How to Convert Protected AAC Audio Files to MP3

Nowadays, music plays an important role in our daily life, which helps us relax and kill spare time. However, it would turn you down when you discover a batch of protected AAC songs saved in your iTunes Library and you even could not convert them to MP3 for playing on other devices such as Android or MP3 players.

Don't be frustrated anymore! In fact, there are still ways working to convert protected AAC files to MP3, even with the protection unlocked. Please read the post and you will find the answers.

Apple Music Higher Quality

What is a Protected AAC Audio File?

Normally, AAC audio format is not the encrypted encoders. As in 2009, when Apple Inc. introduced AAC formats to encode the music content in iTunes, the company also added the DRM restriction, a technology means to protect the copyright of the streaming media, to the iTunes AAC files. Since then, the AAC audio files come from Apple Music and iTunes are all known as the "protected" audios.

What is the core difference between the protected AAC files and the free ones? The distinguishing attribution of the protected AAC audios refer to the restrictions added on them - people will not be able to download or play the protected AAC audios outside Apple's supported media players, including Apple Music and iTunes. Under this circumstance, the protected AAC audios are prohibited to stream on other players casually.

Best Tool Recommended to Convert Protected AAC File to MP3

With the technology developed, there are DRM removal programs invented for resolving such obstacles and bring free back to the protected AAC audios again. In other words, when you find a reliable program, it will be an easy task for you to convert protected AAC files to MP3. And MuConvert Apple Music Converter is the top-ranking program among all the solutions today.

Why is MuConvert Apple Music Converter? There come different ideas when people select their preferred program to convert the protected AAC files. But there are still some common and basic qualifications they should meet, such as the format selection, output sound quality, and effortless performance. MuConvert Apple Music Converter functions in an excellent way and it meets all the basic standards people wish from a professional AAC converters. In the following, you can preview the sparkling features that MuConvert Apple Music Converter can offer:

  • All protected music from Apple supported: It is available to convert protected Apple Music, iTunes songs, and Audible books with DRM restriction removed.
  • Effortless and speedy music conversion: The batch conversion feature, 10X faster converting speed, and easy-using interface all contribute to higher productivity of the program.
  • The 100% original conversion ensured: The program can manage the music conversion at 100% original quality, even detects the source ID3 tags for retaining and editing during the conversion procedures.
  • Transfer the converted music to any player: By providing the popular audio formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and AU, people can get the protected music free of protection for utilizing any media player for music streaming.

From the easy manipulation to 100% original outputs, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is the best program providing people with fascinating DRM removal function. In the following part, you will also be guided through the detailed steps on manipulating the program to convert protected AAC files to MP3. Please keep on reading.

How to Convert Protected AAC Audio File to MP3 Successfully

To simplify the conversion process, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can synchronize with iTunes for loading the protected AAC files automatically. The comprehensive guidance here will guide you to manipulate the program to easily convert protected AAC to MP3 on computers.

Step 1. Select the Protected AAC Files to Convert

When MuConvert Apple Music Converter is installed on your computer, open it and the program will activate iTunes. After synchronizing with iTunes Library, you will find the playlist saved in iTunes will automatically be loaded in MuConvert Apple Music Converter. Next, you just need to check the AAC protected audios you wish to convert.

Choose M4P Songs to Convert

Step 2. Specify Output Format and Adjust Parameters

In Output Settings, people can specify the output format as MP3 for converting the protected AAC audios to. Right beside the format selection column, you can also adjust the audio parameters such as Codec, SampleRate, Bitrate, and Channels.

Select M4A As Output Format

Step 3. Locate An Output Folder

Another setting you can make in Output Settings is to alter the default output folder to a specific one if you wish to manage the converted files more conveniently. Simply click on the three-dots icon beside Output Folder for browsing a location to save the output audios.

Alter Output Folder

Step 4. Edit the Metadata Information

Besides the Output Settings, under the Metadata tab, people can preview and edit the metadata information of the song. MuConvert Apple Music Converter will retain them after converting the audios to MP3 files.

Edit Metadata

Step 5. Initiate the AAC to MP3 Conversion

After the output settings are adjusted and the output location is selected, tap the Convert button and the selected protected AAC audios will be added to the converting list and transcode to MP3 files. When the conversion process is done, you will get the DRM-free MP3 files saved on you selected output folder.

Convert M4P to M4A Format

As MuConvert Apple Music Converter has sped up the conversion process, it won't take a long period to convert even hundreds of files. It will be your most reliable partner to convert AAC files at once!

Converting Protected AAC Audio Files to MP3 Format with iTunes

For Apple customers, you must be familiar with iTunes, the application launched by Apple Inc. to purchase, manage, play, and synchronize media content on computers. In fact, iTunes also provides a bonus feature allowing people to convert the protected AAC audios to MP3 inside the application.

Convert AAC to MP3 with iTunes Match

For iTunes Match subscribers, Apple allows you to upgrade the protected AAC audio files to iTunes Plus, the DRM-free audio format. Through this way, you can get the protected AAC files unlocked and then converted to MP3 format. Go ahead with the following steps after getting the DRM-free AAC songs.

  1. Open iTunes and turn to Preferences.
  2. Click on the Import Settings option, subsequently, select MP3 Encoder as the formet to import audio files.
  3. In iTunes Library, select the AAC audio files you wish to convert to MP3.
  4. Click on File >> Convert >> Create MP3 Version, the AAC audio files can be converted to MP3 format properly.
Convert Apple Music to MP3 iTunes

Convert AAC to MP3 By Burning to CD

For people who haven't subscribed to iTunes Match, another option to convert protected AAC files to MP3 is to burn the audios to CD, then return them back to the computer utilizing iTunes again. Therefore, you ought to prepare a blank CD disc to keep the converted AAC files. In the following, the detailed steps are provided.

  1. Create a new playlist in iTunes and add all the protected AAC files you wish to burn to CD to the playlist.
  2. Subsequently, insert the blank CD to the computer, and select the playlist for starting to burn to the CD.
  3. Once burned, utilizing iTunes for putting the converted MP3 songs from CD using MP3 encoder again, and you can get the AAC files converted to MP3 files.
Burn Audiobooks to CD


Removing DRM restriction from AAC files is the core procedure for converting the audios to MP3. Knowing this basic, the best way to target the problem is utilizing MuConvert Apple Music Converter to help, which can combine the DRM removal and AAC to MP3 conversion at once. For enjoying a time-saving manipulation to convert protected AAC audios, it is your must-have option.

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