How to Convert Amazon Prime M4A to MP3 320kbps

With so many audio file formats available, various music streaming platforms take different audio formats for their respective advantages. For example, MP3 is well-known for taking up less digital space and WAV offers lossless audio quality. For Amazon Music, M4A is the preferred format. Amazon M4A is a music format encoded with special copy protection from Amazon. Songs from this platform are all encrypted in M4A format so that they can only be played on the Amazon Music app. Also, users whose subscriptions ended will no longer be able to play any Amazon Prime Music songs, including the downloaded songs.
Due to these two disadvantages, it is recommended to convert Amazon Prime M4A music tracks to MP3 as MP3 provides universal compatibility which enables you to play converted songs on almost every device whenever you want, bringing you a convenient listening experience.

What's the Different Between M4A and MP3?

What's M4A?

M4A stands for MPEG-4 Audio, and is the file extension of MPEG-4 audio files. In other words, when an audio file is stored in the MPEG-4 format, it has a suffix at the end of its filename. That is .m4a. M4A audio files are encoded with AAC or ALAC. The former means the M4A files belong to lossy compression, whereas the latter is lossless compression. Still, M4A files tend to be considered lossy compression as M4A files are largely encoded with AAC. The use of AAC ensures an audio file has higher sound quality with a smaller file size by increasing the compression rate. Despite these advantages, files in the M4A format are only compatible with a few and limited devices and platforms.

What's MP3?

MP3, short for MPEG Audio Layer-3, is a popular format for compressed audio files. Storing an audio file in MP3 can reduce its file size to one-tenth or even twelfth of the original one by discarding some data of the audio file. Though the loss of data leads to a difference in sound quality between the compressed MP3 file and the original one, this does not make the compressed file sound worse than the original one as the discarded sound is hard to be noticed or not audible to most humans.
Despite the fact that MP3 is lossy compression, it still can provide you with a satisfying listening experience. MP3 has a bit rate that ranges from 90kbps to 320kbps. The higher the bitrate is, the better the sound quality of the MP3 file. A 320-kbps file delivers great audio quality which is considered almost the same as lossless-compression music tracks. Since MP3 offers smaller file sizes and good audio quality, the majority of audio files available today are in MP3 format. Furthermore, MP3 files are compatible with almost all devices, music players, and platforms, making MP3 the ideal option when you want to save music tracks without any restrictions and play them on your mobile device.

Different Between M4A and MP3

Compatibility compatible with limited devices compatible with most devices
Compression highly compressed less compressed
Quality high audio quality compromised audio quality
With higher audio quality and smaller size, M4A is considered better than MP3. However, this is not always true. As most normal people may want to play music tracks whenever they want, high compatibility becomes the top concern, making the MP3 format more ideal and popular. MP3 files enable you to play music tracks on a wide range of software and devices, such as Mac, iOS, iPad, and Windows.

Convert Amazon M4A to MP3: Tool Required

If you listen to songs on Amazon Music and also happen to be one of its Prime subscribers, you may find Amazon Prime Music songs are protected in M4A format and can only be played on its official platform in shuffle mode, which means that you are not able to select and play a specific song you want to listen to or repeat the current song over and over. Worse still, Amazon Prime Music songs you downloaded before cannot be played once your membership expires. To solve all these problems, you can convert Amazon Prime Music songs from M4A to MP3 with the help of MuConvert Amazon Music Converter.
MuConvert Amazon Music Converter is a professional and effective software used for converting Amazon Music songs protected in M4A format to a wide range of audio formats, enabling you to play Amazon Prime Music songs on any device anytime. Better still, the audio files converted by MuConvert can keep high quality as good as the original ones as the software provides various audio qualities. With its powerful functions, MuConvert makes it easy and convenient to convert, manage, and play audio files.
Key features
  • Provides multiple output formats – MuConvert Amazon Music Converter can convert audio files to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC audio formats so that you can flexibly play the songs with desired audio quality offline on any device and player.
  • Offers batch conversion and at least 5X times conversion speed – MuConvert supports batch conversion and its conversion speed exceeds 5X times to help users convert hundreds of Amazon Music songs in an easy and fast manner.
  • Preserves 100% lossless audio quality – MuConvert converts the original audio files to your desired audio format without any quality loss, allowing you to have a pleasant music playback experience.
  • Retains ID3 tags and metadata information (except for WAV) – After the conversion, the original ID3 tags like the title, artists, genre, and other track details will be stored automatically in the output audio files, which helps users manage the converted files with ease.
  • Customizes the audio parameters of the output files – MuConvert allows you to set audio parameters which include output format and folder, bit rate, and sample rate, to effectively manage the converted audio files and get your desired sound quality.
  • Automatic detection and user-friendly operation – With the clean and user-friendly interface, MuConvert is so easy to operate that you just drag and drop the audio files you want to convert to the converting list.

How to Convert Amazon Prime M4A to MP3

Now that we understand the advantages of MP3, the limitations of Amazon Prime M4A, and the powerful functions of MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, this part will introduce detailed steps of how to convert Amazon M4A files to MP3 files through the use of MuConvert.

STEP 1: Enter Amazon Music Web Player and Log in

First of all, download and launch MuConvert Amazon Music Converter. Then, a window will appear. Click Open the Amazon web player to jump to the built-in Amazon Music Player where Amazon Music songs are accessible to you. Before choosing and converting songs, you need to log in to your Amazon Music account on a pop-up login page.
Log in to Amazon Music

STEP 2: Select M4A Songs You Like to Convert

Once you have successfully logged in, you will have access to over 100 million songs as a Prime member. Choose a playlist and click the blue + button on the right side of the screen to add songs to the converting list. Or you can just drag any Amazon Prime Music song you want to convert to the icon.
Select Amazon Playlist to Convert

STEP 3: Choose MP3 as the Output Format and Reset Other Parameters

Click Output Format and choose MP3 as the output format for one single song. You can also set MP3 as the output format for all songs to be converted by simply clicking Convert all files to at the top right and choose MP3.
Select Amazon Music Output Format
Apart from the output format, you can set other parameters as you like to personalize the audio quality of the output file. Click the icon on the upper right corner and choose the Preferences option where you can set format, sample rate, and bit rate. Here, set the sample rate as 48,000 Hz and the bit rate as 320 kbps. Remember to click Save after customizing the parameters.
Set Up Amazon Music Advanced Settings

STEP 4: Start Converting Amazon Prime M4A Music to MP3

After completing the above steps, click Select All > Convert to start converting selected music songs to MP3. When the conversion is finished, click Finished to check all converted MP3 files.
Finish Converting Amazon Music to MP3


Although Prime members can play or download 100 million songs ad-free, they can neither pick and play songs they like nor listen to downloaded songs after the membership ends. Plus, Amazon Music M4A songs are not accessible to many devices and players. With the powerful MuConvert Amazon Music Converter, you can easily convert Amazon m4a to mp3, even from Amazon Unlimited m4a to mp3, bringing you the freedom to enjoy songs.