5 Easy Steps to Stream Apple Music on Roku 2022

We know that Apple Music is the music streaming service developed for Apple Music devices. With more than 80 million of songs provided for playback, and other good features such as the lyrics display, Airplay and offline streaming, and so on, there are more and more people choose to join Apple Music for enjoy the music resources it offers.

However, it would still be a pity that Roku doesn't support the Apple Music channel for you to play the songs on TV. But don't worry now. With the reliable MuConvert Apple Music Converter, it becomes even much easier for people to play Apple Music on Roku with good audio quality. Now, see what this software is and how it works to help.


How to Get Apple Music on Roku

Why we would fail to get Apple Music outside Apple Music player and play the songs on Roku is because of the DRM protection Apple uses to protect all its songs provided in Apple Music. Also, Roku only supports to play music files that are in MP3 or M4A formats. But for Apple Music songs, they are all saved in protected M4P. As a result, to get Apple Music on Roku, you need to remove the DRM protection, and also convert the protected M4P format to MP3 or M4A for letting the songs can be supported by Roku.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter is such a tool that can help you do the two things at the same time. This software can run smoothly on both Windows and Mac computers, for bringing users the professional services to unlock DRM protection from Apple Music songs, and at the same time, convert them to common digital formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, and more with fast speed. As a result, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can be a good choice if you are considering playing Apple Music on Roku even it is not supported now.

Key Features:

  • Supports to remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes music and audiobooks in easy steps
  • Keeps the original quality for downloading the songs and audiobooks offline
  • Provides all widely used common formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU, and AIFF to download Apple Music or iTunes songs
  • Saves all the ID3 tags with downloaded songs for easily managing the music files offline
  • Supports up to 10X faster speed when it converts a list of songs or audiobooks at once

Steps to Remove DRM and Convert M4P Apple Music to MP3

Step 1. Install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and iTunes

Firstly, you need to install MuConvert Apple Music Converter and iTunes at the same time. When they are installed, open MuConvert Apple Music Converter and the software will automatically connect to iTunes and load the iTunes Library for you. As a result, you should save the Apple Music songs to the library before the connection.

Step 2. Select Apple Music Songs

When the iTunes Library is loaded inside MuConvert Apple Music Converter, you can directly choose the playlist and select the Apple Music songs to download.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter Select Songs

Step 3. Choose Output Format as MP3/M4A

Now also go to the "Output Settings" for choosing MP3 or M4A as the "Output Format" for converting the Apple Music songs to the files that are supported by Roku.

Here, you can also change the "Output Quality" and other advanced parameters such as "Codec", "Bitrate", "SampleRate", and "Channels" for converting the Apple Music songs.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter Select Output Format

Step 4. Edit Metadata Information of Apple Music Songs

MuConvert Apple Music Converter will save the metadata information of each song for you. But you can edit them such as the "Title", "Artist", "Album", "Genre", and even change the cover before the conversion. If you need, just go to "Metadata", which is right beside "Output Settings" to edit the information.

Edit Metadata MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Step 5. Start Converting Apple Music Songs to DRM-free MP3/M4A Files

Finally, when the output settings are done and the metadata information is edited, directly start to convert the protected Apple Music songs to DRM-free MP3/M4A files by clicking the "Convert" button now. MuConvert Apple Music Converter will quickly convert them for you with its 10X faster speed.

MuConvert Apple Music Converting Process

Tip: Where to Get DRM-free Apple Music Songs for Playback on Roku

When MuConvert Apple Music Converter finishes downloading Apple Music songs in DRM-free MP3 or M4A music files, you can go to the "Finished" part inside the software and click the "View Output File" to find them in the output folder. When getting the songs, you can continue to the following parts to see how to play them on Roku.

Finish Convertion MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Then use a USB to save the DRM-free Apple Music songs, and you can plug the USB to the USB port of Roku. After this, you can directly play the Apple Music songs on Roku without doing any connection!

Roku Play DRM-free Apple Music

How to Screen Mirror Apple Music From PC

When the DRM-free Apple Music songs are ready, you can play them on Roku now. Let's first have a look at the steps to screen mirror Apple Music from PC to Roku in this part.

Step 1. On your PC, you should press "Windows + P" keys on the keyboard at the same time.

Step 2. When the "Project" setting shows up, select the "Connect to a wireless display" option.

Projects Setting Windows

Step 3. Fine the detected Roku device and choose to connect your PC with it.

Connect PC to Roku

Step 4. When the two devices are connected, directly play the Apple Music songs and the music can be played through Roku.

AirPlay Apple Music to Roku from iOS/Mac

If you are using an iOS or Mac device, the AirPlay function can directly help you play the Apple Music songs without downloading them directly. You only need to follow these steps to play the songs on Roku easily. Let's have a look.


Step 1. Connect both your Apple device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Then open Apple Music app and select the song you want to play to Roku. Open it.

Step 3. Now, find the AirPlay icon and select to connect with your Roku device from the device detecting list.

AirPlay Apple Music to Roku

Step 4. Once your Apple device is connected to Roku successfully, the Apple Music song can be played on Roku for you to enjoy with good quality.

In Conclusion

Even though Roku doesn't support the Apple Music channel to let people directly play Apple Music songs using the devices, there are still easy ways to do it. It will be easy to do no matter you choose to play Apple Music on Roku using MuConvert Apple Music Converter or directly play the songs from difference devices using the mirror functions such as the PC display and AirPlay feature on Apple devices, they are all workable. So just choose the method you like the most to enjoy Apple Music songs on Roku now!

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