Like many other music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon Music also provides subscription options to let users enjoy the advanced music playback experience on the platform. However, when Amazon offers both Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions, you may feel confused about their differences and don’t know which one to select.

So, this Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited comparison has written to introduce these two plans, and also their similarities as well as differences to you. After reading the details, you probably feel much clearer about which one is your need. Now, let’s get started.

What are Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited?

Although both Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited are premium subscription plans for users to enjoy more advanced music playback experience within the Amazon Music platform, they have slight differences. Firstly, see the overall introduction of them.

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited

Amazon Music Prime Overview

Amazon Music Prime can also be regarded as a benefit that Amazon Music offers for its Prime members. In other words, some of the music streaming features will be included in Amazon’s Prime membership, which can be freely accessed by Prime subscribers at no additional cost. For example, you can enjoy ad-free music streaming in the shuffle play mode, or download them to enjoy offline when you need. But pay attention that some features such as the download function can only be used to keep songs from “All-Access” playlists offline.

Amazon Music Unlimited Overview

Unlike Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited is specially designed for the music streaming service. With this subscription, you can access almost all music resources provided on the Amazon Music platform, and enjoy them with the best quality such as HD, Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos, and even 360 Reality Audio. Also, you will enjoy all advanced features provided to Premium users, with the limitations removed. For example, you can download all Amazon Music songs to enjoy offline no matter the songs are saved in which playlists.

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited: Similarities and Difference

You probably have found that Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited are not the same now. But what exactly are the similarities and differences between them? This part will provide more details to you.

Prime Music VS Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited: Similarities

As both are subscription plans offered by Amazon, they surely have some similarities. So firstly, see what are some similar points between Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music.

  1. Ads-free music playback: By subscribing to both plans, the annoying ads disturbing your Amazon Music playback experience will be removed, and you can enjoy completely ads-free streaming without any interruption.

  2. Same music library: No matter if you subscribe to Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, you are actually accessing the same music library, with more than 100 million songs and thousands of podcasts without limitations.

  3. Alexa playback control: Both Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited subscribers can enjoy the convenience brought by Alexa integration, which can use your voice to control the music playback easily.

  4. Same supported devices: When your devices support installing the Amazon Music app, no matter which subscriptions you have paid for, you can use the app to stream music with the advanced features.

Prime Music VS Amazon Prime Unlimited: Differences

When you have learned about the similarities between these two plans, also see the differences to select a better one for yourself to use later.

  1. Streaming music quality: Amazon Music Unlimited subscription plan will offer better music quality to play Amazon Music, including HD, Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos, and 360 Reality Audio, which are not accessible only by subscribing to Amazon Music Prime.

  2. Offline playback rule: As introduced, Prime members can only download Amazon Music songs from the “All-Access” playlists, while Amazon Music Unlimited doesn’t have such a limitation but allows you to download all music to enjoy offline.

  3. Unlimited skips: Unfortunately, Amazon Music Prime users can only enjoy the music playback in shuffle play mode, which means that you can’t skip songs at all. But Amazon Music Unlimited will remove this limitation and allow you to skip unlimited times during the music playback.

  4. Device limit: Prime membership only allows to be used on one device, while Amazon Music Unlimited offers a family plan, which can be used on 6 different devices.

  5. Price: It takes no cost to get Amazon Music Prime if you have been a Prime subscriber before. But if you need to upgrade to the Amazon Music Unlimited plan, you will need to pay USD 7.99/month. For users who are not Prime subscribers, the cost will be USD 8.99/month to pay for the Unlimited plan.

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimted: Which is Better? (A Table Comparison)

After reading details about these two plans, this Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited comparison table will clearly show you their similarities and differences. Based on them, you can better select the one you really need.

Amazon Music Prime Amazon Music Unlimited
Music library 100 million songs 100 million songs
Ads-free playback
Download function Limited to All-Access playlists
Unlimited skips
Alexa playback control
Device limit 1 device Up to 6 devices
Price Price Free for Prime subscribers
  • USD 7.99/month for Prime subscribers;
  • USD 8.99/month for users without a Prime subscription
Music quality Normal HD, Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos, and 360 Reality Audio

To conclude, by comparison, if you want to enjoy a higher quality music playback experience and music playback as well as library control without more limitations, Amazon Music Unlimited is a better option for you. If Amazon Music is not a primary service you want to use, then subscribing to Prime is enough for you to use.

Bonus: How to Save Amazon Prime/Unlimited Music as Local Files Forever

As you know, although Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited offers special features such as music download and ads-free playback during the subscription period, these benefits will all disappear once you stop paying for them. So here is a bonus to teach you how to save Amazon Prime/Unlimited music at lossless quality offline without expiration even after canceling the subscription. That is using the best Amazon Music downloader, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter.

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By reading this article, you may be much clearer about the two plans, Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited. You can select the better one according to your needs now. Also, if you want to cancel their subscriptions but keep the music playback benefits, MuConvert Amazon Music Converter is just the tool you need. Freely install it and have a try now!

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