How to Download Music from iTunes to Computer with Ease

Have you ever expect to export music from iTunes for streaming offline on any supported devices but failed? Due to the protection of Apple, it won’t be able for people to directly download iTunes Music to the local destinations on a computer for storing outside iTunes Library. Instead, you need to receive the help from third-party tools. In the following post, there will be the best iTunes Music downloader introduced to you. Please scroll and keep reading.

Download Music from iTunes to Computer via Best iTunes Music Downloader

The fundamental function of the iTunes Music downloader ought to help people convert the iTunes Music for unlocking its connection, or called protection for playing in iTunes only. Furthermore, it can convert the songs to audio files with popular encoders for ensuring the compatibility of the songs on all devices.

TuneFab iTunes Music Converter is such an professional helper in dealing with iTunes Music conversion. It allows people to convert songs in iTunes to popular encoders such as MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and AU with lossless sound quality. Through an entirely smart detection mode, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can directly respond to iTunes for synchronizing with the iTunes Library to load the media content for facilitating an easy music selection, providing an effortless access to download iTunes Music.

More than we can imagine, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter also has the following sparkling features attracting more users to try:

  • It is supported to download music from iTunes and also Apple Music, even Audible audiobooks.
  • The full original ID3 and metadata information will be retained with the downloaded music offline.
  • The performance can be sped up to 10X faster for facilitating time-saving iTunes Music download process.
  • The simplified manipulation takes only several basic procedures to fulfill easily.


After walking through the introduction of TuneFab iTunes Music Converter, have you ever gotten more familiar with the program? In the following, let’s move on to its manipulation to download iTunes Music to computer.

Step 1. Synchronize TuneFab iTunes Music Converter with iTunes

First, pre-install TuneFab iTunes Music Converter and iTunes on your computer. Subsequently, as you open it, iTunes will automatically be launched and connected to the converter for loading the saved media content in iTunes Library.

Step 2. Select iTunes Music to Download

When the iTunes Library is imported to TuneFab iTunes Music Converter, select a playlist from the left panel, then directly check the songs in the Library on the right to get ready for downloading them.

Choose M4P Songs to Convert

Step 3. Select Output Format

Please move to Output Settings under the Library, where you can determine the Output Format and other Advanced parameters settings to export the iTunes Music to your computer. The output destination can also be altered here.

Select M4A As Output Format

Step 4. Download iTunes Music to Computer

The final step is right here! Simply by pressing the Convert button, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter will proceed downloading iTunes Music for you. Please wait for the download to be completed patiently.

Convert M4P to M4A Format

The downloaded music will be saved to your selected output folder on computer (or the default one set by TuneFab iTunes Music Converter). You can access it by turning to Finished module and click on the View Output File button.

MuConvert Apple Music Converter Finish Convert Files

How to Add Music to Your iTunes Library

A small tip for you before downloading iTunes Music with TuneFab iTunes Music Converter is that you have to prepare the iTunes Music in your iTunes Library in advance. Otherwise, the songs you wish to download from iTunes to computer may not be detected by TuneFab iTunes Music Converter. Here shows you the correct way to add music to iTunes Library.

1. Run iTunes and switch to Music tap on the top left side.

2. You can browse the media content in iTunes Store now.

3. When you discover iTunes Music want to save to the library, move your cursor to the item and tap the plus icon for directly adding to iTunes Library. Or you can right-click on the song for selecting to add it to a specific playlist created as well.

Add Music to iTunes Library

How to Download Purchased Music from iTunes on Computer

When the purchased music have been saved to iTunes Library, people can download the songs for streaming without network connection. But the account authorization would contain restrictions:

  • The purchased iTunes Music can only be downloaded to 10 different devices utilizing a single Apple ID.
  • One single Apple ID can only be authorized to 5 different devices at once.


The following procedures are the correct path you ought to follow to download purchased music from iTunes to computer.

1. Open iTunes and sign in your Apple ID by turning to Account >> Authorizations >> Authorize This Computer… to authorize the computer for accessing the purchased iTunes Music.

2. Subsequently, switch to iTunes Store to view the purchased items but listed under Not in My Library module.

3. Tap the download icon to download the purchased iTunes Music to the computer.

Download Purchased iTunes Music to Computer

Bonus Tips: Download Spotify Music and Amazon Music to Your Computer

As the increasing demands towards online streaming music, DRM encryption is widely utilized to ensure the security of the content. Despite iTunes and Apple Music, other popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music also add the encryption, preventing people from downloading the songs for streaming offline conveniently. Here brings you the special ways to download Spotify and Amazon Music on computers easily as the bonus tips. Please check.

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter - Download Spotify Music to Computer

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter assists people to get rid of the encryption added on Spotify Ogg Vorbis songs, and furtherly convert them to popular encoders scuhas MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV at the best 320kbps quality. This excellent Spotify Music Downloader only takes several easy procedures to manipulate as well:

1. Launch MuConvert Spotify Music Converter and log in the built-in web player.

2. Directly open a Spotify playlist and click on the plus button for initiating the conversion.

3. Select Spotify songs and output format for exporting them.

4. Proceed downloading Spotify songs offline to your computer.

Choose Spotify Songs from Playlist to Rip

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter - Download Amazon Music to Computer

For Amazon Music download, an effortless program you should not miss is TuneFab Amazon Music Converter. It is fully compatible with all sorts of Amazon Music, including the titles of Amazon Music Prime/Unlimited/HD/Free. People can also enjoy the 5X speedy performance to get Amazon Music downloaded with original sound quality and ID3 information retained. Follow the procedures here to initiate the downloading process right away:

1. Run TuneFab Amazon Music Converter and log in the Amazon Web Player utilizing your Amazon account.

2. Directly drag a song, playlist or podcast to the plus button for iniating the analysis process.

3. Select the Amazon songs or podcasts episodes to download.

4. Configure the output settings such as Output Format, Sample Rate, and Bitrate.

5. Proceed to download Amazon Music to computer for storing to the local folder.

Download Amazon Music to Computer


No matter for any online music streaming services, you can figure out a way to unlock the encryption and download the songs to computer for offline streaming. In this post, TuneFab iTunes Music Converter brings the effortless and time-saving manipulation to download iTunes Music. Try the program for evaluating if it meets your demands.