MuConvert Apple Music Converter: Better Than You Expected

To download Apple Music songs for offline playback, besides subscribing to Apple Music membership, now you have another option to do it – use an Apple Music Downloader that helps you remove DRM protection and convert songs in MP3 or M4A. When there are also more and more such tools provided, you may feel it hard to choose the best one.
Today, this review will focus on one of the best options, which is MuConvert Apple Music Converter,  to download Apple Music songs as normal digital audio files. By reviewing the software from all aspects, you will know the reasons that make it successful. Now, let’s have a look.

What is MuConvert Apple Music Converter? Can I Trust It?

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a Windows/Mac software that is developed to help people easily unlock the DRM protection from Apple Music songs, and download them as common media files for playback offline without any limitations.
If you are installing or using the software for the first time, you should not worry about MuConvert Apple Music Converter because of its great privacy protection. Inside the software, there won’t have any ads listed, and people won’t be asked to install any other bundled extension to process the Apple Music download, in order to prevent some hidden dangers such as viruses or malware get into your computers.
What’s more, MuConvert Apple Music Converter would also highly protect the safety of the user data, without damaging or stealing any information from your computers and leading to the potential danger of leaking user privacy.
The technical team of MuConvert is trained with professional skills to help people solve any problems while using the software, meanwhile, its mature Policy Privacy will also claim how it would access and use certain user information, making sure that users’ rights or privacy won’t be invaded unconsciously.
In a word, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is software that is worth trusting. When you are confused about some rules or have any feedback, the support team will always get ready to help.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter Review: What's in It for You?

Except for the safety of the software (the most important thing), how MuConvert Apple Music Converter can help is another factor that makes you select the tool. When MuConvert Apple Music Converter attracted so many users from all over the world, the main reasons they selected the software can be concluded as the following ones. Now, see the main features of MuConvert Apple Music Converter and decide whether it is the tool you need.

Auto DRM Removal

When Apple has used the DRM protection to keep the Apple Music songs safe from being copied, downloaded, or transferred freely, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can help to remove the protection when it actually brings inconvenience to manage the songs and enjoy offline.
Only by processing several easy clicks, people can get the DRM-free Apple Music songs saved offline without worrying about the membership expiration. Even if you have canceled the Apple Music membership subscription, the offline music library can be kept forever.

Multiple Output Format

To make sure that the downloaded Apple Music songs can be played on more devices or using other players instead of inside Apple Music or iTunes only, MuConvert Apple Music Converter has provided the most commonly-used formats, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC to output the songs. When you get the DRM-free music files in these common formats, you can save them for free playback without limitations any more.

Fast Speed and Original Quality

MuConvert Apple Music Converter will help to save time when you have a batch of Apple Music songs to download – it can process the batch download to save a list of Apple Music songs offline at once with a 5X faster speed.
At the same time, MuConvert Apple Music Converter will keep the high quality (such M4A in 256kbps) to output the songs and make sure that people can have the same music streaming experience after downloading the songs offline.

ID3 Tags & Metadata Info Preservation

Another great advantage of MuConvert Apple Music Converter should be its ability to save the ID3 information for each Apple Music song. With this function, it would be convenient for people to manage the offline music library, especially when they have processed downloading lots of Apple Music songs at once. The saved metadata information can help people order the files by their titles, artists, or albums easily.

In-Built Apple Music Player

The updated MuConvert Apple Music Converter has designed the in-built Apple Music Web Player for people to directly sign in and process the music download without installing iTunes anymore. This helps to save even more time as people can directly search for any Apple Music songs or playlists inside MuConvert Apple Music Converter to download them in just one click.
If you have installed the old version, it is recommended to reinstall the latest version to enjoy the great convenience brought by the latest MuConvert Apple Music Converter software!

Is MuConvert Apple Music Converter Free?

Some people would ask, is MuConvert Apple Music Converter a free tool to use? Unfortunately, this software also requires users to pay for downloading Apple Music songs without any limitations. But it still provides the free version – with the limitation that allows people to convert only 3 minutes of each song.
As a result, you would need to upgrade to the full version and unlock this limitation. MuConvert provides 3 plans to select from, including the 1-month plan (USD 14.95), 1-year plan (USD 49.95), and lifetime plan (USD 79.95).
MuConvert Apple Music Converter Free Version Limitation

Hands-on Experience of Using MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Now, install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and follow this hands-on tutorial to learn the way of using the software to download DRM-free Apple Music songs offline.


When you open MuConvert Apple Music Converter on your computer after installing it, you will see the GIF guide on how to use the software, with a button provided below to enter the home screen of the Apple Music Web Player. On this screen, you will simply learn how MuConvert Apple Music Converter works to help to download Apple Music songs.
Welcome Page of Converter

Open the Apple Web Player

When you click the “Open the Apple web player” button on the welcome page, you will enter the home screen of the in-built Apple Music Web Player. This is the official one developed by Apple, and MuConvert Apple Music Converter has used it inside to bring a more convenient music download service to you.

Sign in with Apple ID

When you are in the Apple Music Web Player, you need to sign in using your Apple ID to access the music library (using the free account is available). Or not, you won’t be able to download Apple Music songs within MuConvert Apple Music Converter.
Log in to Apple Music

Select Apple Music Songs

After the login, you can browse the songs or playlists you want to remove DRM and download as common music files in the web player directly.
Add Apple Music Songs to Convert


Once you find the songs you are going to download offline, drag them to the “+” button and MuConvert Apple Music Converter will convert the songs for you.
Converting Apple Music

Set Output Format

The output format for downloading the Apple Music songs can be selected on the top-right corner of the screen once you add the songs to the conversion window. There are 4 options provided, which are MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
Select Output Format

Advanced Setting

Except for the format, MuConvert Apple Music Converter also allows people to freely adjust the SampleRate and Bitrate before downloading the songs offline. By doing this, you need to open the “Preferences” setting window in “Menu” and switch to the “Advanced” tab.
Advanced Settings on Converter

Finish Converting

MuConvert Apple Music Converter will begin to process the Apple Music conversion only by clicking the “Convert All” button. With the 5X faster speed, you will get the Apple Music songs downloaded offline just by waiting for a short moment.
Finished Converting Apple Music

In Conclusion

Even though there are many well-known Apple Music Downloaders provided online, many people would still choose MuConvert Apple Music Converter for its convenient download function (the in-built Apple Music Web Player is one of the reasons it beats many other competitors), great output quality, and also fast downloading speed. Now, you can freely install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and try its free version before paying for its full version.