Do you often listen to Spotify? And do you know Starbucks Partner Hours? As one of the most popular music service providers across the world, Spotify will always introduce some promotions partnering with other brands. Starbucks is involved and its product Starbucks Partner Hours can help you minimize the payout on Spotify subscriptions. If you are a Spotify frequenter, you must take advantage of this preferential approach. And this post will give you a detailed introduction to Starbucks Partner Hours and the workable way you can get it.

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What Is Starbucks Partner Hours?

To be simple, Starbucks Partner Hours is an application that Starbucks shareholders, employees, and customers can use. But the content provided by Starbucks Partner Hours may vary depending on the user’s identity.

For Starbucks Partners:

Starbucks Partner Hours will serve as a work assistant that can help partners get their work routine in order. Some work-related information can be recorded and tracked on this application, such as payment information, company location, shift time, manuals, health insurance, and so forth. Also, Starbucks partners will receive some benefits from Starbucks Partner Hours.

For Starbucks Customers:

For customers of Starbucks, what they can view on Starbucks Partner Hours is not as complicated as partners do. But some of the latest information regarding Starbucks will be pushed to customers, such as new outlets, events, discounts, rewards, gifts, and more.

Although the employee and customer versions differ, Starbucks Partners Hours can make it possible for all users to receive some gifts, drink discounted coffee, and get Spotify premium for free. And because of these benefits, registration for Starbucks Partners Hours is subject to the following requirements.

  • An internet-enabled computer, tablet, or phone is required, which needs to access your My Kohl recharge account.
  • An official web address is required.
  • Starbucks Partner Hours login account credentials are required.

As long as you can meet the requirements above all, you are eligible to be an official user of Starbucks Partners Hours. As for how to get the app and log in to your account, the rest of the post will give you instructions.

How to Get Starbucks Partner Hours?

Starbucks Partners Hours is easy to get installed on your smartphones or tablets, for it is compatible with Android and iOS. And it is authorized to be put on the Google Play Store and App store. You can refer to the following download process to get the app.

Step 1. Search Starbucks Partners Hours on the Google Play Store and App store.

Step 2. Tap the Download button and wait till the app is installed on your device automatically.

Step 3. Starbucks Partners Hours will ask you to register for some basic information, including your name, email address, password, and so on.

Step 4. Remember your registered email address and password and log in.

Step 5. Now you can use the app to enjoy beverage coupons and free and full-service Spotify.

How to Log in to Starbucks Partner Hours?

Have you downloaded Starbucks Partners Hours on your phone according to the steps mentioned above? If you have, you can directly log in to your account on the app.

Step 1. Head to the Starbucks Partner Hours login page.

Step 2. Tap your Starbucks membership number and password and confirm the login.

Step 3. The correct account will allow you to operate the app.

If you didn’t get the app, there is another way you can take to log in to Starbucks Partner Hours.

Step 1. Visit the Starbucks Login Page on one browser.

Step 2. Enter your Starbucks membership number and password.

Step 3. Click on the Login button to enter the website version of Starbucks Partner Hours.

Starbucks Partner Hours Login Page

After you log in to Starbucks Partner Hours successfully, you don’t waste your opportunity to listen to Spotify offline for free. With the promotion initiated by Spotify and Starbucks, you can skip online songs, create radio stations, adjust the quality to the extreme one, and access Starbucks’ in-store playlists, but you can’t download any songs to MP3 from Spotify for its DRM protection. If you desire to download and keep Spotify music locally, you can try MuConvert Spotify Music Converter.

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To sum up, meet the basic requirements, download Starbucks Partners Hours from Google Play Store or App Store, log in to your account, and then you can enjoy the benefits delivered by Starbucks, especially the free listening on Spotify. Still want to step further? Then why not have MuConvert Spotify Music Converter installed on your computer? This program can make you download all songs included on Spotify to MP4 with original quality at 35X faster speed. Download now and get the ultimate music experience as soon as possible!

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