Spotify Not Working: 7 Ways to Fix All Bugs Effectively

For many people, Spotify is a necessary app today, because they may need to play the music and podcast resources provided on Spotify every day to relax themselves or know about the latest news. As a result, it could make you mad when you find Spotify not working suddenly.

The Spotify not working issue could happen because of different reasons. In this article, they will be introduced and the correct solutions to solve Spotify not working happening from these reasons are also provided. Now, if you are also facing the condition when your Spotify fails to work properly, have a look and see if they can help.

Solution 1. Restart the Spotify App

When your Spotify app does not work properly, for example, the playback always sucks while playing a playlist, or the app is keeping crashing while using it, and so on. Such problems may happen because the background programming of the software has gone wrong.

The simplest way to deal with Spotify app not working properly as usual is to make the programs of the software run smoothly again. So just try closing up and restart Spotify app on your devices again. When the software is reopened now, it would work properly again.

Solution 2. Update the Spotify App

As we know the developers of Spotify would keep improving the software to make it provide better user experience to people. In the latest version, the known bugs would mostly be fixed. So, when your Spotify app is not working, check the app store to see whether there has a new version of Spotify launched. By updating the app to the latest version, some bugs would automatically be fixed, and the Spotify app may work for you now.

Solution 3. Log out and Back in

Sometimes Spotify may fail to respond because it could not recognize your account, especially when Spotify Premium users find the app is not working with those premium functions such as the shuffle playback, music skipping, or offline playback. Under such condition, the direct way to make Spotify work again is to log out your account and then sign in again. When Spotify can detect the account now, it may work as usual and the Spotify not working problem is successfully fixed.

Solution 4. Close Any Other Apps You're Not Using

If you are running many different apps in the background when your find Spotify not working on your device, you should also consider whether some other apps have caused the conflict to make your device fail to support your operation in Spotify. To fix this problem, just close all the other apps and check whether Spotify starts to work now. If yes, you need to make sure that you are not opening too many apps next time when you use Spotify to play music.

Solution 5. Check the Firewall isn't Blocking Spotify

On computers, the Spotify not working problem may happen because the firewall on the device mistakenly blocks Spotify’s functions, so that it fails to work. By removing the firewall blocking towards Spotify, you can easily make the software work again. Here shows you how.

On Windows

Step 1. After clicking the “Start” button on Windows and search for firewall to open it.

Step 2. Select “Windows Defender Firewall” and choose to “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”.

Step 3. Go to “Change Settings” on the top of the app list, select “Change settings” and then select “Spotify Music” to be the “Allowed apps and features”. After changing this firewall settings, you will find Spotify work again now on your Windows computer.

Windows Firewall Settings

On Mac

Step 1. Open “System Preferences” and choose the “Security & Privacy” option. You would need to enter the password to make sure you have the right to change the settings here.

Step 2. Select “Firewall” tab and click the “Firewall Options”.

Step 3. In the new pop-up windows, select “Block all informing connections” and click “OK”, then the Spotify app may be free from your firewall setting and now is workable again.

Solution 6. Reinstall the Spotify App

Another simple way to fix the problem when you find Spotify app not working at all, for example, it keeps crashing or loading all the time, the app flash back suddenly, the music playback function is not working properly, and so on, is to uninstall it and reinstall Spotify again. In most cases, the problems can all be fixed when the Spotify is installed again.

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MuConvert Spotify Converter Welcome Page

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Log in Soptify Player

Step 2. Convert Spotify Songs or Playlists

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MuConvert Spotify Music Converter Output Format Setting

Step 3. Select Output Format to Download Spotify Songs

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Advanced Settings Spotify Music Converter

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Download Songs from Spotify to MP3

In Conclusion

Spotify not working is a common condition that may have happened on many Spotify users. The above methods to solve the problems are mostly workable. And the provided best Spotify to MP3 converter to download Spotify songs offline for playback outside Spotify app can also help you avoid meeting the unexpected Spotify app issues. Therefore, choose to fix the problem or directly get the songs outside the app for playback based on your needs!