From 2003 to 2009, Apple added encrypted technology to its songs with DRM and kept them as M4P files. That’s why your songs purchased from iTunes can only be streamed on iDevices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. If you struggle with playing them on non-Apple devices or editing them on third-party apps, you can try to convert M4P to M4A, a DRM-free format compatible with most devices and media players.

But this conversion is not possible with your bare hands. You need some help, like a reliable M4P to M4A converter. After testing and researching, we found 4 helpful music converters or recorders with different features to convert M4P files to M4A on computer. Keep reading and pick one for your M4P files and play them without iTunes.Converti M4P in M4A

4 Different Methods: Which Is the Best to Convert M4P to M4A

Before going deep into more details and features, take a quick look at the 4 different methods and pick one that suits you best:

Methods by Using Velocità Qualità Handle DRM-encrypted M4P Convert to DRM-free M4A File Ideale per
Fast M4P to M4A Converter Super fast (20X) Originale SI Convert tons of purchased M4P files from iTunes and Apple Music quickly
iTunes match Connessione Originale SI Convert matched purchased songs from iTunes
Registratore Audio Normale lossy SI Record several iTunes songs as M4A files
Convertitore online M4P Connessione Ottimo NO Convert up to 10 iTunes songs to M4A per day

Method 1: Convert M4P to DRM-free M4A via Fast M4P Converter (Up to 20X)

There are 4 ways for M4P to M4A conversion, and the fastest one is using an M4P to M4A converter with 20X conversion speed – Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert.

It is an M4P Converter compatible both with Windows and Mac, which not only can rimuovere la protezione DRM da M4P, but can also enable you to decode and download these M4P songs to M4A and other more universally used audio formats, like MP3. This makes it easy to play your purchased songs offline. Better yet, the excellent M4P to M4A converter supports ultra-high quality. With 20X M4P conversion speed, MuConvert Apple Music Converter can convert your M4P files to M4A in batches effortlessly with the migliore qualità.

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Scarica gratis
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MuConvert Apple Music Converter – Fast M4P to M4A Converter
  • Convert all protected iTunes and Apple Music to M4A and other common audio formats ( such as MP3, WAV, and FLAC.)
  • Bulk convert your library at 20X speed, saving time and effort.
  • Guarantee the best music quality, the same as your purchased songs with all song details kept.
  • Convert songs from the built-in Apple Music web player with great convenience.
  • Convert M4P to M4A without iTunes.
  • Sort M44 files to folders based on ID3 tags for easy management of your library

With MuConvert Apple Music Converter, converting M4P to M4A can be straightforward. Here’s how to convert M4P to M4A on Windows. (The steps are the same for Mac.)

PASSO 1. Installa liberamente MuConvert Apple Music Converter

Scaricare Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert on your computer by clicking the button below. Once finished, log in to with your Apple Music account.

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Scarica gratis
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Sign in to Apple Music Account

PASSAGGIO 2. Analizza automaticamente la playlist e seleziona i brani M4P

Before selecting and converting music, you need to sincronizza i brani di iTunes su Apple Music. After that, find synchronized songs or playlists and click the download button next to them. The converter will start analyzing the M4P files.

PASSAGGIO 3. Selezionare M4A come formato di output e modificare altre impostazioni

Click the menu icon in the upper right and choose “preferenza” from the drop-down list. After a window pops up, set M4A as the output format. If you have hundreds of songs, you can choose to sort them by artist, album, etc. Remember to click “Risparmi".

Set M4A as Output Format

PASSO 4. Converti M4P in M4A

When all is ready now, directly hit the “convertire” to convert M4P songs to M4A audio files right now. You just need to wait patiently for the conversion to be completed. Once complete, click “Finito” to check and play M4A files on Windows.

Convert M4P File to M4A

Method 2: Convert Purchased M4P to M4A via iTunes Match

Considering M4P and DRM making it impossible to play the songs on other devices, you can also use an official app – iTunes Match – to remove the DRM first and use a music convert to convert the DRM-free files to M4A. The app was launched by Apple after the service set the download format for songs purchased on iTunes to M4A in 2013. It can help remove DRM from your purchased M4P songs.

However, Do note that the service is not free. It costs $24.99/year. If you have subscribed to this service, you can refer to the steps below to try to change M4P to M4A.

Passo 1. Delete the original M4P songs kept in the iTunes library if you want to redownload them as M4A files.

Passo 2. Launch iTunes Store, click on the “Acquistato” tab, and find the “Musica" opzione.

Fai clic su Musica in iTunes Store

Passo 3. Select the songs you want to remove the DRM.

Passo 4. Confirm your selection and tap the “Scarica iCloud” button. Then the songs will be downloaded and saved as DRM-free files. Then, pick an online and free music converter to convert the files to M4A.

iTunes Match: Limitations on Matched Songs and Quality

Not all songs can be matched via iTunes Match. Some purchases would become Matched and some would not be updated and remain protected. Lossless tracks are not available. As a result, not all your purchased M4P songs can be removed from the DRM.

If this happens to you, you can try Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert to convert these M4P files to M4A right away. As a professional music converter, MuConvert can remove DRM and convert M4P songs to M4A allo stesso tempo.

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Method 3: Convert iTunes M4P to M4A via Audio Recorder

Except for format conversion, music recording tools can also do you a great favor. For easy operation and features for recording, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a solid music recorder.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a feature-full recorder that caters to all your recording activities on your computer, especially audio recording. With 6 formati audio supported – MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC – you can output the recording as an M4A file without hassle. What’s more, this recording tool is equipped with a cancellazione del rumore feature, allowing you to get much clearer music quality.

Follow the guide and find out how to record M4P songs and output them to M4A via VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

Step1. Download VideoSolo Screen Recorder and launch it, then choose “Registratore Audio” to begin the recording process.

Home page di VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step2. To avoid extra noise, you can cancel recording voice from the “Microfono” and turn on the “Sound System” to adjust the volume. Moreover, you can turn on the “Cancellazione del rumore” button to minimize the ambient sound recorded.

Step3. After all the settings are finished, you can play an M4P song on iTunes or Apple Music and click the “REC" per avviare la registrazione.


VideoSolo Screen Recorder does not support batch recording and output. If you have a large library to convert, the fast Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert helps you a lot with its batch download feature and 20X faster speed.

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Record M4P to M4A File

Step4. Al termine della registrazione, fai clic su "Stop" e scegli M4A come formato di output. Quindi puoi ascoltare la musica M4A.

Method 4: Convert M4P to M4A via Online M4P Converter

If you have few songs to convert, an online M4P converter – FileZigZag – is recommended to you here. FileZigZag, is an online file converter with a music conversion feature.

With its free and easy features, this online converter supports music file conversion from many mainstream music providers, iTunes and Apple Music included. Therefore, it can enable you to manage the M4P to M4A conversion.

Nevertheless, FileZigZag is not a perfect choice. It seems down often with conversion failure occurring since it is not a dedicated M4P to M4A converter. You can only convert 10 files each day, and each file size of the song can not exceed 50MB. 


By contrast, the professional Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert has you covered with advanced features and stable and speedy M4P to M4A conversion as it has regular updates.

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And the specific steps below will show you how FileZigZag converts M4P to M4A online.

Passo 1. Avvia il tuo browser web e vai al convertitore da M4P a M4A di FileZigZag. Quindi, trascina i file M4P nell'interfaccia del convertitore per caricarli.

STEP 2. Quando i brani M4P vengono caricati nel convertitore, seleziona M4A come formato di output nella sezione "Converti in".

STEP 3. Inoltre, inserisci il tuo indirizzo email per ricevere i file convertiti.

STEP 4. Basta premere il pulsante "convertire” icon, and wait for the converted M4A songs to be mailed to your mailbox later. Then you can download them on your device. 

Domande frequenti sulla conversione di M4P in M4A

Q1: What is the difference between M4A and M4P?

People are often confused by M4P and M4A. Not only because they look alike, but they are used in Apple songs. In fact, they have big differences.

  • M4P is developed by Apple Inc and is applied to encode the on-sale songs in the iTunes Library. Protected by DRM-copyright, M4P is less compatible because it is only available on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and so on. For more info, do check out post: What is M4P File and Everything You Need to Know.
  • M4A è codificato con entrambi i metodi AAC e ALAC. Normalmente, i file M4A non vengono aggiunti con la protezione DRM e ha una maggiore compatibilità, che può essere supportata su quasi tutti i lettori e dispositivi.

Tutto sommato, le differenze fondamentali tra i formati M4P e M4A possono essere concluse come i punti mostrati nella tabella seguente:

Applicata ai iTunes files purchased from 2003 April to 2009 March and Apple Music songs iTunes songs purchased after 2009 March
Protezione dalla copia DRM-free files
Compatibilità del dispositivo Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod, and Apple TV. Almost all devices and players, including Apple and Android devices,

D2: Come rimuovere la protezione M4P?

In generale, il formato musicale M4P è crittografato dalla protezione DRM e può essere rimosso solo da alcuni software o competenze tecniche. Fortunatamente, senza più conoscenze IT apprese, MuConvert Apple Music Converter può aiutarti rimuovere la protezione DRM da M4P per la sua funzione di conversione integrata.

Come MP3, M4A e MAV, ci sono alcuni formati audio che non sono crittografati perché vengono utilizzati prima e sono più comunemente usati. Pertanto, non appena usi Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert per convertire M4P in questi formati audio più compatibili, la crittografia allegata al formato M4P verrà naturalmente rimossa.

Q3: Can you convert M4P to M4A via iTunes?

You can’t use iTunes to convert M4P to M4A but MP3 directly. If you have a CD ripper like VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, you can first convert M4P to MP3 via iTunes, burn it to a CD, and rip the audio to M4A.


Now that you know DRM-encrypted M4P and DRM-free M4A are two different things, you know why some people desire to convert M4P to M4A – to easily play the songs on more devices, and also get DRM-free audio files.

Among the 4 methods, Method 1 – using Convertitore di musica Apple MuConvert – is the fastest and easiest method to convert tons of M4P files to M4A. The M4P converter will convert all iTunes and Apple Music songs at up to 20x speed while ensuring original quality of music output. So don’t hesitate to download it to enjoy the music you like.

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Converti Apple Music in MP3 senza perdite

Rimuovi DRM dai brani di Apple Music e convertili in MP3 senza perdita di qualità.

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