How to Hack Apple Music with Ease [Helpful]

Apple Music has distinguished its premium streaming features from free users, by delivering ads-free playback and download function for you to enjoy music offline more smoothly. Nevertheless, all these special rights will disappear as your subscription is no longer valid. Therefore, you may wonder if there is a way to hack Apple Music to keep the premium features such as offline music streaming permanently without worrying about the subscription expiration?
Now, here are the tricks! In the following, you will be introduced to tricky methods to hack Apple Music across platforms. Please scroll down and read if you are seeking a solution that works!

How to Hack Apple Music to MP3 for Playing on Any Media

Let’s first move to the solution working for desktops. For desktop users, MuConvert Apple Music Converter is a trustworthy and highly-secure program, providing the outstanding Apple Music unlocking function to hack Apple Music songs for keeping and streaming offline without any restriction. Replacing saving in Apple Music platforms, the downloaded Apple Music songs are exported as regular music files of popular encoders such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. Therefore, it makes you possible to create music playlists regardless of what media players you will utilize to stream them locally.
Here are other great features enabling the Apple Music hacker, MuConvert Apple Music Converter to work better and bring you high-quality outputs:
  • The sound quality will be 100% fully retained without affecting your offline music streaming experience at all.
  • Synchronize with Apple Music Web Player to download Apple Music songs and albums directly within iTunes installed anymore.
  • It is able to process auto playlists analytics without copying and pasting the URLs.
  • All the ID3 tags and metadata information will be fully retained accompanying the exported Apple Music songs.
  • The batch conversion feature is available to download all music from Apple Music song lists at once.
  • Speed up the performance to 10X faster to facilitate higher productivity in downloading Apple Music playlists.
Here’s the full manipulation guide showing you how to hack Apple Music to get offline streaming like a premium user without the Apple Music subscription:

Step 1. Log into Apple Music Web Player

First, install MuConvert Apple Music Converter to continue with its free version. On the main interface, you ought to click on the Open Apple web player button to enter the Apple Music Web Player embedded in the converter. Subsequently, log in utilizing your Apple Music account to access the music database.


If you are utilizing the older version (iTunes synchronization required), please uninstall it and get this new version to hack Apple Music.
Welcome Page of Converter

Step 2. Select Apple Music Playlists

Once logged in, you have hacked Apple Music and accessed the official web player with all Apple’s music resources available. Please browse the database and access any Apple Music playlists or albums you wish to hack to save offline. Subsequently, drag them to the Add button aside to proceed with the playlist analysis.
Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Personalized Output Parameters

When the songs are selected, please turn to Menu >> Preferences for personalizing the music parameters, like selecting the Format or adjusting SampleRate, Bitrate to export the music files.
Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Initiate Apple Music Download

Eventually, simply tap the Convert All button to proceed with the Apple Music download in no time. It takes only a while to complete. Subsequently, you can access all downloaded music files under the Finished module.
Converting Apple Music

Apple Music Hacking Software for Mobile Devices

When MuConvert Apple Music Converter fails to be compatible with mobile devices, here are also two recommendations to hack Apple Music on Android/iOS systems. Please continue reading.

Apple Music Mod APK for Android

On Android, there are Apple Music Mod APK developed for hacking the app and accessing full membership features without a subscription required in the apk. Simply by installing Apple Music Mod APK for Android, you can stream Apple Music’s 70 million+ songs and download them for playing locally without being restricted by the regulations of Apple Music. The database will keep updating as it is synchronized with the official web player. Here are 4 recommended Apple Music Mod APK developed by different developers you can try:
  • Apple Music MOD APK (from Mods Of Apk)
  • Apple Music APK MOD [Premium Cracked] (from ARDroiding)
  • Apple Music Mod Apk (from HappyMod)
  • Apple Music MOD APK (Premium) (from ApkRoar)

Apple Music ++ for iOS

When it comes to iOS, you will find no Apple Music Mod available in App Store like on Android. Replacing an Apple Music Mod, Apple Music ++ is an iOS-oriented application to hack Apple Music without charge at all. It even enhances some features in Apple Music, meaning that you are possible to stream Apple Music track lists with a more excellent experience on iOS devices.
Apple Music ++

Bonus Tip: How to Get a Free Apple Music Account

Replacing hacking Apple Music to access the music database and download the albums for streaming locally, an alternative method to get Apple Music for free is by activating your premium account for a month, 3 months, or even 6 months through some special official giveaways.
However, you ought to remember to cancel the Apple Music membership after the activation period expires, or it will auto-renew the subscription for you.

In Conclusion

Compared with the special giveaways or utilizing Apple Music hackers on mobile devices, MuConvert Apple Music Converter‘s highlight should be its ability to directly access the web player and download Apple Music albums as regular music files – in that you can transfer them everywhere for streaming flexibly. Based on such reasons, I would recommend this program if you are finding the “best” way to hack Apple Music for accessing its full music database to download the songs for