How to Embed Spotify Playlist on Website Quickly?

It would be a fascinating way to add music to spice up your websites. When such ideas come, you may begin to wonder, if it is possible to embed Spotify playlists on websites as Spotify has provided rich music resources with those latest updates.
For sure, the answer is yes. However, not all of you can get on the right way for the first time doing it. Therefore, this post will concentrate on guiding you on how to embed a Spotify playlist on the website with the step-by-step manipulation guide. Please scroll down reading if you are aimless about it.

What Does Embed Spotify Playlist Mean?

Before heading down to the manipulation, let’s first achieve a clearer understanding of what is embedding. To embed Spotify playlists on websites, means that you have to get the original code of the playlists, then integrate them into the web pages designed with Tumblr or WordPress, allowing audiences to directly play music.
Embedding Spotify playlists to websites delivers a better look of the pages, replacing simply placing the links on them. This is also a better path to promote your music and share the newly-released podcast episodes to attract more audiences.
Embed Spotify Playlist to Website

How to Embed a Playlist from Spotify on a Website?

Obviously, for website owners, mastering the way to embed Spotify playlists on the website is a skill to enable their pages to reveal better. Fortunately, Spotify provides a direct feature allowing users to take the codes for embedding to websites. In the following, you will get two optimal ways to embed a playlist from Spotify on a website without extra software. The manipulation details will be provided as follows. Please check.

Embed Spotify Playlist to Website by Copying Embed Code

1. First, please run the Spotify app on your desktop. Remember to complete your Spotify account login as well.
2. After login, please browse and search for the Spotify playlist you wish to embed on the website.
3. From the playlist page, click on the three-dots button and select Share >> Embed Playlist.
4. Once you get the embed code of the Spotify playlist, turn to the HTML editor of your website and paste the code for embedding to it. Please ensure that the website editor supports the Spotify iframe tag, otherwise the playlist can’t be successfully embedded.
Embed Spotify Playlist

Embed Playlist on Spotify onto Website by Sharing Playlist Link

Replacing applying the Spotify playlist embed code, some HTML editors are possible to detect the playlist link and directly embed it to the page (like WordPress). The following procedures will show you how to proceed with it in detail:
1. Run the Spotify program. After the account login, please access the playlist you wish to embed to the website.
2. Tap the three-dots icon >> Share >> Copy Playlist Link to the clipboard.
3. Open the HTML editor of your website and paste the Spotify playlist link. Once by clicking on Update, then the playlist is managed to be embedded directly!
Copy Spotify Playlist Link
When you wish to change other Spotify playlists on websites, simply alter the embedded codes and links and update the HTML code, then you will get the new playlists displayed on the pages successfully.

FAQs About Embedding Playlists on Spotify to Website

When you wish to change other Spotify playlists on websites, simply alter the embedded codes and links and update the HTML code, then you will get the new playlists displayed on the pages successfully.

How to create a Spotify playlist for a band to embed on a website?

You can complete the Spotify playlist creation with all your favorite songs included before processing the embedding manipulation. To create a Spotify playlist, simply walk through the procedures below (take the operation on a desktop as an example):
1. From the left panel, click on Create Playlist to generate a new playlist.
2. Please enter the name of the playlist and confirm creating it.
3. Once the playlist is added, add the Spotify songs you wish to embed for playing on your website to it one by one.
How to Create Spotify Playlist on Desktop

How to customize the layout of the embedded Spotify playlist?

Even though you are adding the Spotify playlist to the website through the embed code, you can still take full control of personalizing the layout of it to customize the web page to look better. In the following, there are several tips to assist you with editing the Spotify playlist layout after embedding it to the website:
Add Spotify Playlist Code
Adjust playlist size: Please open the Text view of the HTML editor. From the code, find “width=’xxx’height=’xxx'” code to adjust the numbers, then you can flexibly adjust the size of the Spotify playlist in preferences.
Show cover art: Want to show the cover art of the Spotify playlist to enable a better look of the web page? Simply find the link to the Spotify playlist in the embed code. Then by adding “&view=coverart” at the end of the link, then the cover art of the playlist can be revealed on the website.
Adjust Spotify playlist theme: For personalizing a unique theme to make the embedded Spotify playlist look better, find its link from the HTML code and add “&theme=white” at the end. You can freely adjust the color from white to others to create a better appearance for the embedded Spotify playlists on websites.

How to directly download playlists from Spotify as MP3?

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Download Songs from Spotify to MP3

Final Words

To sum up, when Spotify has officially provided ways for you to get the embedded codes or links to place on websites, it is available for anyone to embed a Spotify playlist to the website and prompt the music you like. Simply follow this tutorial and you can get on the right way to process it. Please try now!