“This song is not currently available in your country or region.”

Such an Apple Music region error may occur right on the way to your music trip. Why do songs become unavailable on Apple Music? Due to licensing agreements or copyright laws, regional restrictions will be imposed by Apple.

Besides, this error may be caused by other reasons like outdated iOS, incorrect settings, or VPN blocking access. Just take it easy. This guide will introduce 10 workable solutions to the Apple Music song not available in region issue for you. Now, let’s grasp the ideas here.

10 Fixes to Apple Music Not Available in Your Region

Fix 1. Sign Out and Sign in Apple ID Again

If Apple Music fails to recognize your Apple ID, it may not play the songs for you. As a result, one of the most efficient ways for you is to try signing out your Apple ID and then signing in once again. This solution will help the server to reconnect to your account and update your info. When Apple Music detects your account as usual, the Apple Music not available in region or country problem will be solved and you can play the songs now.

  • iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” > “Your Apple ID” > “Media & Purchases” > “Sign Out” then sign in again.
  • Mac: Launch the “Music” app and select “Account” > “Sign Out” then sign in to your Apple ID again.
Sign Out Apple Music iPhone

Fix 2. Disable or Switch Your VPN

Apple Music will distribute different content based on the region or county. Therefore, you can choose a reliable VPN to change your current IP to somewhere Apple Music is available. In this way, the Apple Music app not available in your country or region will be resolved. However, it will also pop up “this song is not currently available in your country or region” if your VPN is routing somewhere Apple Music doesn’t cover. In this case, you should disable the VPN as follows.

  • iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” and toggle off the “VPN” button.
  • Mac: Navigate to “System Settings” > “Network” > “VPN” > “Disconnect”.
Disable VPN on Mac/iPhone

Fix 3. Change Your Country and Region

If you are moving from one region to another one for life, work, or study, remember to switch the country setting to make Apple Music songs playable. Simply by doing several clicks to change your region, the Apple Music not available in your region error can be easily solved.


Ensure that your current region allows access to Apple Music. If not, consider using a VPN or downloading Apple Music to the local music library.

  • iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” > “Your Apple ID” > “Media & Purchases” > “View Account” > “Country/Region” and change it to your current region.
  • Mac: Open the “Music” app or “Finder” and click “Account” > “Change Country or Region”
Change Your Country and Region on iPhone/Mac

Fix 4. Force Close Apple Music and Restart

Another possible reason causing Apple Music songs not available in your region may be the fact the app has stored too much cache, making it fail to connect with the music database and play the song for you. To make the Apple Music app work properly again without notifying you that you are not playing the songs available in your region, try force-closing the app and then reopening it again.

iPhone/iPad: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the multi-task screen and swipe up the Apple Music app to force close it.

Force Apple Music App to Close on iPhone

Mac: Press the “Option”, “Command”, and “Escape” keys together. Then, select the “Music” app and click “Force Quit” to close the app.

Force Quit Apple Music on Mac

Fix 5. Delete and Re-Add the Song

You can also try removing the songs and then adding them back again to see if the Apple Music song not available in your region issue can be fixed. Although not all the songs are suitable for using this method, you can still try it by following the steps below:

STEP 1. From your Apple Music playlist, find out the grey-out Apple Music songs.

STEP 2. Click the setting icon and then choose “Delete from Library”.

STEP 3. Search for the same song and add it back to your library again.

Delete Songs from Apple Music Library

Fix 6. Disable iCloud Music Sync and Reopen

If you have paid for Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, you’ll be able to take advantage of iCloud Music Library, a sync service offered by Apple. This will allow you to stream and download songs from Apple Music or to up to 10 devices. Besides, it can sync your library to all supported devices.

However, it may also lead to Apple Music songs not available in your region due to an unsuccessful sync of data. In this case, you can follow the tutorial to turn it off and on later, but that will remove all your songs except the downloads.

iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” > “Music” and turn off “Sync Libray”. Then, enable it again.

Disable iCloud Music Sync on iPhone

Mac: Open the “Music” app and select “Preferences” > “General”. Next, uncheck “Sync Library”.

Disable iCloud Music Sync on Mac

Windows: Open the “iTunes” app and choose “Edit” > “Preferences”. Next, uncheck “Sync Library”.

Disable iCloud Music Sync on Windows PC

Fix 7. Reset Warnings in Apple Music or iTunes

Apple Music has a System Warning capability on Mac and Windows. To reset this feature, any outdated or corrupted data will be cleared, and the Apple Music song not available in region problem can be fixed. This is easy to follow as shown below.


Note that the steps are the same in iTunes for Windows.

STEP 1. Launch the Music app on Mac.

STEP 2. Select “Music” > “Settings” on the left top menu.

STEP 3. Switch to “Advanced” and click “Reset Warnings”.

Reset Warnings in Apple Music on Mac

Fix 8. Update or Reinstall the Apple Music App

Apple continues to improve and optimize the Apple Music app. An outdated version is prone to experiencing unexpected system glitches. Thus, you may consider updating the Apple Music app to the latest version. Moreover, if you want to address all hiccups for good, including Apple Music songs not available in your region, you can reinstall the app.

Update the Apple Music App

Fix 9. Update iOS or macOS

The Apple Music region error seems to happen when the version of the Apple Music app has a compatibility problem with the current operating system. If your Apple Music app is already up to date, then try to upgrade iOS or macOS to fix it. Many users find this workaround more helpful than expected.

iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” and hit “Download and Install”.

Update iOS on iPhone

Mac: Choose “Apple” menu > “System Settings”/”System Preferences”, and select “Software Update” > “Upgrade Now”.

Update macOS on Mac

Fix 10. How to Keep Apple Music Available in Region Forever

If you are getting tired of receiving the “this song is not currently available in your country or region” error and want to enjoy all Apple Music songs no matter in what region, it’s always a good idea to download all Apple Music songs for offline playback.

And MuConvert Apple Music Converter can be a great helper. It has gained great popularity among Apple Music listeners, for it allows batch downloads of single songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts as many as you want. Thanks to its excellent DRM removal technology, all downloaded songs are free from restrictions of supported regions, devices, and availability. It now offers a free trial on Windows/Mac to let you enjoy the best listening experience anywhere at any time.

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You’ll be able to permanently fix the Apple Music not available in your region error after learning how to download Apple Music songs without any regional restriction.

STEP 1. Click the button below and install the software. Then, launch MuConvert Apple Music Converter.

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STEP 2. Enter the Apple Music web player and log in to your Apple ID.

Sign in to Apple Music

STEP 3. Drag the song or album/playlist to the “Convert” button to start fetching resources.

STEP 4. Click “≡” to open the “Preference” window. Next, change the settings to your liking.

Select Apple Music Output Settings

STEP 5. Choose your desired Apple Music songs and click “Convert All“. When done, switch to the “Finished” tab and open the folder. You can now transfer the downloaded songs to any device and listen to your favorites anywhere.

Download Apple Music without Regional Limitation

In Conclusion

These 10 fixes are proven to work and solve the Apple Music region error. You may want to start from the first to try them out one after one. To completely avoid Apple Music songs not available in region or country, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is the optimal solution that lets you download your favorite tracks without DRM restrictions. From now on, you can take your music with you and enjoy high-res songs offline in any region and country you want.

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