How to Download Amazon Playlist for Free

Amazon Music is a music streaming platform and online music store that provides users with over 200 million songs to enjoy online. Online streaming, however, is not always as perfect as you might wish; it requires more cellular data and a stable Internet connection, especially for premium-quality songs. Also, once the service expires, you will no longer be able to play Amazon Music online. Not to mention all the songs you downloaded offline.
It is easy for you to download Amazon songs one by one, but you may want to save the whole playlist while retaining the original audio quality. Also, if it is possible to export all playlists to MP3, you can listen to songs much more conveniently on devices that don’t come with internet access such as some old MP3 players. Besides, having MP3 backups for all songs from your playlists, you can even transfer these MP3 local files to other music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music if you decide to shift to a different streaming service someday.
You can listen to it on other MP3 players or transfer it to other platforms, such as Spotify and iTunes. The following sections will show you how to download Amazon Music playlists to your computer for free. Let’s go ahead.

How to Download Amazon Music Playlists for Offline Playback

As noted above, Amazon Music is only available before the subscription expiration date. If you are looking for a program that can download and save Amazon Music playlists to local files, or even play them on other devices, then look no further than MuConvert Amazon Music Converter.

It’s a professional, easy-to-use app that helps you increase downloading efficiency. With MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, you can convert Amazon Music to multiple compatible audio formats, making offline Amazon Music playback better than ever.

More Reasons to Love MuConvert Amazon Music Converter:

  • Free download of songs, playlists, and podcasts from the Amazon Music app
  • Convert Amazon Music for common files like MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC
  • Keep ID3 metadata tags including title, album, artist, and album cover
  • 5X faster to get music and playlists downloaded in batches
  • Retain lossless sound quality in the output audio file

After presenting you with the MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, you can convert your Amazon playlist to MP3 in just four simple steps.

4 Easy Steps to Export Amazon Playlist to MP3 via Muconvert

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Account

Once you have finished the installation, log in to your Amazon account to open the Amazon Web Player. After that, change the language depending on the region of your country.
Log in to Amazon Music


MuConvert Amazon Music Converter requires Windows 7 or later on 64-bit/Mac OS X 10.11 or later. Make sure your PC meets its requirements.

Step 2: Select the Amazon Music Playlist

At this part, you can click to open Amazon playlists, then click on the blue circle “+” icon to convert it to MP3 format or directly drag the playlist title to the blue circle “+” button.
Select Amazon Playlist to Convert

Step 3: Set up Playlist Output Format

You can go to “Convert all files to”, and then select MP3 format. When you are ready, select your music playlist in batch, then click the “Convert” or “Convert All” button to start conversion.
Select Amazon Music Output Format


MuConvert Amazon Music Converter supports customizable audio parameters. If you need to customize the output settings for each song. You can go to the advanced setting to modify based on your preference.

Set Up Amazon Music Advanced Settings

Step 4: Check Converted Playlists

When the conversion is finished, you can go to the “Finished” section and click “View Output File” to get the converted playlist where all the songs are in MP3 format.
Finish Converting Amazon Music to MP3

How to Download Amazon Playlist from Amazon Music App

Apart from using third-party software to download Amazon playlists, you also can export Amazon Music playlists by downloading them from Amazon Music app. Amazon Music has 3 subscription plans: Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Unlimited. But it shares the offline playback service with Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited, except for free subscribers.

In addition, all downloaded Amazon Playlist songs can only be played via the Amazon Music app, not to mention copied to a CD or other external storage device. For further details, you can visit the Amazon Help & Customer Service site. Here’s an easy guide on how to download Amazon Music from Amazon Music app.

1. Install the Amazon Music app on your computer.
2. Log in to your Amazon Music account.
3. Select the playlist you want to download.
4. Click the three dots (more options) menu and tap the Download button.
Download Amazon Playlist for Free
Although the Amazon Music app gives you the option to download offline playback, you get a lot of restrictions from it. That means you still have to hunt down a third-party tool to figure it out. That’s why we strongly recommend MuConvert Amazon Music Converter to you.

Bonus Tips: How to Export Amazon Music Playlist to Spotify

In this post, we also bring you bonus tips for Spotify users. For other music playlist exports, you can also transfer using other online tools, and while this is also extremely easy to operate, it has its drawbacks.
For example, the number of free transfer tracks is limited, the sound quality of the music is not guaranteed, and the song information is missing, etc. So MuConvert Amazon Music Converter is here to help you avoid the results above. And the entire conversion only needs 4 steps.
1. Log in to your Amazon Account.
2. Find Out the Amazon Music Playlist.
3. Select Your Output Format.
4. Complete the Conversion.


To download an Amazon Music playlist, you can definitely go for the Amazon Music app. However, when your subscription expires, the songs you downloaded will not be fully available to you. Therefore, the ideal way to download Amazon Music playlists and enjoy the ultimate music experience is to use MuConvert Amazon Music Converter.