How to Listen to Spotify on Discord Even Without Premium

What is Discord?

Discord refers to a charge-free VoIP app and digital distribution platform, which is developed for video gaming online communication. Users can initiate a chat channel to interact with each other by sharing text, images, videos, and audios freely.

It would be fascinating when Discord connects you and your friends, enabling you to share and stream your favorite songs with the Listen Along feature. But the priority is to link Spotify to Discord before proceeding the music sharing. Therefore, in this post, the details on guiding you guys to listen to Spotify on Discord will be introduced. As a bonus, you would also get a tip on downloading Spotify songs to stream on Discord even without Spotify Premium subscription. Now, please scroll down and start reading.


How to Listen to Spotify on Discord App on Desktop

As the partnership formed between Spotify and Discord, it makes the Spotify streaming quite simple with Discord app. After building up the connection between Spotify and Discord, people can enjoy the music with the beat matching the awesome moments as your gameplay. Therefore, in the following, simply walk through the manipulation to master the way to connect and play Spotify on Discord.

On Desktop

  1. Please install Discord app on your computer. Subsequently, launch it and click on the User Setting option.
  2. Select Connections >> Spotify to confirm the connection between the two apps. Once connected, you can find the Spotify icon listed on the list of all connected accounts now.
  3. Click on the Spotify option. Now, please toggle on both the Display on profile and Display Spotify as your status at the same time. Then you can start streaming Spotify songs within Discord while playing games or chatting with your friends.
Connect Spotify to Discord Desktop

On Mobile

  1. Once completing the installation of the Discord app on your iOS or Android device, launch the app and swipe right to access the Discord server and channels.
  2. Tap the account icon >> Connections >> Add.
  3. Select Spotify to authorize the connection with your Spotify account.
  4. Once the connection built, you can proceed streaming Spotify on Discord directly.
Add Spotify on Discord Mobile

How to Download and Share Spotify Songs with Others

Share Spotify Songs with Game Friends

To engage strong interaction among all people, Discord has developed a unique feature, Listen Along, to allow people to share the favorite Spotify songs with friends to listen together even while playing the games! This amazing feature is handy to master. See how it works to host the Spotify group listening party in no time!

  1. While you have prepared Spotify to stream, please tap the + button in the text box and select to invite your friends to listen to Spotify.
  2. When the invitation is sent over the chat, your friends who have received the message could click on the Join option to start streaming the Spotify Music directly.
  3. You are able to see how many friends are listening to the shared Spotify songs in the app.

Attention: This is a premium function that is only available for Spotify Premium subscribers.

Download Spotify Songs to Share on Discord

Replacing of subscribing to Spotify Premium, here gets another workable solution to help you share Spotify songs with friends after downloading them offline even without Spotify Premium. The only tool you would require is MuConvert Spotify Music Converter.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter allows both Spotify Free and Premium users to access the built-in Spotify Web Player and download all Spotify songs offline in popular audio encoders, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. The outstanding features all attribute to the great reputation of the program, for instance, its 100% original outputs, 5X faster batch conversion speed, and the ability to retain full ID3 information, all make MuConvert Spotify Music Converter a superior option if you also wish to seek a Spotify Premium substitute to download Spotify songs. Now, you can also walk through its manipulation to utilize the program to download Spotify songs for sharing on Discord.

Step 1. Log in the Built-in Spotify Web Player

First, install MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on desktop. As you launch the program, please enter the built-in Spotify Web Player and tap the LOG IN button to log in with your Spotify account. Otherwise, you would be rejected to browse the music database and process the music conversion.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to Download

Once log in the web player, you can browse the Spotify songs you prefer, subsequently, drag them to the Add button for proceeding the music analysis.

Choose Spotify Songs from Playlist to Rip

Step 3. Configure Encoder and Parameters to Download

Subsequently, please select an encoder to export the Spotify songs in Convert All Files to format menu. Furthermore, you can turn to Menu >> Preferences to customize the SampleRate as well as Bitrate in personal preferences.

Change Parameters in Advanced Settings

Step 4. Download Spotify Songs Offline

Eventually, tap the Convert All button to initiate the Spotify songs download in no time. As the download completes, you can access the downloaded songs under Finished module by clicking on the View Output File button. With these downloaded songs, you can directly utilize Discord to share the audio files even without connecting to Spotify service.

Rip Whole Spotify Playlist in TuneFab

FAQs About Spotify not Plying on Discord

Before ending the post, let’s also walk through two FAQs that are mostly raised by Discord users. See if you also run into such troubles and wish to fix them.

How to Listen Along with Friends on Discord?

First, you are required to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Subsequently, as you link Spotify with Discord, you can directly tap the share button in the text box while chatting with your friends in Discord app. Then you can share the Spotify Music with them to listen together.

Why does Spotify Not Showing on Discord? How to Solve It?

Sometimes when you suddenly find that Spotify fails to show up on Discord, try to figure it out with the following solutions:

  1. Check if your Spotify Premium status is expired.
  2. Try to disconnect Spotify in Discord and rebuild the connection once again.
  3. Open Spotify in Discord app and toggle off the Display currently running game as a status message option.
  4. Double-check whether the network connection of both Discord and Spotify apps go wrong.
  5. Update both apps to the latest version if you are utilizing the outdated ones.
  6. Reinstall both apps again for seeing if the issue could be resolved.

Final Words

As Spotify has built up the partnership with Discord to enable convenient music streaming in the app, don’t waste the chance to enjoy your favorite songs with your friends in Discord! It would be a fascinating experience to build a Spotify enjoying group with all your best friends here. Enjoy!