How to Play Spotify on PS4 While Playing A Game

Can I play Spotify on PS4 while playing game with my friends? Some Spotify users with the PS4 device may wonder this question. They consider whether Spotify Music can be played on PS4.

The good news is that Spotify can be compatible on both Sony PS3 as well as PS4, meaning that both Spotify free and premium users can enjoy the music playback on PS4 while playing the games. So, in today’s article, we will mainly introduce the way to install Spotify app on PS4 to play songs while playing games, and a bonus tip to let you download Spotify songs offline on PS4 for playing without taking up the Internet. If you also need, now, you can have a look.


How to Download Spotify App and Link Accounts

PS4 has launched the PlayStation Music app on the device, which is developed by Sony. This app has cooperated with Spotify to provide the best music playback experience to users. So, if you have a Spotify account already, directly sign in to link with your own Spotify Music library and you can enjoy the music on PS4 successfully. Now, simply follow the steps here to install Spotify in PlayStation Music and link the Spotify account for listening to the songs on PS4 while playing games.

Step 1. Open the “PlayStation Store” on PS4, then you should search for Spotify app here to “Download” it.

Step 2. After installing Spotify, open the software and click “LOG IN” to sign in your Spotify account.

Link Spotify Account to PS4

You can also directly sign up for a new Spotify account on PS4 if you haven’t had one. Once complete, you successfully link the Spotify account to PS4. Then go to the next part and see how to play Spotify Music or podcasts while playing games on PS4.

How to Play Spotify Songs and Podcasts while Playing Games on PS4

You may also wonder if you can directly play Spotify Music while playing games on PS4. Of course, by turning on the Spotify Music for playing in the background, you can have a more enjoyable gaming process from then on. Let’s also see how to play Spotify songs or podcasts on PS4 while gaming.

Step 1. On your PS4, directly press and hold the PS button on the console controller to open the quick menu.

Step 2. From the quick menu, choose “Music” and then open Spotify.

Step 3. Now, play the Spotify Music. Then with the songs playing, you can open a game and play with the music playing in the background.

Play Spotify Music on PS4 Offline with MuConvert (Hot)

However, although Spotify can be compatible on PS4 to play Spotify Music directly while playing games, sometimes Spotify would fail to work properly. For example, the app would easily get frozen, PS4 doesn’t have enough storage to save more Spotify songs offline, or the songs fail to be played online when PS4 is not connected to the Internet.

Therefore, to have a more convenient Spotify music playback experience on PS4, you can consider to use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to download the Spotify playlists and podcasts offline on computers at first, then transfer to PS4 for playback without any limitations, even without Internet connection.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is a powerful and professional Spotify Music Downloader, which only needs several easy steps to download Spotify playlists or podcasts to MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC audio files offline, then people can directly save the songs to any devices such as PS4 for playback offline without the need of using Spotify app.

Key Features:

  • Directly connects to Spotify Web Player to analyze Spotify playlists directly
  • Provides common and popular formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to download Spotify songs and podcasts easily
  • Saves the converted Spotify Music in original quality with all ID3 information kept
  • Removes all ads to let you have the ads-free Spotify Music playback even without Spotify Premium
  • Supports up to 5X faster speed to download Spotify Music in batch

Step 1. Install MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and Sign in

When you have installed MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on the Windows/Mac computer, open the software and then open the in-built Spotify Web Player. Directly click the “LOG IN” button to sign in your Spotify account.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs or Podcasts to Download

After signing in the web player, directly find the Spotify songs or podcasts you want to download then listen back on PS4. Directly drag them to the “+” button and MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will analyze them immediately.

Step 3. Select Output Format to Download Spotify Songs or Podcasts

Now, select an output format to download the analyzed Spotify songs or podcasts from the “Convert all files to” format menu. You have MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to select.

Choose Spotify Songs from Playlist to Rip

If you want to customize other parameters such as the “SampleRate” and “Bitrate”, you should go to “Preferences” in the setting menu, then open the “Advanced” tab.

Change Parameters in Advanced Settings

Step 4. Start Downloading Spotify Songs and Podcasts Offline

When the settings are done, start the downloading process by clicking the “Convert All” button. Then MuConvert Spotify Music Converter will begin to download the songs and podcasts to your selected format offline.

Rip Whole Spotify Playlist in TuneFab

Step 5. Move Downloaded Spotify Music to PS4

After the Spotify songs or podcasts are downloaded, now use a USB hard drive to save them. Then by importing the USB to your PS4 device, you can add the downloaded Spotify songs to PS4 for directly playing before playing games!

Play Spotify Music on PS4

In Conclusion

It is a simple thing for PS4 users to play Spotify Music while playing games, because Spotify is now compatible with the device. If you want to enjoy Spotify Music offline on PS4 without the app, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter can also help. You can try it to download Spotify songs or podcasts to realize the free playback on PS4 now, and it would be easy to use!