download all Apple Music songs at once effortlessly, all in all, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a rational choice as it brings a free and more efficient experience by removing the restrictions that Apple has added on the music resources. Now, please try to process the batch music download with it. Wish you a more enjoyable music streaming experience today!