MuConvert Amazon Music Converter FAQs

Q1. Is there any limitation using the free trial?

Certainly yes. The free trial is only available for new users to experience the download feature provided by MuConvert Amazon Music Converter. Hence, it is only available to convert 3 minuets of each song instead of the complete one. Also, you only get 30 days to access the free trial. Once the free trial expires, you need a license key to continue using the software.

Q2. How to register MuConvert Amazon Music Converter?

After installing and launching the software, a registration window will pop up. Now, simply enter your Email Address and License Key, then hit the “Activate” icon to complete the software activation right away.

Q3. How long does it take to receive my license key?

After placing an order, you will receive the license key by email within 30 minutes. If you fail to get any reply in 24 hours, please contact MuConvert Support team to get help.

Q4. How to retrieve my license key if I forget it somehow?

When you accidentally lose your license key, simply contact our support team to get it back. Once our support team receives your email, we will re-send the license key to your required email address.

Q5. Why it says my license key is invalid while activating the software?

You need to make sure:

  • 1. You are using the Windows license key for activating the software on Windows computer as the license key can’t be used across platforms.
  • 2. You are entering the correct email address that matches the one you used to purchase the product.

If you still fail to activate the software via your license key, contact MuConvert Support Team and they will reach back to you ASAP.

Q6. Can I change my license to a different computer if you I change a new device?

Yes! Just feel free to contact MuConvert support team and describe your situation, then they will help you to transfer your license to a new computer and it’s 100% free.

Q7. Can I use the software on two or more computers?

As the subscription plans for TuneFab Amazon Music Converter are for single device, you are not allowed to use the same license key on more than 1 computer.

Q8. How to change the conversion speed in TuneFab Amazon Music Converter?

You don’t need to manually adjust the conversion speed as the software has applied the fastest setting to speed up your performance and process the music conversion in the quickest way for saving your time. The only thing you need to make sure should be the network condition your computer is connecting with.

Q9. Can I download MuConvert software on my iPhone or other Apple devices?

Currently, all MuConvert products only provide the version for desktop users. Hence, you are not allowed to install them on portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. to use.

Q10. Can I convert multiple Amazon playlists at once?

Surely. As we have tested, the software doesn’t place a limit on the number of songs and playlists you add. You are able to add multiple items for processing the music download at once without limitation!

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