Sidify Amazon Music Converter Review: Is It the Best?

The famous multimedia solutions provider, Sidify, also launched the Amazon Music Converter to enable users a convenient Amazon Music streaming experience offline. But how exactly this software is able to help? In today’s review, the full details about Sidify Amazon Music Converter will be introduced to you. Before getting started, you are able to grasp more info about the software and get more familiar with it!


An alternative to Sidify Amazon Music Converter will also be recommended as a backup. Don’t miss this powerful Amazon Music converter as well!

Overview of Sidify Amazon Music Converter

The core functionality of Sidify Amazon Music Converter should be its ability to decrypt DRM protection from Amazon’s streaming music resources, and then convert the songs to DRM-free files of mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC for preserving offline. Once you obtain the downloaded Amazon songs, you are able to transfer them to any device such as your MP3 player, iPod, television, or others for enjoyment, even without the Amazon app being installed.
As Amazon has applied high quality to encode its audio, Sidify Amazon Music Converter will preserve it for all audio outputs, thus making sure that you will gain the same great Amazon music streaming experience after grasping the songs offline. Hence, instead of subscribing to Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, or Amazon Music HD to get the download feature, trying the alternative Amazon Music downloader, Sidify Amazon Music Converter is a good idea.
Overview of Sidify Amazon Music Converter

Detailed Review: Sidify Amazon Music Converter

After careful testing of the Sidify Amazon Music Converter for a week, we have concluded the key features of the software from the following aspects. Check them now.

What Can It Convert?

The streaming music provided on Amazon is able to be divided into 2 different types, which are the single and playlists of both Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, or HD titles. As we tested, these resources are all supported to be downloaded using Sidify Amazon Music Converter. Hence, if you desire to access and download these resources requiring a Prime, Unlimited, or HD subscription, the single Sidify Amazon Music Converter is able to help!

Does It Save Music in High Quality?

To preserve the best music streaming experience for Amazon Music users, Sidify Amazon Music Converter has provided customized output options for you to freely define the quality you desire. Both the sample rate and the bitrate are able to be adjusted, with up to 44.1kHz and 320kbps available to select respectively.
According to tens of Amazon downloads, we have saved using the software, the highest quality settings do bring a nice audio effect for enjoying the songs in most mainstream media players.
Customized Parameter Settings in Sidify Amazon Music Converter

What Are the Output Format Options?

The variety of options of output formats can be another feature most of us would appreciate – for the reason that it is able to increase the compatibility of Amazon Music downloads to make them playable across devices and media players. In Sidify Amazon Music Converter, you will see the most mainstream formats such as MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC for selection.

Does It Work Fast?

From the efficiency, Sidify Amazon Music Converter also works reliably. Firstly, the software is compatible with the batch download feature, making it possible to save multiple tracks simultaneously and save time. More than this, according to the testing results, the conversion will be speeded up and the consuming time can be shortened by around half of the original song. Hence, Sidify Amazon Music Converter is actually helping you to grasp Amazon Music songs offline with faster performance.
Batch Download Amazon Playlists in Sidify Amazon Music Converter

Is Sidify Amazon Music Converter Free?

Unfortunately, Sidify Amazon Music Converter is not freeware, which means that you require to subscribe for accessing its full features. Under the free trial, the software only allows users to convert and download the first 3 minutes of each Amazon single as a way of sample testing. Hence, to save a complete song for offline streaming with good quality, subscribing to Sidify Amazon Music Converter is a must.
Here, Sidify offers 3 plans for you to select. But you should note that these plans are all for individual use, meaning that you are only allowed to use on 1 device for each license:
1-Month Plan: US$14.95
1-Year Plan: US$59.95
Lifetime Plan: US$129.90
Sidify Amazon Music Converter Subscription Plans

What's the Alternative of Sidify Amazon Music Converter

As Sidify Amazon Music Converter realizes its Amazon Music download functionality through syncing with the Amazon app, meaning that you are required to install the official software first, then use the copy-and-paste method to convert and download Amazon songs offline.
However, this tech would easily lead to conversion failure, especially when Sidify Amazon Music Converter fails to detect and connect with the Amazon app. Hence, to increase the conversion success rate, an alternative to Sidify Amazon Music Converter is recommended, which is MuConvert Amazon Music Converter.
Unlike Sidify, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter has embedded the official Amazon web player in the converter, so you are able to get rid of the Amazon app but directly log in to the web player for processing Amazon music downloads right away. This tech greatly reduces software syncing failure, thus improving the success rate in managing music conversion.
Features of MuConvert Amazon Music Converter
  • No Amazon app installation is required;
  • Integrated with Amazon web player to directly drag-and-drop Amazon playlists to download;
  • Compatible with all streaming songs, including titles of Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Music HD;
  • Various mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC supported;
  • Original quality ensured to output Amazon streaming music;
  • ID3 preservation to enable easier music management offline;
  • Acceleration techs applied to ensure 5X faster speed for batch downloading Amazon playlists.
With an intuitive and easy-to-get-started interface, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter only requires several simple steps to complete the music download. Let’s grasp a look:
STEP 1. After installing MuConvert Amazon Music Converter on the desktop, launch the software and then enter the web player from its welcome page. Then, you are required to log in via your Amazon Music account first.
Log in to Amazon Music
STEP 2. After processing the account login, you are able to directly select the Amazon playlists and drag them to the floating “+” icon for importing the songs to the conversion list.
Select Amazon Playlist to Convert
STEP 3. Now, navigate to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” for adjusting both the sample rate, and bitrate, and also customize the output format as you desire.
Set Up Amazon Music Advanced Settings
STEP 4. Finally, simply give it a go by hitting the “Convert All” icon, then the whole list of Amazon songs will be downloaded offline within a short period.
Finish Converting Amazon Music to MP3
Sidify Amazon Music Converter has offered a reliable music download service for thousands of users to grasp playlists from Amazon to enjoy offline. However, if you get annoyed as the software always fails to connect with the Amazon Music app and process the music download for you, try its alternative, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter to help!