How to Download Audible Books for Offline Listening

As an audiobook lover, have you ever been bothered by the following situation? You open the Audible books to listen to as usual when you are running, driving, or doing other activities, only to find they fail to be played because of the poor network connection. Then you may feel annoyed and at a loss.
Actually, Audible provides a direct download feature for you to download purchased audiobooks for offline playback. Then you may be wondering about how to download the purchased Audible books onto your device. Don’t worry, just read on to learn the complete guide.

How to Get Books on Audible

On or the Audible app, there are multiple audiobook titles that you can choose to buy. Now, follow the steps to learn how to get. If you have already purchased the Audible books, just skip to the next part to learn how to download them.

Buy Audible Books from the Audible App

You can directly purchase the Audible books on the Audible App, which is compatible with many devices, such as iOS devices, Android devices, Mac computers, and so on. You can check the whole list here to know what devices are compatible with audible.


Since July 31, 2022, the Audible app for Windows 10 can’t be used to access Audible anymore because it has been deprecated. So, if you are a Windows 10 user, you can navigate to the Audible website (the next part) to get the audiobooks you like to download.
Step 1: Choose the books you like and then tap “Buy Now for $[price]” to purchase the book individually, because there is no cart in the app. Or, you can tap “Credit(s) available” to buy if you have enough credits.
Step 2: Then a confirmation message will pop up, just click “Confirm Purchase” to go through.
Step 3: After buying, you can go to “View in Library” to see the books you have bought.
View Audiobooks on Audible App

Download Audible Books from Audible Website

Apart from getting Audible books from the Audible app, you can also get Audible books from the Audible website, just see the instructions below.
Step 1: Go to the Audible website, and then sign into the Audible site.
Step 2: After entering the main interface of Audible, search for the Audible books you like, and then add them to your shopping cart.
Add Audible Books to Cart
Step 3: You can find the audible books you added in your shopping cart, select “Proceed to Checkout” to make your purchase. If you have enough credits, then you can use them to cover your purchase. If the credits aren’t enough, then you will see the subtotal needed.
Proceed Audible books to Checkout
Step 4: Click “Complete Purchase”, then you can get the Audible books you like successfully.

How to Download Books from Audible on PC

There are many types of Audible books, ranging from arts, and business to comedy and education, etc. Once you have purchased them, you can download them to the devices you like for offline listening. The detailed steps to download books from Audible to your PC are quite simple to grasp.
Step 1: Directly go to and sign in to your Audible account.
Step 2: Go to “Library” and all your purchased audiobooks will be listed here. Select the one you are going to download, then directly press the “Download” button provided behind the information of the Audible books.
Download Audible Books on PC

More Reading: How to Download Audible Books to MP3

Once the download is complete, you will get some AAX files. But you can only play these AAX files on the Audible app or iTunes etc., while other media players cannot. So, if you want to play such Audible files in other apps for better playback offline, then you can use an Audible converter, like MuConvert Audible Converter, to help you convert them to MP3, which can be almost compatible with all players.
MuConvert Audible Converter is a powerful Audible book converter, which can automatically help you to remove the DRM protection from the protected AA/AAX Audible books and convert them to common formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV with lossless quality. It also supports you with a built-in splitting function to cut Audible books by time/chapter/segment as your preference. What’s more, with a conversion speed of up to 60X faster and a batch download function provided, it allows you to convert audiobooks with the original chapter and metadata information preserved.
Now, follow the step-by-step tutorials to learn how to download Audible books to PC as MP3 using MuConvert Audible Converter:
Step 1: After downloading the Audible books offline from Audible Library, you can open MuConvert Audible Converter and import the Audible books to the converter by directly dragging them to the home screen.
MuConvert Audible Converter Add Audiobooks
Step 2: After the Audible books are all imported, you can select MP3 as the output format to convert them. Under “Preference”, you can also reset the sample rate, bitrate, and splitting mode as you like.
MuConvert Audible Converter Preferences
Step 3: By clicking the edit icon provided after the name of the audiobook, you can open the “ID3” window. Here you can edit the “Title”, “Artist”, “Album”, “Album/Artist”, and “Genre” of the audiobook before you begin the conversion.
Click to Edit Metadata
Step 4: After finishing all the settings, you can press the “Convert All” button to begin downloading the audiobooks to MP3 format for you. After it finishes, the downloaded MP3 Audible books can be saved on all devices or players for playback without a network connection anymore.
MuConvert Audible Converter Convert Audiobooks
If you want to learn more detailed information about downloading AAX Audible files to MP3 using MuConvert Audible Converter, you can also read this passage: How to Convert Audible AAX Books to MP3. If you find it helpful, just click the download button below to have a try.

How to Download Audible Books on Android/iOS Devices

If you are an Android and iOS user, you can follow this part to download the audiobooks from Audible to your mobile devices. The operating process is as easy as on a PC, read on to grasp it.
Step 1: Open the Audible app on your mobile devices, and sign in to your Audible account.
Step 2: Click your profile and find the Audible “Library” to open.
Step 3: Choose the “Cloud” tab and you can find all your purchased audiobooks here. Select the one you want to download, then tap the three-dots icon and select to download it offline.
Download Audible Books on Phone
After you find the cover of the audiobook has the orange download icon, it means that the books have been downloaded and are available for offline playback.

In Conclusion

Downloading Audible books offline can ensure a more flexible and enjoyable playback experience because you can play the audiobooks without the limitation of the internet connection. If you also need to download them to MP3 for playback on all media players, then you can use MuConvert Audible Converter to help you. Hope this article can exactly help you!