Both Amazon Music and Spotify are the leading music-streaming service providers in the world, for their abundant music resources such as songs, albums, podcasts, and music stations. If you want a cost-effective one, then a detailed comparison of Amazon Music VS Spotify can clearly help you make a sound decision. So, let’s probe into the following content and have a look now!

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Price & Plan

Amazon Music Unlimited Spotify
Free Yes Yes
Individual $10.99/month $10.99/month
Family $16.99/month $16.99/month
Student $5.99/month $5.99/month
Single Device $4.99/month N/A
Duo N/A $14.99/month

The pricing structure of these two platforms was almost the same, but there is a unique plan for Amazon Music and Spotify respectively.

The Free plan offered by Spotify provides access to the entire library content, whereas Amazon Music does not offer this feature. Neither platform allows ad skips or offline streaming. Both platforms have limitations on song skips, with Amazon allowing a maximum of 6 skips and Spotify limiting it to 6 per hour.

Largely looking, Spotify wins out for its more options. Here is the detailed information for the Spotify Premium Plan.

Winner: Spotify

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Services for Free Users

Amazon Music Free Plan Spotify Free Plan
Access to the entire content library No Yes
Ad skips No No
Background play Yes Yes
Song skips Yes (Maximum of 6) Yes (Maximum of 6/hour)
On-demand playback No (Shuffle Mode only) Yes (Desktop and web player)
Offline streaming No download option for songs No download option for songs
Number of audio quality settings for desktop app 3 settings:
Best Available (depends on internet speed)
Data Saver (24-96 kbps)*
Standard (128-192 kbps)*
4 settings:
Automatic (depends on internet speed)
Low (24 kbps)
Normal (96 kbps)
High (160 kbps)
Number of audio quality settings for web player 1 setting:
Standard (128-192 kbps)*
1 setting:
Automatic (128kbps)
Number of audio quality settings for mobile apps 1 setting:
Standard (128-192 kbps)*
4 settings:
Automatic (depends on internet speed)
Low (24 kbps)
Normal (96 kbps)
High (160 kbps)
Highest audio streaming quality 128-192 kbps* 160 kbps

This tablet explicitly shows Spotify possesses more advantages than Amazon Music, of course from the perspective of what you can get from the free plan. Compared to Amazon Music, Spotify gives comprehensive access to a vast content library, offers on-demand playback, and provides more settings to let you customize for your needs.

Winner: Spotify

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Sound Quality

Audio Quality Setting Amazon Music Spotify
Automatic / Best Available Hinges on connection Hinges on connection
Low / Data Saver 24-96 kbps * 24 kbps
Normal / Standard 128-192 kbps * 96 kbps
High NA 160 kbps
Very High NA 320 kbps
HD 850 kbps NA
Ultra HD 3730 kbps NA

Both platforms offer a comprehensive range of audio quality settings, catering to individuals seeking an optimal listening experience or looking to conserve data. But you can see from the above statistics, the inclusion of Amazon Music’s HD and Ultra HD settings, which provide lossless quality, is particularly appealing for both casual listeners and audiophiles. However, it is important to note that in order to fully capitalize on these features, an ideal as well as stable Internet connection is needed.

Winner: Amazon Music

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Compatibility

Amazon Music Spotify
PC Yes Yes
Web player Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Other Devices Amazon’s line of Alexa-enabled devices. About 379 other devices supported

Honestly speaking, Spotify has a wider range of access to more smart devices. On the contrary, Amazon Music is specifically optimized for Alexa-enabled devices. For instance, its Single can only be utilized with an Echo speaker, which may pose limitations for individuals without prior ownership of one. It is also noteworthy that Spotify is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Conversely, Google devices or Google Assistant do not support voice commands for the Amazon Music application.

Winner: Spotify

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Music Library

Amazon Music Spotify
Songs 100 million 82+ million
podcasts the most extensive catalog of ad-free major podcasts 4.7 million
Indie music a sizeable indie music collection but with no independent section 20,000+ indie labels and artists with a dedicated section

As for video types, Amazon also has Livestreams, live performance videos, ambient music, and spoken word. Spotify provides concerts, audiobooks, word playlists, music + Talk, ambient playlists, and global charts.

It clearly shows Amazon Music possesses a larger number of music content than Spotify, ensuring ample content caters to diverse preferences. But which one is better ultimately depends on your personal likes.

Winner: Amazon Music

Amazon Music VS Spotify: Exclusive Features

Both of these two platforms have their own shining unique features that are well worth noticing.

The music streaming platform Spotify offers a feature known as Discover Weekly, which presents an automatically curated playlist of songs tailored to your individual listening habits. This personalized playlist is updated every Monday morning and is based on our experience. The algorithm-based playlists of Spotify can pair you with what it thinks are the most likely songs you would like, reducing the labor you find your favorite ones.

As for Amazon Music, it has a function named X-Ray Lyrics, which provides snippets of information regarding the story of songs and the artist, so as to make you fully immersed in the music scene. What’s more, it also has a car mode, which is designed for easier use while driving.

Winner: Draw

Overall Comparison: Which One You Should Upgrade?

Amazon Music Spotify Music
Price & Plan
Services for Free Users
Sound Quality
Music Library
Exclusive Features

All in all, you can explicitly see Spotify surpasses Amazon Music in the aspect of pricing plans, services for free users, and compatibility. Amazon Music has a slight advantage over the sound quality and music library layer. As for the exclusive features, they equally have their uniqueness, which can draw a lot of attention from you. However, broadly speaking, Spotify is more competitive than Amazon Music, so the former is what you should upgrade.

Bonus: How to Download Streaming Music Without Premium

As you can see, no matter what streaming music platform you use, Amazon Music or Spotify, if you want to download the songs, you need a paid plan to fully enjoy its premium services.

Therefore, is there any way for you to download them without charge? The answer is definitely yes. MuConvert Amazon Music Converter and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter are the right tools that help you remove the encryption technology posed on the music platform, so that you can then download songs freely without subscribing.


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