How to Crossfade Songs on Apple Music (A Step-by-Step Guide)

What is crossfading? Crossfading means the overlapping connects the end of one song and the beginning of the next one. When the music playlist is designed with nice crossfading, people can enjoy the music playback in a smooth way, as the transitions between songs are edited with good crossfading skills. 

So, when you want to enjoy Apple Music in a continuous and nonstop way, you begin to wonder if Apple Music has the crossfading function, or how to crossfade Apple Music when it doesn’t provide such a feature. Now, this article will offer you help. Just have a look.


Does Apple Music Have Crossfade?

For Apple Music users who want to enjoy smooth music playback continuously, you may wonder if Apple Music has the crossfading feature? Unfortunately, Apple Music has provided the crossfading option on Windows, Mac, and Android, it doesn’t provide the same service on its own iOS devices. 

At present, there only has the “Automatic” option provided on iOS for people to play Apple Music, and it seems that Apple doesn’t prepare to release the crossfading feature in the near future. That means, if you are an Android or desktop user, you can turn on the crossfade function to enjoy the smooth music playback in Apple Music. But for iOS users, you can’t do it with Apple Music app itself.

How to Crossfade Songs on Apple Music on Android/Mac/Windows?

As the official has provided the option to crossfade on Apple Music, in this part, let’s see how to turn on the feature on Android/Mac/Windows to have a smooth and continuous music playback experience.

How to Crossfade Apple Music on Android Devices?

Step 1. On Android device, open the Apple Music app and then click the three-dots icon on the top-right corner to choose “Settings”.

Step 2. Select “Audio”, then there will be the “Crossfade” option provided. Click it.

Step 3. In the menu, choose “Automatic” and then turn on the “Crossfade” feature. If you need to adjust the transition time, just select “Manual” and set it by yourself.

Android Crossfade Apple Music Songs

How to Crossfade on Apple Music on Mac

Step 1. On your Mac computer, you need to open the Music app.

Step 2. Then by clicking “Music” on the top screen bar, you can find “Preferences” and then also open the “Playback” tab.

Step 3. Like on Windows, just select the “Crossfade Songs” option and then drag the slider to adjust the transition time as you need.

Mac Crossfade Apple Music Songs

How to Make Songs Crossfade on iTunes on Windows

Step 1. Open iTunes on Windows. Then you need to go to “Edit” on the menu bar and choose “Preferences”.

Step 2. In the “Preferences” setting window, switch to the “Playback” tab.

Step 3. Just choose the “Crossfade Songs” option and adjust the time as you want.

iTunes Crossfade Apple Music Songs Windows

How to Make Apple Music Songs Fade in/Fade Out for iOS?

When Android, Windows, and Mac are all workable to crossfade on Apple Music, iOS seems to fail to provide the same enjoyable playback experience to people. But actually, even though Apple Music doesn’t provide the official method to crossfade Apple Music, people can still find another way to do it – just by downloading Apple Music songs first, then processing the crossfade with some simple audio editors. People can also simply crossfade on Apple Music then transfer the songs back on iPhone to enjoy a smooth playback experience. Now, you just need to follow the guide step-by-step to do it.

Download Apple Music Songs

Firstly, in order to download Apple Music songs to save outside Apple Music, making the audio editing can be processed conveniently, you will need to use a reliable Apple Music Downloader – MuConvert Apple Music Converter . This software can run fluently on both Windows and Mac, with the convenient function to let all Apple Music users download songs without needing to pay for the Apple Music membership.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter has provided the built-in Apple Music Web Player, so that people only have to sign in their Apple account, then they can browse all the Apple Music songs and select those they want to download. Even for the saved playlists in the library, they can access after signing in and select the whole lists to download all songs at once with high quality. MuConvert Apple Music Converter will provide the widely-used formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC to download as you want.

Key Features:

  • Allow free Apple Music users to sign in and directly download Apple Music songs from the official web player
  • Provide the most widely-used formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to download songs offline
  • Keep original Apple quality to save downloaded Apple Music songs
  • Save all the ID3 tags and metadata information for easier music management offline
  • Offer up to 10X faster speed to download Apple Music songs in batch
  • Provide the user-friendly UI to easily control the software

Steps to Download Apple Music Offline

Step 1. Sign in MuConvert Apple Music Converter and Select Songs

Open MuConvert Apple Music Converter after installing it on your computer. Then you should enter the built-in Apple Music Web Player to sign in using your own Apple account. After that, you can directly search for the songs you want to download in the web player as you want.

Log in to Apple Music

Step 2. Add Apple Music Songs to Download

Once you find the songs or playlists you want to download offline and crossfade them, just drag them to the “+” button and MuConvert Apple Music Converter will convert them for you. You can add as many songs as you want because the software supports processing batch download to save time.

Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings

When the Apple Music songs are added, now just go to the “Convert all files to” menu and choose one output format to download them. You will have 4 options, which are MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. Just choose the format you need.

Advanced Settings on Converter

Then also go to “Preferences” setting window, you can adjust “SampleRate” and “Bitrate” for downloading the Apple Music songs in the quality you like.

Step 4. Download Apple Music Songs Offline

Finally, when the parameter settings are also finished, just click the “Convert All” button and MuConvert Apple Music Converter will begin downloading the selected songs for you offline. When you access the downloaded Apple Music songs in the output folder, just continue the next process to crossfade Apple Music songs online.

Converting Apple Music

Crossfade Apple Music Songs

Now after you get the downloaded Apple Music songs, you can crossfade them using Clideo, an online editor available to fade in/fade out music files just by doing very simple clicks.

Step 1. Open Clideo Audio Cutter Online and click the Choose Files button to upload the downloaded Apple Music song to the editor.

Step 2. Then adjust the length of the song, and click the “Fade in” and “Fade out” option to crossfade Apple Music.

Step 3. Finally, click the “Export” button to save the music offline.

Crossfade Apple Music Songs

Transfer Crossfaded Apple Music Songs to iPhone

Now, just follow several more steps to transfer the crossfaded Apple Music songs to iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes and process adding the crossfaded Apple Music songs to the iTunes Library.

Step 2. Then in iTunes, select “File” on the menu bar and click “New” to “Create New Playlist” in the library. You can save all the crossfaded Apple Music songs in the new playlist directly.

Step 3. Now, connect your iPhone with iTunes using a USB cable. When iTunes detects the device, tap the device icon and go to the “Music” tab.

Step 4. Select to “Sync Music” by choosing the “Selected playlists, albums, artists, and genres” option. Just just select the created playlist with all crossfaded songs saved inside and click “Apply” to finish transferring them to your iPhone device.

iTunes Transfer Crossfaded Songs

In Conclusion

No matter you are using Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, you now get the suitable method to crossfade Apple Music songs easily. It should be noted that iOS doesn’t have the direct option to crossfade on Apple Music now, but you can use MuConvert Apple Music Converter to help you finish the process. It won’t be difficult to do if you can follow the tutorial above step-by-step. Now you can have a try!