In today’s music landscape, enthusiasts demand more than just standard audio quality. They crave the rich, immersive experience that HD and ultra-HD music can provide. As their quest for superior sound extends beyond high-end audio systems and headphones, they turn to platforms like Amazon Music HD for an enhanced sonic journey. Do you know how to get Amazon Music HD downloaded?

We’re here to show you how to officially download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD for offline playback. Besides, we also ​provide a clear path for those seeking free HD music unlimited downloads. Join us and enjoy the ultimate Amazon Music listening experience.

All You Need to Know About Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD

Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD is a premium music streaming service that caters to audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking the highest possible audio quality. It offers more than 70 million songs in HD, and millions of songs in Ultra HD and 3D audio selections. Here are some key points you need to know about Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD:

Eligibility: To access the superior sound quality offered by Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD, users must subscribe to Amazon Music HD, which is Amazon’s highest-quality streaming option.

Audio Quality: Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD stands out for its impeccable audio quality, preserving every detail of the original recording without compression. This results in a pristine and authentic listening experience.

– Amazon Music HD is equal to CD-quality audio (aka, “lossless”). It doubles the bitrate of standard definition streaming services and preserves the detail of the original recording.

– Amazon Music Ultra HD is better than CD-quality audio (up to 24-bit, 192 kHz). It provides more than 10 times the bitrate of standard definition streaming services and captures the nuance of the studio recording.

Wide Device Compatibility: Users can enjoy Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and home audio systems. It’s designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Immersive 3D Audio: Some tracks are available in immersive 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio, providing a truly captivating listening experience with spatial sound.

Offline Listening: Subscribers can download their favorite high-quality tracks for offline listening, making it convenient for on-the-go music enjoyment without the need for an internet connection.

How to Download HD/Ultra HD Music from Amazon Music with Amazon Unlimted Account

Once you’ve subscribed to Amazon Music HD, you have the privilege of downloading high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (Ultra HD) music for offline listening. You can access the music on Amazon Music APP or Amazon Music Website, depending on your device. Here’s how to do it.

Get Amazon Music HD Download on Computer

Downloading HD/Ultra HD music on your computer is straightforward, and it allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks with top-notch audio quality even when you’re offline. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Amazon Music HD website.

Step 2. Sign in to your Amazon Music HD account if you haven’t already. If you have subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, you need to upgrade your subscription.

Step 3. Browse through the extensive music library or use the search function to find the HD/Ultra HD tracks you want to download.

Step 4. Click on the album or individual songs you wish to download. Then, click the “three-dot” icon.

Click to Download Amazon Music HD

Step 5. Select “Download” and the chosen tracks will begin downloading to your computer. Once the download is complete, you can find the files in your designated download folder.

Get Amazon Music HD Download on Mobile

The download steps are similar to the ones for Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music Prime. If you have previously downloaded tracks using Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, you will have to perform a fresh download to access the HD versions. HD music takes up more space on your device.

Step 1. Launch the Amazon Music app on your mobile device.

Step 2. Log in to your Amazon Music HD account if you’re not already signed in.

Step 3. Explore the vast music library by browsing or using the search feature to find the HD/Ultra HD tracks you want.

Step 4. Tap the “three-dot” option next to the album or individual songs you’d like to download. Choose “Download”.

Step 5. Now, Amazon adds your song to your download list.

Mobile Phone Download Amazon Music HD

Once the downloads are complete, you can enjoy your high-resolution music on the go, even without an internet connection.

How to Download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD as Local MP3

While the official methods mentioned earlier allow you to download Amazon Music HD tracks, there’s a limitation – these downloads are locked to the Amazon Music app or compatible devices. You can’t easily transfer them to non-official devices or players due to Amazon’s encryption. This means that even with a subscription, you don’t truly own these songs.

If you want a permanent solution to download Amazon Music HD tracks to your computer for offline listening and greater flexibility, there’s an alternative approach: MuConvert Amazon Music Converter. This powerful converter can convert all your Amazon-encrypted music into MP3 format. This format is universally compatible, making it easy to transfer to other devices or play on different media players. If you have specific format requirements or seek lossless quality, this software can also download Amazon Music into formats like FLAC, WAV, M4A, and more to cater to your diverse needs.

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Free Download
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Key Features of MuConvert Amazon Music Converter:
  • Download songs from Amazon Free, Prime, Unlimited, or HD.
  • Retain the original audio quality of your downloaded Amazon Music.
  • Maintain Amazon Music metadata with ID3 tags for convenient organization.
  • Efficiently convert multiple Amazon songs and podcasts at speeds of up to 10X faster.
  • Features a built-in Amazon Music web player and flexible parameter settings.
  • Store Amazon Music locally for flexible offline playback on various devices.

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of using MuConvert Amazon Music Converter for downloading Amazon Music HD tracks and enjoying them with greater freedom.

Step 1. Download and install the MuConvert Amazon Music Converter software on your computer. After installation, launch the program and click “Open the Amazon web player”.

Welcome Page

Step 2. Sign in to your Amazon Music account within the software. This will allow you to access your Amazon Music library.

Amazon Music Account Login

Step 3. Browse your Amazon Music library and select the HD tracks you want to download. Then click on the blue floating “+” icon to add the song to the download list. Or directly drag the song or playlist title to the blue “+” button.

Select Amazon Playlist

Step 4. Choose your preferred output format and audio quality in”Convert all files to”. You can opt for MP3 for universal compatibility or select lossless formats like FLAC for the best quality.

Select Output Format for Amazon Music

Step 5. Finally, click the “Convert All” button to start the conversion process. Once the conversion is complete, you can locate your downloaded Amazon Music HD tracks on your computer. They are now ready for offline playback on any device or player that supports the chosen format.

View Output File


With Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD, you can elevate your music listening experience with high-quality audio. Whether you prefer to listen on your computer or mobile device, this guide has shown you how to download these premium tracks for offline playback. For those looking to convert and enjoy Amazon Music on various devices, consider using our recommended product MuConvert Amazon Music Converter for a seamless experience. Enjoy your music in the highest fidelity possible!

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