Quickly Fix Spotify No Sound on Windows 10![2022 Tips]

Music is a kind of art that can represent and reflect the inner feelings of human beings. It can always affect people’s happiness and sorrow, and is another kind of “language” to express our hearts. Nowadays, people listen to music on different platforms every day. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms out there. Spotify gives you access to its vast library of music, from archived old-school tracks to the latest hits, right on your Windows. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

However, sometimes, Spotify can cause you a heart attack. When you’re on Spotify, elated as always, ready to embark on your day’s musical journey, but unexpected, the music doesn’t arrive, just the sound of your breath and heart beating appears. In other words, the Spotify music is playing, but there is no sound. Why does it happen? What is the solution? Don’t worry, this article will show you how to have a quick fix on the Spotify no sound issue using different methods.


When you first experience the issue that your Spotify is playing but you don’t hear anything, you may adjust your volume at once. But when it doesn’t solve your problem, you start to get confused and worried. That’s because you haven’t figured out the reason why Spotify has no sound when playing. The general reasons can be summarized as follows:

1) The network connection is unstable

2) RAM and CPU are excessive use

3) The Spotify app is not updated

4) Spotify is having other problems

Whether the issue of Spotify no sound is brought about by the overused RAM and CUP or unstable Internet connection, even other problems, you can settle your puzzle by following the below helpful solutions.

Solution 1: Check Volume Settings

When the Spotify has no sound, most people’s first reaction is to adjust the volume settings, there’s nothing wrong with this act. Sometimes it’s the human’s basic error that prevents the system from working properly.  

So, all you need to do is to right click on the Sound icon, and then select the Open Volume Mixer button from the context menu. From the context menu, select the “Turn on Volume Mixer” button. Check application, speaker, system sound volume settings. Check the volume settings for speakers, system sounds and applications.

Solution 2: Check the Bluetooth

You can check whether your Bluetooth or Spotify Connect sends the Spotify sounds to other devices for playing. If so, you need to turn off these connections and then fix this no sound from Spotify issue. You are also required to check whether other desktop apps export sounds. If not, maybe the sound card or other hardware has some problems.

Solution 3: Restart Your Spotify

Sometimes, Spotify will be sluggish or stuck in a process. At this point, simply close it and restart it, then you can hear the sound again. Give it a try, this is a good help.

Solution 4: Check the Internet Connection

As an online streaming service, Spotify may be delayed if you’re in a situation with a low Internet connection. So, at this point, you need to check the Internet speed of your Windows 10 device. If your Internet speed is slow, you may need to switch to a faster network to see if the problem can be resolved.

Check Internet Connection

Solution 5: Free the RAM and CPU

As an online streaming service, Spotify may be delayed if you’re in a situation with a low Internet connection. So, at this point, you need to check the Internet speed of your Windows 10 device. If your Internet speed is slow, you may need to switch to a faster network to see if the problem can be resolved.

Solution 6: Update the Spotify

A Spotify without a sound may also appear because your Spotify is outdated. Like other software, Spotify is regularly updated to make the users experience better. So, try to update it and play the music again to see if the problem is resolved.

Update Spotify

If none of the solutions given above work for you, you can try the last way, which is to use another software, MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, to play Spotify songs. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is desktop software that can help you download Spotify songs and then convert Spotify Music to the format you want (like MP3, M4A, etc.). With it, you can download real files of Spotify songs and play them on other media players. And that way, you can avoid the situation that you can’t hear sound when Spotify is playing. So, how to use this software for music format conversion, this article will show you the steps as follows:

Step1: Drag Spotify Songs to MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

Download MuConvert Spotify Music Converter on your computer and start it. Then log in your Spotify account (if you’re using Spotify for the first time, you’ll need to register before you sign in), find your favorite Spotify songs and import them to Spotify Music Converter.

Drag Spotify Songs Spotify Music Converter

Step2: Choose the Output Format

Then go to Preference to set your output format, you can choose MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC and so on. What’s more, you can adjust the bit rate, channel and sample rate to get better audio quality.

Tips: Sometimes, people prefer to convert the Spotify songs to MP3, and if you want to learn more ways to convert Spotify songs to MP3, you can read this article: Convert Spotify to MP3: 6 Best Ways Recommended in 2022.

Choose Output Format Spotify Music Converter

Step3: Save Spotify Songs

Finally, you can click on the Converting to download your favorite music from Spotify and Spotify Music Converter will save your converted music to the files you specify. After that, you can go through the converted list and list to the music without worrying the no sound.

Save Spotify Songs Spotify Music Converter

Final Words

Now, you have been reading to the end of this paper, hope through the above solution, you can find one suitable to solve your problem. Of course, you can also use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlists on your Windows 10 system and convert them to the format you want to play them in. That way you don’t have to worry about playing music without sound on Spotify.