How to Get Apple Music Free Trial in 4 Simple Ways [2023]

As a way to welcome new users, Apple Music has granted a free trial for beginners to experience the full features as a new subscriber. But actually, replacing being a new user to Apple Music, the official still offers some extra ways to get Apple Music free trial without charge at all! Therefore, today’s post will introduce some tricky methods you can get free Apple Music membership to save much expense. Interested in it? Scroll down to get started in no time!

How Long Is Apple Music Free Trial?

The expiration period of Apple Music free trial will vary based on how it offers to users. Generally, Apple Music offers the 3-month free trial to new Apple Music users. That means, once you register an Apple Music account and activate the membership subscription to access the 3-month Apple Music free trial, you will access the premium features provided to subscribers during the first 3 months without billing at all. Once the free trial expires, Apple Music will renew your subscription by deducting subscription fee from your bundled bank card from the billing date when you registered the free trial 3 months ago.
Despite the 3-months free trial, Apple Music would also cooperate with some third-party organizations to provide the free trial for up to 6 months to users. For instance, the Verizon special sales activity has added Apple Music 6-month free trial as a bonus to attract people to participate. However, in most cases, the Apple Music free trial is only available to be activated on mobile devices.
Now some people would wonder, if they are also eligible to get Apple Music free trial? Or how to get Apple Music free trial again if they are not a new user of Apple Music anymore? To find the answers, please continue reading!

How to Get Free Trial Apple Music in Different Ways

Here are the 4 most popular methods you can get Apple Music free trial without paying any charge at all to access the premium features to enjoy Apple Music songs more enjoyably. Please check.

1. Get Apple Music 3 Months Free Trial

If you are an Apple Music starter, the 3-month free trial will automatically be activated as you create a new account to log in. Therefore, the simplest manipulation to get Apple Music’s 3-month free trial for new users would be signing up for a new Apple Music account and getting the free subscription after bundling your bank card. The procedures below will walk you through the manipulation to get the 3-month Apple Music free trial with iTunes on computers in detail:
Step 1. Run iTunes on your desktop. Then please turn to Music >> For You and click on the free trial offer.
Step 2. Select a subscription type and log in utilizing your Apple ID.
Step 3. Continue to enter the billing information. Once completed, your Apple ID will be bundled with the 3-month Apple Music free trial automatically.


You can cancel the subscription after the free trial is activated to prevent auto-renewal after the free trial expires.
Apple Music Free Trial iTunes

2. Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial from Individual and Family Plan

Another useful way for individual Apple Music users to add up the free trial to 6 months is to accept the Apple Music Family Plan invitation. As this subscription plan avails 6 users to share one subscription activated under any of the 6 accounts, you are able to ask any of the family members or friends to invite you to participate in the Family plan. Once you join, you will share the same Apple Music 3-month free trial, adding up to 6 months in total! However, you ought to note that they have never joined Apple Music before, or they won’t be granted the 3-month free trial by Apple Music.
Once they join the 3-month Apple Music free trial and initiate an invitation to you, please confirm it in Settings >> Family Sharing and select Get Started with Apple Music.
Join Apple Music Free Trial Family Sharing

3. Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial via Best Buy

The Best Buy website recently provides the Apple Music 6-month free trial for new users, who haven’t gotten started with this streaming music platform to experience the advanced services provided by Apple Music. As you are determined to get Apple Music free trial right now, action immediately as you have no idea when this promotion will end! Simply follow these procedures to get Apple Music 6-month free trial from Best Buy:
Step 1. Turn to Best Buy site and create a new account.
Step 2. Access the Free Apple Music for 6 months and add it to your cart.
Step 3. Complete the checkout in the cart, and you will receive an email with the digital code attached to your mailbox.
Step 4. Activate Apple Music membership with the received digital code and enjoy the Apple Music advanced features in no time!


You can cancel Apple Music subscription before the free trial ends, or the renewal billing will directly deduct $10 every month to extend the subscription automatically.
Apple Music Free Trial Best Buy

4. Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial with Verizon

When Verizon has included Apple Music with its unlimited plan, as users subscribe to Verizon Unlimited, they can get Apple Music 6-month free trial as a bonus! Therefore, if you are going to subscribe to Verizon Unlimited, you can also activate the Apple Music free trial as a “buy 1 get 1 free” discount! To get the 6-month free trial on Verizon, please follow the procedures indicated below:
Step 1. Utilize the web browser and visit and log in with your Verizon account.
Step 2. Please select the lines you wish to enroll in Apple Music. Click the text message provided on each line to receive a link to download the Apple Music app.
Step 3. Once the Apple Music free trial is activated, enjoy the advanced streaming features of Apple Music now!


You can turn off the subscription renewal through or simply turn to Addons >> Account in My Verizon app.
Apple Music Free Trial Verizon

How to Keep Apple Music Songs Forever After Free Trial

Even though Apple Music has provided free access for people to get Apple Music free trial in more ways, it adds strict restrictions on accessing the downloaded Apple Music songs. For instance, once the Apple Music free trial expires and your account turns out to be the free one, you would fail to access your offline Apple Music Library to play the downloaded songs offline. Therefore, to keep Apple Music songs offline forever, continuously subscribing to Apple Music membership is not a rational option. Instead, utilizing MuConvert Apple Music Converter would be a better idea.
MuConvert Apple Music Converter embeds the Apple Music Web Player in its latest version to help people access the full music database provided by Apple, with the latest update instantly. Nevertheless, it won’t require you to keep subscribing to Apple Music membership for storing the downloaded songs offline – you even don’t need the Apple Music subscription to proceed with the music download! Simply by logging into the Apple ID, people can access the music database and select any Apple Music songs they like to download offline.
Welcome Page of Converter
MuConvert Apple Music Converter also comes with these great advantages that attribute to its popularity:
  • DRM removal ability and popular encoders equipped – the core function of the program is to remove the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs, then convert them as general media files with popular encoders (MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV). In this way, users are able to keep the downloaded music files locally forever bypassing Apple’s monitor!

  • Apple lossless quality to export songs – the program will retain the lossless quality to download Apple Music songs to guarantee the best music streaming experience to users. You can select the best 320Kbps to export Apple Music songs for offline playback!
  • Original ID3 information retained – the original ID3 information such as the artist, title, album, and more information will be downloaded accompanying the downloaded Apple Music songs. It is easier for people to check them back and manage the offline library in order conveniently.
  • High productivity to function the music download – the drag-and-drop playlists conversion and batch download feature both facilitate higher productivity when people get bulky songs to download. Plus the 10X faster downloading speed, the program greatly improves the music download in a time-saving way!
When you explicitly know about MuConvert Apple Music Converter, let’s also walk through its manipulation guide to learn how it works to keep Apple Music library offline in an effortless way.

Step 1. Log in MuConvert Apple Music Converter

First, open MuConvert Apple Music Converter and click on the Open the Apple web player button placed in the middle of the main feed to enter the official Apple Music Web Player. Subsequently, you will need to tap the Sign in button to log in utilizing your Apple ID.
Log in to Apple Music

Step 2. Add Apple Music Songs to Download

After login, you can access the music database and browse the songs you wish to download offline. Simply drag and drop them to the Add button aside, MuConvert Apple Music Converter will detect and analyze the songs to prepare to download for you.
Add Apple Music Songs to Convert

Step 3. Configure Parameter Settings

Subsequently, please turn to Menu >> Preferences to personalize the parameter settings to export the songs. You can determine the Format, SampleRate, and Bitrate here to download Apple Music songs with your required encoder and in any quality you wish. Please tap Save to complete the adjustment.
Advanced Settings on Converter

Step 4. Proceed Downloading Apple Music

Eventually, tap the Convert All button to proceed with the Apple Music download in no time! MuConvert Apple Music Converter will function at a 10X faster speed to batch download songs for you.
Converting Apple Music
Once completed, you can access the downloaded items under Finished module and tap the View Output File button to access them locally.
Finished Converting Apple Music

Bonus Tip: How to Cancel Apple Music Free Trial

As you may have activated the Apple Music membership once participating in the Apple Music free trial now. Please remember to cancel the auto-renewal to prevent billing once the free trial expires. Here shows you how to manipulate the Apple Music subscription cancellation step-by-step on different devices.

On iPhone/iPad

1. Open Settings app and tap your name.
2. Enter Subscriptions and select Apple Music.
3. Confirm Cancel Free Trial to end the subscription.
iOS Cancel Apple Music Free Trial

On Android

1. Run Music app and tap the three-dots icon >> Account.
2. Select Manage Subscription and click on the Cancel Free Trial button.
3. Confirm the cancellation and the subscription will end.
Android Cancel Apple Music Free Trial

On Windows

1. Open iTunes and turn to Account >> View My Account. You will be required to enter your ID password to log in.
2. Scroll to Subscriptions and click on the Manage option.
3. Find Apple Music Subscription and click on Edit.
4. Confirm to cancel Apple Music subscription in no time.
Windows Cancel Apple Music Free Trial

On Mac

1. Click on the Apple icon on the top screen bar and open System Preferences.
2. Tap Apple ID >> Media & Purchases >> Manage (next to Subscriptions).
3. Find Apple Music from the list and click on the Edit icon.
4. Scroll to Manage >> Edit >> Cancel Subscription.
Mac Cancel Apple Music Free Trial
Please notice that your downloaded Apple Music songs will all be deleted once the Apple Music membership expires. To keep them offline forever, you can download them in advance utilizing MuConvert Apple Music Converter. The detailed procedures are introduced in Part 3. Please return to take a look!


To sum up, Apple Music does offers multiple paths for users to get started with the Apple Music free trial without wasting their expense at all. However, to keep the downloaded Apple Music songs forever offline, you have to keep subscribing to Apple Music membership, or they will all be removed. To resolve this, we also prepare an effortless helper, MuConvert Apple Music Converter in the post to give you a favor. Please try it in no time as it is also free to get started!